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  1. Just put a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's to replace the original BFG's that came on our shelbys. The ride and grip difference was night and day. Highly recommend anyone considering or getting close to replacing tires!
  2. Sorry if this has been answered previously but Shelbygolfpros post jogged my memory. The new scoops that are available are coming in two different rivet patterns - of the two options is there a scoop that can be bolted down just like the original with the original holes in the hood? Hopefully the rivet patterns resemble the originals. I appreciate any insight! Thanks for all the useful information.
  3. Hey guys, got the car on the rack today and I found the problem after about 3 seconds. The linkage from the bottom of the shifter, to the tranny case, was basically out. I went to check the tightness of the bolt, and it fell out. So what I thought was going to be a simple fix, turned out to be a bit more difficult. When I went to thread the bolt back into the case, through the rubber bushings, it would turn about 3 turns very easily, then after that it just stopped, leaving about 3/4 of an inch of play. Nothing could get it past this point. So thinking I was cross threading the bolt, considering I couldnt see the angle very well, I unbolted the tranny brace, allowing the transmission to drop about a half an inch, and allowing free access into the case. Still the bolt would not thread. So i have come to the conclusion that the threads in the transmission case, must have been cross threaded from shelby. Theres no way I could've screwed up the threads with my finger tightening. THE FIX (for now at least) I put about 5 washers in between the bolt and the linkage, tightening everything as far as I could. Now there is zero play. The bolt is close, to the floor pan, but it seems ok, no rattles yet. Got in the car after everything was tight, went through the gears, and I can honestly say it never felt that tight and close even when I bought the car new in 06. Im assuming when it went through the line at shelby, whoever was installing said ok thats tight enough, not realizing the amount of play in the linkage. Feels like a new shifter!!!! If anyone out there thinks theyre shifter feels sloppy, or less tight than it was, I would def. recommend getting underneath and checking this out!
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. After reading around the forum i see this a common problem. Im gonna put the car on the rack this week and tighten everything up! Thanks for the help ill update after this week!
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to get your opinion on our Hurst short throw shifters. The other day my Dad drove my car and he immediately noticed the shifter, and said it felt like the shifter wasn't tight, that it had some play even after it was in the selected gear. My car only has 6,000 miles, and I haven't noticed any difference in the shifter since the car was new. The shifter is much much tighter and notchy feeling than a regular gt shifter, but I haven't felt another hurst in a mustang. I was wondering if any of yours are still tight and if youve had any trouble. When the car is shut off you can hear a pretty good clanking and notching sound when going through the gears . If you guys have any feedback or experience with this problem please post! I appreciate all the help.
  6. Hey guys I was going to buy a set of regular ford 15x7 wheels to mount some slicks on, but before I did I wanted to make sure that a 15 inch wheel will fit with our brake calipers in the back. Have any of you attempted this? Just looking for a cheap way to hook up at the strip. Thanks!
  7. The Ford website says it will fit under a stock hood, but will this fit under our strut tower brace?
  8. Wow excellent find. Thats exactly what I needed. With that info I feel much better. Hopefully I can do this soon and get some pics up!!
  9. I read that the procedure has been accomplished but it did not say with how much difficulty haha. Still a little nervous to pull the trigger. A first hand experience with details is what im looking for!!
  10. Hey guys I am looking to purchase the new 2010 GT500 steering wheel and putting it on my shelby gt. I called my dealership and it is a direct fit to our columns but he was unsure about the wiring for the cruise control and radio options. I was wondering If anyone had attempted to do this or if there are any electrical gurus our there that had an easy fix. As long as I can get my cruise to work normally, I would go forth with the mod, but I do not want to lose that just for looks and feel of a new wheel. Any help would be awesome thanks guys.
  11. I called Doug, apparently he is on vacation. I just wondered if anyone else ran into this problem and if they knew the solution. Thanks
  12. I just recieved my bamachips sctx3 tuner today in the mail. There were no instrction in the case so I followed the intructions from the CD. Everything seemed to go through fine, I followed the tuner display, selected the 93 race tune from the menu, it says tune completed and shut off key. I start the car it acts a little funny which Ive heard is normal and then sounds fine. I go to drive the car and something is definitely wrong. Accelerating gradually the car runs as it did stock, but if you give it WOT the car does nothing, it revs like it wants to go but it just bogs. I have tried all three tunes with the same result!! I return it to the stock tune and it runs fine. I called a guy that I knew who worked with these tuners and he said try downloading the tune while the car is on a battery charger. Did this with the same result. Do you guys have any idea what I could be doing wrong? Any suggestions or has anyone encountered this before? Any help would be awesome!!! Thanks guys
  13. Hey guys I was searching for superchargers on ebay the ither night and there seems to be an abundance of gt500 take offs. Will these fit on our 4.6L engines? Im sure it would be much easier to purchase a whole unit instead of just pieces, but it seems this way could be much much cheaper? Just wanted to hear your guys opinions! Thanks
  14. Hey guys i recently felt the need for some more noise from the shelby gt. So I looked into axle back kits and mufflers and decided to go with the flowmaster supper 44's. being that flowmaster did not have a direct fit, I had to fabricate the new mufflers onto the old hangers, pipes, and the factory exhaust tips. To make along story short I spent 8 hours making the new mufflers look exactly as it came from the factory only to start it up and hear very litte difference. The only difference in sound i can hear is at about 1000-2000 rpm when taking off slowly. Once you get up to speed it sounds exactly the same. I ws wondering what you guys thought, and if anyone had installed a system that really sounded good. Ill definitly be taking the bolt on route this time around.
  15. Hey I was just wondering how modifications on the mustangs affect the warranty? Are there certain things that void it? Besides the paxton/frpp, superchargers what else can I add without voiding it if anything? Thanks for the help
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