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  1. Thinking about picking up a 2009 GT500 Vert. Just kind of worried about quality of the roof/sealing between the windshield and door glass. I'm in Sunny FL and I know the sun here can be pretty rough on these cars. Before I jump on a vert, I'd like to hear from yall if there are any major issues with the verts. I tried looking it up but didn't really find any known issues. Will greatly appreciate any input.
  2. Thanks folks, Doogie, your floors looks amazing!! I have about 1600SQ FT that needs and my wife and decided we are just going to hire someone to lay tiles since we are very concerned about any water damage. We have two dogs a shepherd and a pug and when they drink water inside they leave a mess so we didn't want to risk "water damage". Also being in Miami FL where it rains quite a bit we think it is in our best interest to just get tiles. I was really looking forward to taking on this project, I really appreciate all of the tips y'all gave me. Saving them in my folder incase I ever need them.
  3. I know this is not car/mustang related, however, I don't see a "home improvement" section so mods if this needs to be moved its ok. So, just purchased a new house a couple of months ago and I'd like to undertake the task of laying down laminate flooring. Any hints or suggestions? Yes, I did watch a dozen or so you tube vids but would like to know if anyone has done it themselves here that can chime in. Also, what's a decent starter table/miter saw to look for, surprisingly all 3 sales rep from the hardware dept. at my local Home Depot were pretty clueless about what saw to sell me for laminate flooring and baseboards projects. Thanks in advance.
  4. As a Veteran who served in OIF/OEF may 9/11 never be forgotten. Great tributes posted above. I found this cool little Mustang addition that I will keep on my car for the whole month.
  5. I hope to own a set one day....I say bring them back.
  6. Lmao!!! I'll keep an eye for it down here in Miami
  7. Damn, so the new ones that were being mocked up are a no go???
  8. I just saw the post on FB and I am truly disappointed that Jer is no longer at SA. He was passionate about the Shelby brand and ver very approachable and was able to provide a no BS answer whenever anyone needed it. He busted his ass to make SPP better. I wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do next. Jer, see ya on FB.
  9. Slygray1, they are just take off fog lights from any s197 GT placed/squeezed behind the grille. Since the SGT already has pig tails it was a plug and play project. Here's a quick front shot...sorry about the low quality cell pic, lol.
  10. Do what you like..my SGT is naked until I can paint stripes on her...ill never deal with vinyl ever again....
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