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  1. What color is the rear seat delete cross brace?
  2. It only cost you $10K to rid yourself of her. Be thankful.
  3. BS! When the museum was at the Miller Motorsports Park outside of Salt Lake you could take as many photos of the collection as you wanted. Been there done that multiple times. When Ford had the Boss Track Attack at Miller Motorsports Park they even served dinner inside the museum among the cars.
  4. That my friend is some funny $hit Meanwhile back to the original scheduled programming.....
  5. "Speaking of stripes, are these stolen Mustangs even GT350's? No stripes, no trunk spoiler and those wheels don't look like Shelby wheels but it could just be the poor video I'm looking at." You can get the GT350 without stripes.
  6. Jesus! I will never get the time back that i spent reading that thread.
  7. I have a full set of the GT500 KR wheels that I would be willing to part with if that repaired one doesn't work out for you.
  8. Not wanting to sound negative but I would buy one on Monday if I could find one where the dealer is not wanting some outrageous ADM.
  9. I wish they would abolish the whole dealer network scam and let the manufacturers sell direct to the consumer. Cut out the middle man. Sorta like Tesla does.
  10. I drove a preproduction "R" model at Road America with the tech package and that is one sweet ride.
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