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  1. Ok, so the Fuelab gauge is in. I noticed that the Marshall information is no longer at the bottom of the Fuelab gauge. I called Fuelab a few minutes ago just to ask a couple of other questions. First, they have gone to a different vendor, he did not relay the vendors name to me. The Glass vs. Polycarbonite lens........He said yes, a glass lens is better but for the under $40 cost of these gauges, you will most likely not find a glass lens, infact he said that many larger gauges come with glass lenses, but he can't think of any vendors that offer a glass lens in these small 1.5" gauges. We discussed the poly lens longevity, he says that Fuelab sells 350-400 of these gauges per month and he usually has 5-8 warranty returns per year, he said the two main issues, is oil or other under hood chemical getting on that lens, but the main warranty issue is the two screws on the back loosening up, it happens rarely he said, but it does happen and that is usually why one would be returned under warranty. One other thing the tech at Fuelab mentioned.......do a couple of rounds of Teflon tape on the threads before installing the gauge. R
  2. I just sent you a PM with Rick@KB's email address.
  3. I also talked to Marshall (actually emailed back and forth), they said their dry gauge would be fine for under hood heat, he said many are mounted that way and also mentioned, as you pointed out , the liquid filled is not good under the hood. but they (Marshall) did not offer a dry gauge with a Black case, that was the issue. I also should mention, in the Marshall email, he did not say "all" of their dry gauges work in under hood heat and he did not say which ones do or don't, I wanted a Black case for the "stealth" look and they did not have a dry gauge in a Black case, so that ended the conversation. Also, the Fuelab gauges? Does Fuelab have a specific spec. for their Marshall made gauges that may be different for the common offerings from Marshall? IDK? They may be the same, but with a different name on the face.....or they may be built to specific Fuelab specs.? Right from the beginning it is interesting that Fuelab offers a 1.5 Dry gauge in a Black case, and Marshall does not........if all are made by Marshall......Also, the Marshall gauge is 0-100, the Fuelab 0-120........ It looks like it is out for delivery today, I will see how it looks...... R
  4. I also contacted Marshall, to see if they had a "Dry" 1.5 0-100psi gauge that was Black case, Black face with White needle and numbering, they do not. R
  5. ^^^^^^Thanks for that information, yes, I had not noticed the "hardware store" brass plug until we got into this discussion. After talking to the Fuelab tech support this morning, I am going to try that Back gauge that they offer. My car has not been started for quite a while (but it has been on a Battery Tender), so I may be able to take that plug out without fuel spewing out under pressure.............. R
  6. Ok, I just talked to Tech Support at Fuelab. He said that under hood heat does not affect the gauge shown below, and in fact 95-98% of their customers have this gauge permanently mounted to a fuel regulator (either their regulator or other) under their hood, and many in race conditions. He said that the internal connections and structure of this gauge are made to withstand under hood heat and vibration. He did mention that since this gauge is not liquid filled, the gauge may fluctuate by about a pound because it does not have the liquid for dampening the needle movement. https://fuelab.com/product/71501-efi-fuel-pressure-gauge/ ^^^This exact gauge can be bought for about $3 less on eBay with free shipping........put Fuelab 71501 in the eBay search. Here it is on eBay...... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fuelab-71501-1-5-0-120-Psi-EFI-Fuel-Pressure-Gauge/362888664471?epid=4022586063&hash=item547dd99597:g:Tr0AAOSwsFheJh~~ It can also be purchased with the BARS/PSI scale under 71511. I see this gauge listed on quite a few diesel sites........speaking of vibration!!!................ R
  7. I'm going to call Fuelab about this one tomorrow....... https://fuelab.com/product/71501-efi-fuel-pressure-gauge/ R
  8. So now down a different path with FueLab, to see what they offer after reading the copy and paste below....... ___________________________________________________________________ It should be noted that under hood heat can affect the accuracy of liquid-filled gauges. The gauge housing is sealed to hold in the liquid. Temperature changes causes expansion of the liquid fill and can create pressure build-up in the gauge case, which causes an error in the gauge reading. For this reason Fuelab offers non-liquid filled fuel pressure gauges. As previously discussed, permanent direct mount fuel pressure gauges are intended to be a reference tool. When tuning a vehicle it is best to verify fuel pressure with a high quality external fuel pressure gauge. This type of gauge is temporarily connected, is more precise than permanent mount gauges, and can also be used to cross check the permanent fuel pressure gauge for accuracy. ___________________________________________________________________ ^^^^^ But maybe it is still indicating the underhood gauge to be used as a temp. tool? R
