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  1. 06 GTH #275 is in Prince George B.C.
  2. You are correct. It was the insert that bent over, and it never really fit in the back piece. I have tried to smooth it out, but it really looks bad now.
  3. The Shelby really does make BC the best place on earth! Welcome!
  4. I purchased this car in '08 with 9000 miles, it now has 15,000....I just love driving this car. I love the sound (chipped) and I love the stares it gets from 2year olds to 82year olds.
  5. Here's some pics of my GT-H with 18" Razors in Gun Metal and Nitto 555's...
  6. I just installed Nitto 555's- 255/45/18 front and 285/40/18 back. Very sticky, great for corners, not so great for burn outs, but they look great on Razors.
  7. Well, I can't hold back any longer. I have been very patient with doug or Matt at Bamachips, and I have finally had enough! (I purchased from Bama because of all the rave reviews on this forum). I puchased and received a SCT tuner in May this year, and after I installed it, my engine light came on, and stayed on after numerous attempts to clear the codes. When I install the factory tune, and remove the battery cable for a while, all is good. There is definatly a programming issue with the tuner. Don't get me wrong, I love the tuner, however, I have sent 5 or 6 e-mails, phoned at least 10 times, with no answer since June and I have only received 1 reply to resend the details of the vehicle again. This was sent on August 8th, and again no reply! I'm not trying to bash the company, especially if there is a reason for me being ignored like this, but I really am out of options. Hopefully Doug or Matt will read this.
  8. They said they only made one for every GT-H and therfore have none available. They said I need to repair the one I have. Not sure if thats possible, but I will try since I have no other choice. Thanks for your help!
  9. While dusting my car with a california duster yesterday, I accidently caught the corner of my 40th anniversary badge, and it bent over. It now looks terrible and needs to be replaced. Is it possible to get a replacement? I just put new 18" Razors and Nitto rubber on and it looked great until this happened... what a depressing day.
  10. Can someone tell me exactly what paperwork comes from Hertz. I have been told by my dealer that the Hertz paperwork was lost in transit. I was able to track down the last place it was seen, (bay cities auction California),however i'm now at a stand still. Aparently Hertz does keep copies of all the paperwork and I may have that coming, better than nothing I guess. My dealer suggested that he could get some paperwork from another car he knows of for sale........but I'm not really interested. I'm sure it must be vin # specific. Helge,
  11. Thanks for the info guys!! I've been goose-bumpy in anticipation since I first drove it. I believe I'm first owner...only 9200 miles, but obviously have some homework to do.
  12. I just purchased # 275. What package are you talking about? and how do I get one?
  13. Car # 275 in Prince George BC Canada
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