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  1. I bought a set of Red Line Elites for my Super Snake hood when they first came out, but the install required drilling the hood and installing the hood end of the strut attachment with pop rivets, I could never bring myself to drill and pop rivet my original Super Snake hood. I know there have been some updates to the Red Line install for the factory alum. hood where no drilling is required......Is that the case with the GT500KR CF hood also? No drill? I finally settled on the struts linked below, they are ordered by body color for the attachment brackets, they fully blend in and I left the labels off the struts themselves so that they look just like the trunk struts and blend in as if they were oem installed......they are there and function, but are not noticed as something that grabs attention under my hood................ https://www.cjponyparts.com/cpc-nxt-generation-hood-strut-kit-gt500-2007-2014-v6-gt-2011-2014-boss-302-2012-2013/p/HDGL6-V/ ^^^^The Super Snake FG hood is heavy, and the lift capacity of the struts linked above was not enough, so I worked with NXT and after a couple of tries we got a set psi'ed for the Super Snake hood weight, I have had them on my car for about 8 years with no issues.......................and especially no bowing of the fiberglass!!! I know the GT500KR CF hood is lighter, and the struts linked above "may" be the right psi to properly support the KR hood? R
  2. I bought the rad. cover on my 2008 Super Snake from Hendrix at Bang-a-Stang, but that was over 10 years ago and I have not seen anything Bang-a-Stang in a long time. You may have to go the route in the link below and do the KR related carve outs to it yourself, the specific CAI, the CSM plate, etc. and then have it painted and striped...... https://www.americanmuscle.com/radiator-cover-0709gt500.html?utm_content=Exterior - Underhood Dressup|California Pony Cars&T5_Var4=101175&utm_source=google-pla&utm_medium=shopping&T5_Var2=shopping&utm_campaign=AMM+Mustang+Vehicle+Medium+RLSA&T5_Var3=blue&intl=0&dialogtech=ppc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxq_knrHq5wIVh5WzCh0QgAqHEAQYBCABEgIocfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds BTW - When you do find one and get it painted, it is a much cleaner look to spray the push pins that are body color and the pins that are stripe color so they blend in...........otherwise the Black pins stick out like a sore thumb..........unless your car is Black, then the Black pins blend in.... R
  3. Do the 2007 GT500 headlight assy's correctly fit the front fascia of the 2007 Mustang GT? A member on another forum bought smoked Mustang GT headlights for his GT500 because there was no listing for GT500 smoked, and he said the GT headlights did not contour the same in the GT500 nose. My 2008 GT500 HID's have always had a small buzz when the headlights are on, even when new. R
  4. If I remember correctly, the oem 2013/14 CF driveshaft has CV joints at both ends and the 2007-2012 2pc. driveshaft only has a CV at the rear. To install a 2013/14 CF driveshaft in a 2007-2012 GT500, it requires an adapter that provides a CV joint attachment at the transmission end also. Also, If I remember correctly, doesn't the 2013/14 trans have a different output shaft spline? If so, it would not be a simple install of a 2013/14 flange/yoke on the 2007-2012 trans. for the CF install, that is why there have been a couple of aftermarket flange/yoke options made for that swap as shown below.........2007-2012 transmission splines - 2013/14 CV joint attachment..... ^^^^This was the full yoke replacement option that was once available for this CF driveshaft swap, there was also the option of keeping the oem 2007-2012 trans. flange/yoke in place and a cup bolted to that oem flange for the 2013/14 CF driveshaft install. R
  5. So this car has been titled, just not privately tilted per the "This vehicle has the dealer MSO, ithas never been privately titled." So it was Super Snaked after an original title was issued to this cars VIN, "Post-Title" or in other words modded after a title had been issued by a state DMV somewhere......Ok, I get it. R
  6. .............but even then, all GT500 owners, (dealer or not) were supposed to provide a copy of the first title or registration with or before the deposit was taken for the build? R
  7. Tom (Shelby Auctions) on eBay has the 2007-2009 Super Snake CF splitter listed........ https://www.ebay.com/itm/2007-2009-Shelby-SuperSnake-GT500-Carbon-Fiber-Splitter/174120559635?epid=1029483858&hash=item288a64e413:g:3U4AAOSwr2ZZpynFelow ^^^^^^^^^^^The $150 shipping on top of the $700 cost for the splitter should be also considered.... R
  8. I'm thinking through tuning, that same blower is what became the 660hp Super Snake option when the 725hp moved to 750hp, FRPP may have changed to pulley to get to 660, I don't know. I do know the 725 to 750 upsize for the KB was a tune only. It will be interesting to hear the results. R
  9. Is that the FRPP TVS S/C that Shelby originally installed on the 605hp and later the 660hp Super Snakes? or is that another S/C that was offered through FRPP? It looks Great!!! R
  10. I added Moser Street Axles when I pulled my 8.8 and derusted/restored it, I figured that was the best time to make the swap.......... The Mosers are the same thickness/diameter from the axle flange to the splines. The oem axles "neck down" toward the spline end and that is where they are known to break (if they break), but both are C-Clip design. R
  11. This eBay auction says this car is still on MSO?? https://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Shelby-Cobra/114079648581?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D7ff2db5ef8284bda9ccc5d09fb33dba3%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D114079648581%26itm%3D114079648581%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A5458eabd-4543-11ea-aa4b-74dbd1809fc5|parentrq%3A02e6373d1700aa66962101a4fff1de1c|iid%3A1 I know one of the stipulations "back n the day" was that the car had to be on an original owner title and could not be Super Snaked on a Manuf. Cert. of Origin......Did some slip by? R
  12. ^^^^^^ and adding to this OP, you mentioned "seldom drop the hammer on it, from a stop"..............that is the biggest shock to that 2pc driveshaft, a rolling spin of the tires is much more forgiving than dumping the clutch from a standstill start, even at the stock power level and the risk only increases with the power add. R
  13. Shelby installed a 1pc. driveshaft on the 725hp level Super Snakes with the 2.8 Kenne Bell but did not upgrade to a 1pc. on the 6XXhp Super Snakes from that same era. I would guess your 2.9 Whipple is in that same HP range (out of the box), 725/750. As for high speeds, the GT500 was limited to I think 155mph, maybe it was 155 for converts. and higher for a coupe?, so pulling 140mph with that 2pc. shaft should not be an issue as long as the use of that 750hp has not compromised that oem 2pc. driveshaft. $611 is a nice price for a new FRPP 1pc. R
  14. When I add them to my cart, a message comes up that they are not in-stock, it has been that way for a couple of months........ R
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