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  1. Beautiful BB! Time to put some smile miles on her!
  2. Not too often I shed a tear at a hockey game....but this one...
  3. Meet my dog Jami. She gets angry when she's hungry.
  4. Great video! And I love ELO!
  5. Congrats to you my Shelby friend! Enjoy life!
  6. “oh hey, don’t forget us 06/07 GTH guys, after all we are the reason Shelby went back in to business Well at least there is only one color hat required....
  7. Well then.... That changes everything!!
  8. Been a while since you bought a car BB.... Just sayin'
  9. 4K? Wow, that's a lot! Bet it sounds fantastic! Any pics?
  10. I think these are your only options..
  11. Sure hope so, but not counting on it here!
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