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  1. Wheels bolt-on and off without any harm, keep the correct original Razors since they are part of your unique Shelby and buy the wheel tire combo that you like. Remember, there is nothing the matter with storing/protecting those Razors off of your car. You will love the more planted feel of a 275 tire on the front of a heavy nosed GT500 when pressing into a turn. R
  2. ^^^^^^I rarely show a picture of them because that is a common reply when I show them. I have kept them guarded because it is the only set I have seen. If by chance I lose one, I most likely would never find a replacement. There may be more out there, but I have not seen them. I didn't realize I was so heavy on the original Black Super Snake center caps from a 2011/12 Super Snake, but here is a picture of the Alcoa caps.......... R
  3. The center cap shown below is pretty cool. I bought a set of 20X9 Super Snake engraved Alcoa's back in 2009, they were sold to me by a person who lived in the same town as the Alcoa wheel plant and they said they "just got a hold of them", that is all they would tell me about where they got them. Those 20X9's had the caps shown below, they fit the Alcoa wheels nicely, I have never seen another set of these caps. I use them on my Alcoa's from time to time, just for a change........ R
  4. ..........and also owning multiple examples of 2008's................and never stumbling upon information about 2009 production?.....................hmmmmmmm. R
  5. How many keys can be programmed to the same car, at the same time? Is there a limit? R
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Someone has definitely not done their GT500KR homework as it relates to the most recent GT500KR production............Now if was a 40th Anniv. GT500KR that was being discussed, then yes 2008 only. R
  7. Here is a list from Shelby for a 1000HP upgrade...... R
  8. Here is a current eBay link to a Ford flip key, scroll down in the auction and you will see some manufacturer part numbers, one should match the oem number on the back of your original fob. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Uncut-Replacement-Remote-Fob-Flip-Ignition-Car-Chip-Key-4-Button-for-Ford/281087551901 The Shelby fob emblems? that is a different story, they were listed on eBay quite a while back, maybe two years ago, then the disappeared. Then there was a relist of them about 6 months ago and they have disappeared again. Here are Ford fob emblems..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Pieces-14mm-Key-Fob-Emblem-Sticker-Logo-Remote-Badge-Black-FORD/283385277694?hash=item41fb142cfe:g:8BsAAOSwHwddFop3 While I was searching for your info. I came across these SVT fob emblems, I order a pair to see how they look, correct Red color SVT, etc. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2X-SVT-Cobra-Mustang-3D-sticker-14mm-key-emblem-logo/273880232136?hash=item3fc488b0c8:g:FvwAAOSwTm1dBr64 R
  9. Oh, I see why you are questioning investment. From the perspective of an owner owning one or more of any part, if I can buy something for $XX and sell it for 10 times what I paid for it after it was sitting on a shelf in an A/C'ed garage, that seems to be a good deal. I'm sure these rings that have been showing up on eBay were purchased by Super Snake owners when they owned their car, the ring was never installed and then they list in on eBay knowing it is a unique piece. <<If I knew I paid $80-$100 for this part originally and then a few years later, after I had sold my car I decided to sell off Shelby parts that were unique to that car, and then the price shoots to 10 times what I paid for it, that was a decent unexpected return on my money. When I saw the first Super Snake faux ring sell in the $800 range on eBay a couple of months ago I thought it was a fluke........"someone had to have it at any price", but when I see a second one go for these big $$$, I started thinking that the first auction may have not been a fluke, and there are people out there willing to spend some huge dollars on some of this obsolete/unique Shelby stuff! In the big picture these parts are "early in life", but there are some who are plunking down the big coin on them. R
  10. I do not claim to be an insider, but I remember 720 originally "rumored" as the 2020 GT500 horsepower spec. 720HP and 4200+ lbs would have had its way with a Hellcat Challenger at 707HP and I believe that was the original plan............Then everyone was noticing the "slow walk" of the GT500 specs, the car was unveiled but still everything was secret, so what changed???..............The 797 Red Eye Challenger came on the scene, during all of the GT500 hype, after the mule car was built. Like I said, I am no insider, but I believe the 797HP Red Eye Challenger caught Ford/SVT by surprise............"Pants Down" as it were. Suddenly there is a scramble to retune the 2020 GT500 and also get the new HP certified. Then, finally 760HP was announced as the official number, but the weight? there was no changing that, the parts had been designed, engineered and ready for the production cars. Just my thought as an outside observer of the 2020 GT500 from earliest rumors to reality now. There is no magic, it takes power to move weight and 4200+lbs is going backward in the performance car world, but if you add enough power to anything, it can fly.....It would have been much cooler at 3900 or 3950 as was also originally rumored, and then 760HP (or even the original 720). The 2020 GT500 is still a very cool car, but most car enthusiast have also said that about the Challenger since 2008.........then the porky weight mention quickly follows after the "cool look" comment. R
  11. At first, 10 years ago or so, my plan was to install this ring on my oem 2008 GT500 faux cap, just as originally planned by Shelby, then over time it was still in the box not installed and I saw the 2008 500CJ faux cap and thought "Super Snake"? "Big Snake"?..............the 500CJ faux would be perfect for this ring on the rear of a Super Snake............ ^^^It was a cool idea imo, the focus is the "Big Snake" and "Super Snake"...........no other clutter..... R
  12. I purchased it as a Super Snake owner, from SPP. I do not remember specifically giving my CSM number, however, I would assume on a part like this it was required, it was quite a few years ago. Back then I dealt with Tim on all of my Shelby parts purchases. If it was required, I'm sure I provided my CSM to him. The CSM requirement is probably why the price of this item has gone through the roof. I think it is cool that some of the unique discontinued/obsolete late model Shelby parts are gaining value so early in life. R
  13. Now fake is shown below, Shelby never did this faux, the GT500KR had it's faux cap, but not the earlier Super Snakes, just the ring. The faux below was done by a guy in Europe a few years ago, it is cool, but not "Official Shelby"............. R
  14. Actually it is aluminum, I don't think Shelby would make anything like this in cheap plastic? I am afraid to install mine now, the price has gone too high to devalue it by being "used". R
  15. Yes, definitely a Shelby part, I purchased it from SPP Tim years ago.......... Twice in the last few months this same ring has sold for 10 times what it sold for when it was new from Shelby, that is a pretty good deal for the owner in a relatively short period of time in the car parts world. Interestingly, the Date of Manufacture (DOM) is right at the same time I was called and told my 2008 was done in Las Vegas. R
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