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  1. Can someone tell me exactly what paperwork comes from Hertz. I have been told by my dealer that the Hertz paperwork was lost in transit. I was able to track down the last place it was seen, (bay cities auction California),however i'm now at a stand still. Aparently Hertz does keep copies of all the paperwork and I may have that coming, better than nothing I guess. My dealer suggested that he could get some paperwork from another car he knows of for sale........but I'm not really interested. I'm sure it must be vin # specific. Helge,
  2. Thanks for the info guys!! I've been goose-bumpy in anticipation since I first drove it. I believe I'm first owner...only 9200 miles, but obviously have some homework to do.
  3. I just purchased # 275. What package are you talking about? and how do I get one?
  4. Car # 275 in Prince George BC Canada
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