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  1. Yeah I was looking for the Shelby GT Convertible and now ill be on the lookout for that and the Terlingua Mustang.
  2. oh thanks i already looked on ebay for the GT-H coupe and didn't find it so I guess I'll have to keep looking. Other than that one and the Shelby GT Convertible I have all of the cars on the checklist on the back. Do you know when the GT Convertible will come out?
  3. Hi I just wondered if the 2008 Shelby GT Convertible thats in series 4 1:64 Shelby collectibles is really a GT Convertible or a GT-H Convertible because in all the pictures of series 4 I've seen a GT-H not a GT. But on the back of the cars with the checklist it says 2008 Shelby GT Convertible. Just wondering if this is a misprint or if the GT-H Convertible isn't on the list. Also can someone also post all of the different cars and what series they are in. And does anybody know where to get the 2006 Shelby GT-H 1:64
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