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  1. Is the possibility of there being wear happening most easily seen from the top or with the car in a lift? Just have a bang-a-stang radiator cover on that I'll leave on if checking to see if there is wear happening is most easily seen from the bottom with the car on a lift.
  2. Sure you've thought of this. But ya could always fly over and drive it back! But is not the best time of year with snow (salt/etc.) on the road for a looooooog drive though. Now, if it was May!
  3. One other thing on the 18" KR Alcoa's is they have GT500KR stamped in as part of the mold. For me (tastes do vary) LOVE that every time I see it. Oh and I picked up an extra set of the KR tires when SPP was getting rid of those for $400 (all 4, including shipping) so slipped RIGHT on! Yea, there are better choices in tires for anywhere it drops below ~50 degrees. But no problemo, I drive more careful when the temp drops.
  4. Wow. Anything with "GT500KR" is gonna be pricey. I got lucky and was able to buy the 18" Alcoa GT500 KR wheels on eBay without breaking the bank. Now, if I could just get the KR hood. Not a look-alike, the actual KR hood.
  5. This one worked for me. Hydraulic scissors jack - Sooooooo much quicker and easier then the screw-type scissors jack.
  6. +1 There is not much clearance when a tire is flat. VERY true. I took the scissors jack that came with the car (it should have come with one) to Pep Boys and used it as a guide for how low the profile needed to be. Then bought a hydraulic jack that was almost as low as the scissors jack (could not find a hydraulic jack that was just a "short" as the scissors jack when the scissors jack was fully collapsed). Then tested it by slooooooooooooowly, gently, letting all the air out of a rear tire and making sure the jack would fit under. Then repeated for a front tire.
  7. True..true. Already re-applied wax to the whole hood from using the dawn. Except a spot around the drop, so looks worse now. Knew it was gonna happen
  8. I have this single drop of something clear and sticky on the hood that DRAWS my eyes straight to it, that is resisting my attempts to clean it off with car wash, even dawn dish washing soap. The 'stang is garage kept 100% of the time, so not thinking it's sap from a tree. It's also PERFECTLY shaped lil round drop. So looking for information on other cleaners/solvents that are TOTALLY safe for the paint before I try anything else. I did pick up some 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner (http://3mcollision.com/3m-general-purpose-adhesive-cleaner-08984.html) that is for auto's, but am still hesitant to use it as black gets mucked up fast, it does not take much to muck with the paint and it could be soooo much worse if that is not totally save for use on the paint. So thoughts/comments on a few most safe cleaners/solvents?
  9. A full size, inflated, spare tire fits. I have one in there. It just sits up a TINY bit higher. I forget if the scissors-jack still fits in there. I'm not a bit fan of those, so have a low profile hydraulic jack (and the tire inflater/fix-o-flat thing) in the trunk. Those take up VERY little space.
  10. Yea, I just got mail yesterday on the new recall. The paperwork and pic shows the driver's side and passenger side (with parts not available for the passenger side yet). I had my driver's side air-bag replaced on the first recall a couple of months ago. Anybody know if the driver's side air-bag (the one already replaced under the first recall) needs replaced (again) in addition to the passenger side air bag?
  11. +1 Looks nice. VERY interested in where you purchased the hood from, what the Part Number there is and if ya have any shots of the underside of the hood. Being a red appearance package driver myself, a true KR hood (or VERY close) with red stripes on it is the last item on my "yea, that would be REAL nice" list
  12. Yup. Someone's making a LOT of fixed air-bag deployment systems. Sure that takes some time. Got my letter in the mail June of 2015 and just got my letter, and a phone call, from the dealer that the part was in, a month ago. All done. Took a little over an hour to do after they pulled the car into the bay to start work.
  13. Nice look. Compliments the blue nicely! I LOVE accents in all the right place. Since I had black paint, I went with ones with a bit of bling - http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/uploads/1272383269/gallery_19729_910_618450.jpg
  14. One thing I would recommend fitting in with other pieces and parts would be a TVS supercharger upgrade from VMP Tuning: http://www.vmpperformance.com/Supercharger-Upgrade-s/209.htm Particularly if Justin is still working there. He was above and beyond helpful with a lot of questions I had before, and after ("After" is a big part of how I personally measure customer service), I pulled the trigger on a couple of upgrades I did. Just one thing and my personal opinion of course.
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