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  1. That was a fantastic write up on an incredible car. This makes me want one even more!
  2. Wouldn't let me post all 3. So one more below.
  3. Wow!! So sorry this happened Ken. Glad no one was hurt. You are going to miss that beautiful car!
  4. Don't you have a plaque on your dash with the CSM number? Or under the hood?
  5. I know, it will be done soon....looks worse in that picture.
  6. Weather is awesome in Northern British Columbia! I couldn't pass up the opportunity (or the itch) to enjoy the 60+degrees, so I took the '16 out for stretch yesterday, and today the'66 comes out!
  7. Hey BB, if you remember, I mentioned that i was coming to PHX last year with a buddy so he could visit the Mayo Clinic in your city. Well we did, and after a $13,000 bill he came back with nothing but piece of mind that the doctors here in CAN were correct in their evaluation. I'm not knocking the professionals we have, just that the time it takes to get something done. Sorry I never got a chance to buy you lunch...I still owe ya!
  8. At least we get free health care...as long as you can wait a year or two.
  9. So Sorry to hear about Ruf. We had some good times on here...(NTT) RIP Ruf!
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