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  1. 13 hours ago, kstrong said:

    Howdy y'all, Eh.June 26, 2019

    Not going to drive to Dearborn now.

    Just picked the car up from getting the new top and liner put on. Heading south on an 80k road towards home in a 80 Km zone, construction ahead, traffic stopped,  i slowed to 15kph. Guy behind me never hit the brakes. 1995 GMC pickup truck

    Just got word today its been totaled.

    Jasmine and I are okay, bruised up a bit, our glasses broken. that is the main thing. 

    Tires and rims are not damaged, swapping them back for factory original tire and rims, getting the Carol Shelby autographed center air-duct back as well.




    Wow!! So sorry this happened Ken. Glad no one was hurt.

    You are going to miss that beautiful car!



  2. 1 hour ago, ViperNC said:

    I don't think anyone hates the new GT500.  Just making suggestions based upon what they would like to see on the car.  One thing I would like to see moving forward is for everyone to stop using the phrase "real car guy".  That is getting very old very quickly...… :waiting:

    Thank you ViperNC for mentioning that! 


    It's getting ridiculous!


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  3. 23 hours ago, BIKEBOY said:





    A few years back when I was living in TO.....the Minister of Health of Ontario flew to NYC to have open heart surgery. OMG, the shyt storm that ensued in the media after it was revealed he did that!! :drop: 


    Hey BB, if you remember, I mentioned that i was coming to PHX last year with a buddy so he could visit the Mayo Clinic in your city. Well we did, and after a $13,000 bill he came back with nothing but piece of mind that the doctors here in CAN were correct in their evaluation. I'm not knocking the professionals we have, just that the time it takes to get something done.

    Sorry I never got a chance to buy you lunch...I still owe ya!




  4. 17 hours ago, svtkeith said:


    Oh yes for sure....even if I sell a car outright as long as the buyer buys my car through the dealer I get the tax break....Let's say I buy a $90k car

    and I get $50k for my trade I only pay tax on $40k....and yes it's still 15% no matter the price of the car....If I go to the US and buy a car as soon

    as I get to the border I pay 15% plus duty...They got you by the short and curlys no matter what you do.....Now Natives in this country pay no tax at all.

    Oh and by the way it's 15% tax new or used and if that car gets sold 20 times 15% tax gets charged every time.


    At least we get free health care...as long as you can wait a year or two.:)

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  5. 57 minutes ago, SAI-Steven said:

    Fingers crossed that perhaps this cap will be lifted at some point in the future. I reached out to both the head of SPP and the head of Team Shelby letting them know my feelings about this cap and all I can say is this topic has been penciled in for review.

    Do not let this stop you from placing an order today, tomorrow, next week as there is no guarantee any changes will be made to this policy.

    Both myself and the Director of Team Shelby are in agreement that we want to add content to the TS membership, not take away from it.



    Thanks for looking out for us Steve!  :thumbsup:

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