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  1. 3 hours ago, svtkeith said:



    All the best out there in BC with the fires 06...hope it spares you and family.

    Thanks Keith, we are pretty lucky so far where we are, but living in darkness at noon is getting eerie...

    Prince George has become an evacuation center for all area's affected around us and man is this town busy now. Traffic, stores, restaurants.



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  2. 8 minutes ago, BIKEBOY said:

    I would not only enjoy that....I would WELCOME it!! :thumbsup: 

    I didn’t know you guys had fires like we do in Calif. It’s a mess out there...we’ve had (as you probably saw while here) daily “Poor Air Quality” alerts. The skies are brown here, and they say we’re getting it from over there. I only remember this many air quality warnings in the winter time here. They used to call those “temperature inversions”. Those came with “no burn” days. Meaning no fireplaces. But almost never in any of the other months of the year here. 

    I get up at 6 or 7 am and run/walk every morning, and some mornings are noticeably worse to breathe. It sucks! Sorry to hear about YOUR air quality. :( 

    Yes sir, this is the second most active Monsoon season on record thus far. The last storm leveled hundreds of trees around me. And I’m only a microcosm of the greater Phx. area. 

    I live about 10 miles from BJ Scottsdale. Lemme know if you’re coming out, and I’ll get tix. I usually don’t go anymore. It’s  dangerous for me....I go, and come home and start looking on eBay for cars. :fear:  I should be here at BJ time this year, as the new house will be almost done.  Where does your son live exactly? I was born here, and know the entire valley. 

    He lives on E Lincoln Dr. Across from AJs fine foods. I was there the day after the storm. The second day we were there was when I got the alarm on my phone and feared the worst after hearing on the news (here at home) how bad the first one was. Luckily it missed us but we were worried. My son just moved there about 8 months ago. He’s a gamer and apperantly Phoenix is a good central location. Something about ping rate?

    I rented a convertible Mustang and never did put the top down. Waaay too hot, not to mention the sand in the eyes.

  3. 3 hours ago, BIKEBOY said:

    Thank ya buddy!! :blush: 

    How you been? I don’t get out of the C8 garage anymore. You sporting any new black and gold beauties? :lurk: 

    Hello Chris, A bit Smokey here in the great white north. 560 fires burning in the province right now. Headlights required for most of the day. Ash is coming down like snow. We went through this last year and now here we go again. Sucks!

    I was in Scottsdale 2 weeks ago to visit my son and I thought of looking you up but ran out of time. Next time expect a knock on your door and I’ll buy you lunch! Might be there for Barrett Jackson.

    Hope all is well with you during monsoon season. Man those storms were scary while I was there. Even got a emergency warning on my Cel phone. :twister:

  4. 22 hours ago, BIKEBOY said:

    My latest project is all done. I’ve been working on this for months. 

    I bought a blank BOSS 302 intake plenum ID plate. It took me forever (3 months) to find a trophy shop that could duplicate the “odd” font on the chassis #. After he laser etched it last week for me, I had to manufacture a mounting plate for it, as the console is curved where it mounts. Very similar to the same model year Shelby GT500 CSM plates. 

    Here’s the motor plate....


    .......and the final install




    That looks like the perfect fit BB! Awesome!

  5. 12 hours ago, Owenbdk said:

    I have an original radiator cover, I will part with for an excellent Shelby price.;-) We invested in carbon fiber pieces that really finished out the under hood!

    Again, early buyers paid a premium price for nicer cars. What's left are for the boys that had to have one last smoke before going into the dance. Ours had issues, the dealer replaced the blades, swapped on a better air splitter, and located new floor mats.

    They've all been driven like they were rented, and the last of them kicked out the back door in the morning.



    The Carbon Fiber looks fantastic!!


  6. 11 minutes ago, svtkeith said:


    Thanks 06...:victory:  Hey did they get snow in or around Kelona the other day?...I heard that don't know if it was true...:shrug:

    Well I guess you could say that, but only waaay up in the mountains. Kelowna itself was 20ish Celsius so no effect on life in that city.

    I am about 5 hours north in Prince George and we are having a wet few weeks, but looking real good for next week. Too bad I'm headed for Vegas on Monday...39 Celsius there. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, mhr1961 said:

    While you think you may have a good idea, you have several issues to overcome.


    1.    There are several hundred if not several thousand different sized vents. Actually what you are calling vents are actually called “registers” and depending on the area you live in they can be in the floors, walls, or ceilings. .Then somewhere in the house you usually have 1 or 2 “returns” or “return vents”. Most registers range from 4”x8” to around 12”x16”. Yes there are some larger and some smaller registers but the dimension range I just gave probably covers about 80% or more of the market. So within the 4”x8”to 12”x16” size you have multiple size restrictions which leads to your next problem. 

    2.    You are failing to address the fact that current HVAC technology is not small enough to accomplish what you are trying to do and probably won’t be for a long long time. You have to have a certain amount of surface area within the unit to remove heat to accomplish cooling. Currently within a 4”x8” to 12”x18” size vent you cannot pack an electric motor, condenser/compressor/electrical controls/Cooling fins , etc to pack enough BTU’s to get enough cooling effect to cool even an average 12’x12’ room. Even small Dome units like ones used on RV/Motor Homes/Tractor Trailers that put out 5 to 15K BTUS measure in the 19”x20”x15” or more range and those are only for intermittent duty.

    3.    You are also not considering that current zone ducting technology can do the same thing. Why pay $2000 to $3000 per room for some super compact AC unit that is going to have NASA price levels and be made of “unobtainium” as compared to existing technology An average 1800 sq ft house with 3 BR/2 bath has usually also has a kitchen, den, dining room, living room so right there you are at 9 rooms. And don’t forget on top of the cost of the unit you have to pay an electrician or HVAC person to come install and wire it, so right there you could be at $18000 to $27,000 for your idea to do an average new 3br/2bath home. Why do all that when you can install a standard ac unit outside for $8 to $12K and fit or retrofit “smart ducting” to heta and cool any room you chose at a cost of a few hundred dollars per room?

     4.    If you are talking about adding “capacity”, such as device to cool just one room there are already several options on the market in the form of Mini Split systems and ducted room spot coolers and ductless zone cooler that you can buy for a  few hundred bucks ot a few thousand dollars depending on size.

     5.    Also, in many homes the “registers” are not heavily supported and sometimes they are set in  just a hole cut in sheet rock. So now if you have an AC unit that fits in that hole it is going to have some weight to it and you will have to go in and add support bracing, and you will also have to wire over to it.

     6.    if it was such a good idea then Trane,GE, MIstsubishi, etc etc would probably already be offering it. A number of manufacturers already make “zoned” and “multiple zoned” ductless systems, they just don’t put them in existing registers/ductwork.

    7. Also most home AC units require that cndesation be captured and removed to the outside or captured in the waste system of the home. So. now you are going to have to ad din the cost of multiple locations that you have to somehow plumb and drian away/remove all that condensation otherwise you are going to have some mold issues and code issues



    Not trying to shoot down your idea but I don't think you have thought your "Insta Freeze Idea through and in depth. In addition, I don’t think there is currently available technology to accomplish what you want to do. If there is, it is going to be so highly priced that it probably wouldn’t even be marketable when compared to currently available options, such as, the previously mentioned above “smart ducting”, Mini Split systems and spot coolers that are readily available and popular in the market……..if you are looking for someone to “run with” your idea then your investor would probably say what they say on Shark Tank………….”I’m out”.

     But anyhoo good luck to you.




    HEY!!! That's what I said!!








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