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  1. Are you saying it has eliminated the annoying clutch chatter on launch??
  2. PM me with mailing info. I know I can come up with one AR tag, maybe 2.
  3. A lot of states only have one tag. Do you still want two - with different numbers? How about non-auto, like trailer, HD truck, etc??
  4. I find it interesting that the GT500 has a gas guzzler tax, while my wife's '08 Caddy SRX4 V8 didn't. In real world operation - and depending on how you exercise your right foot, in either one - they are virtually identical in economy. In fact, the GT does better in a 70 MPH cruise.
  5. The FRPP CAI tune doesn't change the rev limiter. Not sure about the top end - never been above 148 (indicated) before I had to turn - only do race tracks at that speed.
  6. Wow . . . really?? If so, then I did steal it . . .. $3700.
  7. Thanks. 289-2V, automatic, radio, heater, and power brakes; nothing else - build sheet missing, but numbers all match as far as we can tell. Runs and drives - no brakes. About 95% rust free - typical stuff in the trunk frame rails and rocker panels. Needs a hood, lower front airdam and LR 1/4 (all worked, poorly). Interior is almost perfect except headliner and dash pad. Showing 87,xxx - may be accurate based on other wear, but no way to tell. Only major part that is not original is the air cleaner. Still has original jack, tools, and trunk mat. Verified that radiant bronze is the original color - although it is an obvious respray. I have no idea what it's worth - seriously. It just caught my fancy and I bought it and drug it home - all 780 miles round trip. :D Any '66 experts have a guess on street value?? You won't hurt my feelings - I don't think I stole it.
  8. Well - 540HP might be a do-able number to list for the 2010.
  9. "Dude . . . don't worry . . . you'll get a new bike." ?? Why - you'd never see daylight again if you were my brat!
  10. Thanks for the reply. Nuts and bolts stuff is what I was looking for. I know the car is not competitive; but I'm used to driving mis-classed also-ran's. The one nice thing about it - since they plunked it down in an SP class, it can be prepped to full SP spec without any additional penalty. Yeah - my health really does preclude any open track events, for now. They pulled my competiton license about 3 years ago over my physical, and I've gotten worse. I still own two logbooked race cars. I'm an active (33 year) SCCA member and an officer in the local Region, so I have a handle on when the events are. The last time I actually ran an autocross event was about 5 years ago when I was doing some race setup on a Toyota. I was hoping some folks with track day / PDX experience would chime in. Generally, the tire information will cross over; and the alignment specs can be diddled (more toe-out for autocross, etc.).
  11. I realize our cars aren't exactly designed to be stellar parking lot racers, but . . . I figure if the SCCA is cool enough to (totally unintentionally) class it in "ASP", why not?? :D Anybody got any experience? I'm specifically looking for max usable tire and alignment info. With stock wheels and the FRPP suspension package; how much tire can I stick under the front without clearance issues. Has anybody played with / achieved high negative camber settings? Did they affect the tire size element enough for an odd setup? I might as well enjoy my toy. I'm an old road racer with years in Toyotas and Porsches. Health issues preclude racing any more - so I'm looking at going back to autocross, after a 20+ year hiatus.
  12. Ordered mine today - with the sticker. I have the original from the dealer, but the idiot PDI guy folded it in quarters and stuck it in the owners' manual! They said ~3 weeks to ship.
  13. I ordered the car, without Nav. I've never seen a factory nav unit that was accurate as my $400 Garmin portable - and I get free online upgrades (new maps are extra). Worst case scenario is my motor home . . . came with a $2600 Pioneer DVD-based unit that they discontinued support and software upgrades for - before the coach was 2 years old!! I can buy a compatible upgrade unit for $1500!! NOT!
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