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  1. Welcome!! This is the place to be if your a Shelby owner or Enthusiast!
  2. Wow I feel stupid! I had no clue the 2.3 Eco-boost has a Turbo! That shows you how much attention I pay to anything under 8 cylinders! Thanks for the correction! Kevin 07SGT2591
  3. I would hope if Ford did make a Turbo Mustang they would badge it as a "SVO" not a Shelby. It will be interesting to see what develops over the next few years. Kevin 07SGT2591
  4. Thanks for all the input Guys! Truly appreciated! After all the input and another email conversation with Steven, I decided just to keep the original. Because ... After all, it is the original. Even with a replacement from SAI, there still may be those who will say it's not a "REAL" Shelby because of the Id Tag not being the original. So I will live with it ... for now. Hopefully there will be a fix for this issue sooner or later. Thanks again Steven for your help and advice. Kevin 07SGT2591
  5. Hello, Got a reply from Steven at SAI with a solution for my ID Tag issue. Hi Kevin, Here’s what I’ve found out. As previously mentioned the original supplier can no longer supply these under hood plaques. Our current plaque supplier can produce a plaque that is similar but it would not be identical to the original plaque. The Director of the Shelby Store does not yet have a price for a replacement plaque but has said there would be a charge for the replacement plaque. And unfortunately we would also have to adhere to company policy that the old (damaged) plaque would need to be returned to SAI before a replacement plaque is sent out. This is to prevent the old plaque from showing up on another car down the road. This is probably not the best news for you but if you do choose to go with a replacement plaque you’ll need to call the Shelby Store and speak with Jeremy who can be reached at 702-405-3500. Jeremy will be able to quote you a price and delivery timeframe although he might need to check with the Director of the Shelby Store if that info has not yet been added to the Store’s database. Regards, Steven Thornton SAI Registry Supervisor / Customer Service Shelby American, Inc. 6405 Ensworth St. Las Vegas, NV 89119 702.942.7325 stevent@shelby.com www.Shelby.com ^^ Thank you Steven for all your help. Much Respect for all you have done! Thank You! Anyone have any advice on which way to go? My first thought is just keep the original, flaws and all, but I would like to see what the replacement "Id Tag" would look like before I make a final decision. Any advice on which way to go? I would like to hear everyone's opinions. Kevin 07SGT2591
  6. I didn't use a pressure washer. I would never use a pressure washer to clean my SGT. I just wiped water off the tag and the lettering come off. I use Meguiar's car wash also. No harsh cleaners. Usually all I do is remove the hood pins during the wash but this time I popped the hood and some water got under the hood. I was surprised the lettering just wiped off. I was hoping to get my ID Tag repaired. Haven't heard back from Steven yet. Hopefully I will soon. Kevin 07SGT2591
  7. Email sent. I will post updates! Thanks for the help! Kevin 07SGT2591 Update: Steven replied within 20 minutes of me sending the email! He is going to see what he can do to help! That's what I call Customer Service Right There!
  8. ^^ Thanks for the reply's! Who exactly do I need to contact to get the ball rolling for a replacement? Thanks Again! Kevin 07SGT2591
  9. This happened during bath time recently. Any way to get a replacement OR fix the rubbed off lettering? Sure is irritating having to look at the tag in this condition! Kevin 07SGT2591
  10. Nice Ride ... Congrats! Remember, Black is the Fastest! LOL! Kevin 07SGT2591
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