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  1. You dropped a Super Snake off at the dealership?!! Yea they had a good time with it I'm sure! Check your rear tires and look in the wheelwells for tire rubber.
  2. Can't speak for the track,but on the street the Autozone Cmax have been excellent. The amount of brake dust now is almost nothing, I wish I had installed them sooner. The car stops just as well on the street, if not better than the stock pads for me.
  3. Hey Mark - wanna work on the SC?

  4. Awesome man, I think your PM box if full - i couldn't send to your inbox said full - looks like it's getting pushed back to around aug 23ish i'll be in touch



  5. another +1 on the AutoZone Cmax ceramics. Wish I would have put them on sooner.
  6. Nick, I tried PM you, but it wouldn't let me.


  7. Would probably be on Aug 17 or 18..

  8. Mark -

    I'm in Bagram, Afghanistan currently but returning mid august and was wondering I could pay you to install the stock blower on the Shelby.

    My TVS blew so I plan on sending it in to Justin at VMPin exchange for a new one. Probably a 2 week turnaround time though and don't want to be out of a Shelby on leave.

    Let me know if this is workable/rate et...

  9. You just did 100k miles on the motorcarft plugs! If your not changing things with the car, stay with what works.
  10. The D spec "may" help your ride harshness issue, but wont change the ride height issues. The stock shocks on a lowered car are a problem. I have the FRPP kit and love it. It diffently changes the presonality of the car, rides great, lowered but not so low and handling is much improved, you just need sticker tires to fined out how much. Here is mine with the Frpp kit
  11. Let's open this can of worms... IMO, if your wanting to stay close to stock, get the Roush UCA (one with the rubber bushings) and your done. The CAI, I ran the FRPP kit for a while and it was a nice improvement, It's all about what you really what out of the car.
  12. E10 is all we have where I'm at too. Not looking forward to E15, IMO it's going to lean out AFR and be dangerous on these (modded) boosted motors.
  13. I would take note of the new proposed Gov't mpg standards. That will difinitely have a effect on performance cars. 62 mpg by 2025! http://money.cnn.com/2010/10/01/autos/2025_fuel_economy/index.htm
  14. If your doing it, buy the puller. best in the biz. Actually, just call him I'm sure he would be glad help you out. That way you get it right from him
  15. When i got my handling pack it came in a LARGE box on a pallet. I just opened it up and took out the individual pieces/boxes out. The easy way with the PCM info is to just call Ford Racing Tech. at ask them to pull up the info from your VIN #.
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