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  1. I thought it was Keith naked, making snow angels in the snow, that shut it down...
  2. Here ya go Keith! This is a few blocks from me...
  3. Hahaha... Me too! Especially now in the Winter months when I rarely see the cars...
  4. I also have drivers side messed up. Not sure if its just a decal or what but since the car is wrapped up for winter, and I didn't have a chance to check it out before, I'm interested in hearing a resolution to this.
  5. Well it's not like she threw it away... She was caught up in the moment of defeat and let her emotions get the best of her. She is is very apologetic for what she did. I truly believe she meant no disrespect. This moment will be with her the rest of her life and she wishes she could take it back. All players on any team at that level are extremely passionate about their game and have a mindset that "its gold or nothing". Oh to be young again and not make any mistakes...
  6. Yeah, I agree. Wish we had video's back then!
  7. All Good Ruf! Thanks for inviting us in!
  8. USA deserved the win! Canada was a mess in the 3rd and in overtime. US wanted the gold, and Canada just wanted to stand around and watch them take it. Congrats USA!
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