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  1. I think that is about where my idle is with the dual 75mm and the GIMME 5. One thing I did recently is change to the TR7IX NGK plugs, but I may go back to the TR6IX NGK's. The TR6 heat range is what KB recommends for their 2.8 blower in my configuration and the TR7's are one full heat range colder according to VMP's "GT500 Spark Plugs 101" information sheet. My car runs ok, but it does not seem to rev as crisply as it did with the correct TR6 heat range that has been tested and recommended for my car by KB. I also noticed that it seems that I have picked up a little more popping upon deceleration when free revving my car to about 3-4K in neutral. I did not need to change to the TR7's for any specific reason other than just trying them because they were the hype on another forum that I frequent. I have the full 3" Shelby/JBA optional Super Snake 700 exhaust system that was available through Shelby Perf. Parts in the earlier days so my car is louder than most because of that large system. A couple of weeks ago I had my local/trusted exhaust friend change out the JBA X-pipe which gave a higher pitched revving sound for a MAC Prochamber which now gives the car a lower tone out the back...... BEFORE........ AFTER........ MAC claims the Prochamber is worth 30-40HP? IDK?........ I know that changing the oem 2.5" exhaust system with the Shelby installed Super Snake Borla catback to the full 3" Shelby/JBA with Ford Racing shorty headers made a heck of a difference in the way my car performs. R
  2. Ding, Ding, Ding.........a Winner!!! I FINALLY figured out where I had seen the Alcoa branded center caps that I have pictured above!!!! It was the Alcoa Wheel Care and Maintenance Guide/Booklet..... ^^^^That is the only place I have ever seen these Alcoa branded caps. ^^^^This is a nice original piece of unique information that should be in every GT500KR and GT500 Super Snake glove box. R
  3. You will probably be installing the GIMME 5 5" CAI (Cold Air Intake) as part of this upgrade, I did that also. <<It is nice and shiny in comparison to the original Black rubber Ford GT unit. One other mention..............that GIMME 5 now comes with a Blue air filter.........I have requested a special order for a Red KB filter for mine through Rick, my car is Torch Red and I really wanted to keep the Red filter look, Blue to me would stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise Red, Black and Silver/Polished engine compartment............But that is just me....... Original KB CAI install from Shelby Las Vegas in early 2009...... Kenne Bell upgrade/updates installed a couple of months ago....... .............and below, just a small detail item....Every time I would look at my CAI I would see those big Stainless hose clamps!!!! I FINALLY found a company who sells Black hose clamps for the turbo charger world, so I spec'ed out the diameters required for this KB GIMME 5 install and stealthed the CAI clamps so they do not "also" stick out like a sore thumb against the Black rubber boots.......Years (decades) ago I worked on appliances, and those large stainless hose clamps always reminded me of....."Washing Machine!!" It is all about the detail.......even the little things..... R
  4. This is the original 2.8 KB Dual 75mm from my 2008 725.......... .............and this is the "infamous" screw......... "If" that screw is tampered with, and it causes the car to run incorrectly, I was told by a tech at KB that the T.B. would need to be sent back to the vendor who makes them for KB and it could be up to $200 to go through the T.B. and readjust it to its original specs. Also, and this is a disclaimer.......................The KB Dual 75mm shown above, the original from late 2008 - early 2009? It may not be able to be updated to the most recent Version 9 specs. I just happened to have a Dual 75mm from a 2011 Super Snake was sold to my by the original owner when he changed to a Mono Blade, that original 2011 Dual 75mm was a Version 6 as stamped in the rear of the housing by the throttle blades. That V6 Dual 75mm (now updated to a Version 9) is what is currently on my 2008 725. My original Dual 75mm shown above........it has no Version identifier and that is an indicator that it "possibly" would not be able to be updated..........Just an FYI. R
  5. I didn't received a tuner with my Las Vegas Super Snake back in early 2009 either. The updated tune that I recently loaded into my 725 came in a tuner that I bought from KB a couple of years ago, the new tune went in, the original tune is now captured in that KB purchased tuner and I have labeled it "Original Shelby installed Super Snake tune". It is a simple tuner, nothing fancy and it was easy to use........ .............and in the future, if there are other updates I can either send that tuner back to KB for the updated tune, or have them send it to me the file and I can move it from my PC/Laptop to this tuner for installation in my cars PCM. I am not sure if this tuner has the capability to store multiple tunes? or if the original Shelby installed Super Snake tune would be deleted if I were to download another tune in this tuner? Also, that adjustment screw? That screw is adjusted/set when the T.B. is built and tampering with that screw can cause REAL problems. It is factory set for that specific T.B. and the T.B. motor is what controls the amount of close and how quick it closes. That screw has a spring under it and that spring is one of the items that is changed/updated as part of the updates for the dual 75mm T.B. R