  9. .........And then you put "under hood fuel pressure gauge" in Google, and this one comes up in Amazon and when you scroll further down and read the description it definitely states for mounting under the hood....BUT....I don't see any temp. specs for the gauge................and I certainly would not consider putting anything "Glow Shift" under the hood of my Super Snake..... https://www.amazon.com/GlowShift-Liquid-Filled-Mechanical-Pressure/dp/B07895TP2Q They may get around it by claiming it is a test tool for install during trouble shooting, but I do not see that anywhere..... R
  10. ^^^^^^Thank you for that info. I definitely retract my suggestion on putting a gauge permanently under the hood with those temp. specs. I will continue forward with a cleaner looking plug in that adapter and be happy with that. Thank you very much for the deeper insight into the under hood gauge mounting, I was just getting ready to order one, now I will hold off. I was thinking I had seen guys that run Nitrous with a small gauge under the hood and that is what made me think of it, but I may have been mistaken OR they have a trouble ready to happen. R
  11. .............and the addition of a 1.5" fuel gauge would get rid of that ugly square head brass plug in the side of the fuel rail adapter block..... ^^^^^^ I had not noticed that brass plug before, I knew the fuel block had extra ports with plugs, but I did not look at the block on my car. I would have replaced that plug long ago with either a Stainless/Polished Allen head 1/8" plug or a Black anodized Allen head 1/8" plug, I have both in my fuel rail stuff, but I had never really looked at mine..... That fuel rail adapter is made by Metco, the same people who made the Shelby fuel rails. That fuel adapter block is only available in Black currently, from Shelby or from Metco. A few years ago I was do some "few rail searching" on eBay and came across this same fuel rail block in billet aluminum Silver finish, I contacted Metco with the part number shown on the Metco box in the eBay auction........The Metco rep. said yes, that was a Ford fuel rail block that they offered a few years ago along with the Black and then they changed to Black only. i think he also said the Silver adapter block is Clear Anodized. R
  12. I found this 0-100psi oil filled mechanical gauge that is 1.5", and to me, it would be a perfect "stealth" gauge to add to the side of that fuel block, it also comes with a Red needle if that is the preference, but I like the White numbers - White needle look.......I want it to fully blend in, unless I am using it for a diagnostic tool.......then it is there for me to see.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marshall-1-5-Direct-Mount-Liquid-Filled-Fuel-Pressure-Gauge-MSB00100/114037044208?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908131621%26meid%3D17a1b65bb37d42afa24d4d319291769b%26pid%3D100678%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D114037044208%26itm%3D114037044208%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DMarshal&_trksid=p2380057.c100678.m3607&_trkparms=pageci%3A5986800a-9f78-11ea-a01a-74dbd180be5d|parentrq%3A5214a2191720a9c94ededd3dff7c36d4|iid%3A1 R
  13. ^^^^^I assume you are talking about the hood prop rod? I asked Hendrix at Bang-a-Stang about that when I bought the cover for my Super Snake, he said it would require some sort of magnet because the fiberglass was flat and he had no provision to add a hook or a fastener attached piece to hold the prop rod in place.........But once I drilled down a little bit more, he said it would make the cover look like crap with that prop rod laying across the top of the paint and stripes.......I said, o.k. He said a Black prop rod laying across a Black plastic cover blends in, but not a Black prop rod laying across a Torch Red radiator cover. I ended up putting bolt-in (no drill, no rivets) struts on my 2008 and after getting them installed I asked........Why did Ford put a prop rod on this GT500.......like a Pinto had back in the 1970's? R
  14. Here is one with a Chrome bezel by Autometer........called Auto Gauge...... https://www.autometer.com/pressure-gauge-0-100-psi-sport-comp.html ^^^I think this can be found with a Black bezel also... R
  15. I did a little bit of searching...................I kind of like this Black................ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Marshall-Gauge-0-100-Psi-Fuel-Oil-Pressure-Midnight-Black-1-5-Liquid-Filled/303560162323?hash=item46ad987c13:g:vj4AAOSw~gRVg7kE It is a small 1.5" diameter, 1/8 pipe thread for that Black fuel rail adapter block, and it is Black, so it will be able to be seen and read under the hood, but it does not stand out like......."look at me!". At first I thought I had found an Autometer gauge in the small 1.5" diameter, but maybe not.......or not yet...... R
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