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  1. Sorry I havent replied guys, but i was out enjoying my car after finding out that the awesome mechanic who did hte job didnt tighten down the ground cable clamp. It kinda makes me wonder what else he didnt tighten up. Hopefully my steering shaft stays attatched. Kinda pissed but for now im over it (I think) Thanks for all yur help.
  2. First day off for me since last sunday will be tuesday and I will finally get a chance to troubleshoot her. Ill update you gusy! Thnaks for all the info
  3. No aftermarket system yet, or i would have checked the inline fuse first thing, but that would be a great thought. Pete I am thinkin you might have something there. Im almost positive they probably did that when they ut the headers on. The ford "master technician" who did the job was a real bum. Ill crawl underneath and check the connection. Any insight on what to look for or how to check it besies just running the hands on it under the car?
  4. Ill have the battery tested next hance i get then. It is the original battery so its probably 2 1/2 years old. But it has gone through two 6 month storage periods without a trickle so this could be the issue. If anyone thinks of anything else let me know and thanks for the ehlp thus far guys.
  5. You talking for corrosion? they r clean. But maybe there was a connection ill look closer. Any other thoughts? Thannks btw....
  6. So i went to start my car after it had sat for a few hours. I turned the key and herd two pops that sounded like the starter trying to start but at the same time sounded electrical. The dash lights flashed twice and then i was like WTF!? I turned the key again and the car started right up. Nothing ran differently, and i didnt lose any performance or lights or accesories that I could tell. My fans on my heat exchanger r running fine. I did notice that i usually keep my odometer on the how many miles to E i have, but when the car started it was on the trip setting. I dont know what it could have been. I know my under hood temps have been high since the addition of the IW overdrive with the 2.6 pulley and the new long tubes with the jet hot coating. Anyone have any idea what i should look at? Should i check some fuses for a popped one? i wouldnt know where to start in the box as i cant tell anything that is missing. I hope its not serious.....
  7. Have they realeased the eradiseeds for the front yet? I dont care about full kits i just wanna upgrade my rotors to all four matching drilled and slottted.
  8. You wouldnt have happend to have gotten the tsb done recently with the new reflash done would u? Cuz i had this issue after that was done to my car and i just changed the tune and bam i was fine.
  9. Bunch of whinny bitches on the rag in here man. Wow. I cant believe i wasted 20 minutes of my life reading about is it real or is it fake. Who the hell cares? It looks nice period. Bet i cant manufature one of those nice plaques for my 150K (adm included) MUSTANG. Its a mustang. It will always be a mustang and not a damn bit of badging or hood mods or vents or splitters or whatever bullshit is tacked onto these things can change that. So get over it.
  10. Call tously ford in minnesota and ask for steve in parts and see if he will give you the good guy price. Its below cost on some items.
  11. I called SVT, Ford and a bunch of oher outlets when i had the tsb done on mine and none of them even knew there was a reflash going on or why they would do it. I dont have it done and the car runs fine.
  12. Wherd u guys get these? Id like to get one for my dash as well.
  13. Wouldnt the 2014 model technically come out in 2013 making the orignal statement technically right? Im not sayin but im sayin.......
  14. Yo kostas awesome run man! It was cool meeting u and talkin to ya. Ur a striahgt up cool cat. Lookin forward to the next time. U guys goin over to reading on the 5th and 6th? Josh
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