  6. Have you updated your KB tune? I received my 725 back from Shelby in early 2009, Up until this past year I have had high idle issues also, not all the time but sometimes. I also had high idle issues at a traffic light, the rpms would stay at about 1500 for a little bit after I pushed in the clutch, and then drop after about 20 seconds. I contacted KB directly and they asked when my car had been tuned and what revision of T.B. that I had? I told Ken (at the time) that my car had never been touched since early 2009, he said that there had been a couple of tune revisions for the 2.8 725 and that the T.B. had also had some updates. I bought an entry level tuner from KB (with the newest update) and also sent a spare Dual 75MM T.B. (from a 2011 Super Snake) that I owned to them, it was a Version 6. They updated the Version 6 T.B. to Version 9 and I requested the updated T.B. parts so I could also update the original T.B. that was on my car. I updated the tune and installed the updated T.B. (and also installed the KB "GIMME 5" 5" C.A.I.) and I have not had the high idle issues since those updates and the idle rpm is usually 850 or so. Also, if you install the newer update, the Dioblo/Mafia will not be compatible. <<<I removed it along with my original Black rubber Ford GT C.A.I. One other thing to mention............If you followed the Super Snake production through the years you noticed that the 2.8 KB S/C option changed from 725HP on the earlier cars to 750HP in around 2010 (maybe 2011), I believe the 750HP tune in what KB provides as the tune update for our 725's. R
  7. Also to add...................In many cases modded car owners have a "back to stock sale", I see it all the time on some of the other GT500 forums. The owner mods the car during ownership, and when it comes time to sell, the modded parts are removed since in most cases they do not add to the value in comparison to selling them to other owners, and the stock parts are reinstalled. With items like coil springs and an exhaust system re-do (which are not easily "back to stocked"), those items stay in place for the sale. The other bolt-on items that were previously installed are sold separately. Many/most times, the car being sold is also valued more with it being stock or very close to stock. <<<Just a mention since this is somewhat common......... Usually, the bolt heads and nuts are the clue. If parts have been changed, the bolt heads and nuts will usually have indications of sockets or wrenches especially when the bolts/nuts have been on and off a multiple times. R
  8. Linked below were the original Shelby/Kicker audio upgrade components.............. https://www.stang-aholics.com/i-24188216-05-09-mustang-shelby-kicker-shaker-premium-sound-system-coupes-only.html R
  9. Here is a read about the Shelby/Kicker install from Donald Farr.................... http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/interior-electrical/mump-1001-how-to-install-a-shelby-kicker-stereo-upgrade/ Note one of the remarks listed under one of the pictures in the article linked above............. "Power for the amp and powered rear subwoofer comes from the main power lug at the underhood fuse box. Sturdy wiring harnesses, included with the kit, route through the firewall after removing the passenger-side inner fender cover, which attaches with six easy-to-remove fasteners. The rear subwoofer harness continues under the door sill panel and behind the inner rear quarter-panel to enter the trunk." I think this was the main reason I hesitated on buying this set up for my 2008 Super Snake when it was current in SPP, not that the system is not quality, I'm sure it is, but I did not want to cut into any firewall seals (or drill a hole) to route a wire or wire harness to the engine compartment fuse box to feed the Kicker amp. in the passenger compartment and powered sub in the trunk. I am pretty sure that the Kicker amp. also has to be integrated into the cars audio system for the Kicker speakers and sub to work or at least work properly. R
  10. Wheels bolt-on and off without any harm, keep the correct original Razors since they are part of your unique Shelby and buy the wheel tire combo that you like. Remember, there is nothing the matter with storing/protecting those Razors off of your car. You will love the more planted feel of a 275 tire on the front of a heavy nosed GT500 when pressing into a turn. R
  11. ^^^^^^I rarely show a picture of them because that is a common reply when I show them. I have kept them guarded because it is the only set I have seen. If by chance I lose one, I most likely would never find a replacement. There may be more out there, but I have not seen them. I didn't realize I was so heavy on the original Black Super Snake center caps from a 2011/12 Super Snake, but here is a picture of the Alcoa caps.......... R
  12. The center cap shown below is pretty cool. I bought a set of 20X9 Super Snake engraved Alcoa's back in 2009, they were sold to me by a person who lived in the same town as the Alcoa wheel plant and they said they "just got a hold of them", that is all they would tell me about where they got them. Those 20X9's had the caps shown below, they fit the Alcoa wheels nicely, I have never seen another set of these caps. I use them on my Alcoa's from time to time, just for a change........ R
  13. ..........and also owning multiple examples of 2008's................and never stumbling upon information about 2009 production?.....................hmmmmmmm. R
  14. How many keys can be programmed to the same car, at the same time? Is there a limit? R
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Someone has definitely not done their GT500KR homework as it relates to the most recent GT500KR production............Now if was a 40th Anniv. GT500KR that was being discussed, then yes 2008 only. R
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