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  1. When I add them to my cart, a message comes up that they are not in-stock, it has been that way for a couple of months........ R
  2. If anyone has pair of the Shelby Duo Bluetooth Earbuds for sale, I am looking for a set, thanks. The link below is what I am looking for...... https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/pl-1211-blk.htm Robert
  3. I agree about the SHR louvers looking Great, but they also require the original 1/4 windows to be removed from the car and then these SHR louvers replace the original glass on each side. R
  4. If you happen to have one for sale, or any other KB S/C Super Snake parts (case, inlet, etc.), I am interested in what you have for sale. Thanks, Robert
  5. Yes, I have found that many times (it seems much more than not) it is a "drop ship" world. I recently looked at two different vendors websites and found they had "in stock" items that I knew were discontinued by the original manufacturers. I was able to put the "in stock" item in my cart and could have checked out on each website, but then I decided to call them and find out if they actually had the item in stock?...…….No, neither of them did, they would be taking my order and then having the item(s) shipped from the original manufacturer. Well, I already knew that Shelby no longer carried the item listed as "in stock" on the one vendors site and Autometer no longer carried the other item that was listed as "in stock" on the other vendors site, so there was no use in adding the items to my carts, paying for the items, only to be contacted afterwards and told the items were no longer available and then receiving a refund. R
  6. I am looking for 4 - 20X9.5" 2015/16 Super Snake wheels. If you have one or two and I can piece together a set of four from multiple members, that will work. This is the wheel.......... I already have four NOS center caps. Please PM me if you have one or more of these 2015/16 wheels. Thanks, Robert
  7. I guess I was thinking Shelby because the auctions of these wheels on eBay were through Shelbyauctions......I thought, but I could be wrong? I also thought a KR owner had to go through Shelby to get replacement parts. I can say that recently I bought some of the Shelby/Kicker audio upgrade items from AMPerformance on eBay, the bill (or payment receipt was from AMPerformance), but the shipment came from Shelby with Shelby packing tape all over box. I thought I was buying from AMPerformance by the purchase paperwork and was surprised that Shelby was actually involved in the background. R
  8. Jim - Was it Ford Racing that sold off the NOS GT500KR wheels or SAI? I though the GT500's went to SAI from Ford and were KR'ed, and that SAI kept the replacement stock of all KR replacement parts until the stock was exhausted. I was thinking that SAI sold off the NOS KR wheels a few years ago......Much like the extra CF hoods have been sold off recently (within the past two years or so)......... R
  9. I have the Shelby Super Snake spec. cards and I see 800HP for the 2007-2012 and 850HP on the 2013/14 specific card. No mention of internals on these spec cards, but I do see internals on the 900HP and 1000HP Super Snake option levels. R
  10. The 295 Michelin Pilot Super Sports also come in three different oem applications, two for Ferrari and one for Porsche, could the difference in the sidewall load ratings and an incorrect tire installed contribute to this wobble issue? One of the Ferrari tires has "K1" in a circle on the sidewall info., the Porsche has 'NO" and I would have to look at my tires to identify the second Ferrari sidewall indicator. Since Michelin did not spec. a "one fits all" 295 tire, does that make a difference on the rear of a high HP GT500? R
  11. I think that is about where my idle is with the dual 75mm and the GIMME 5. One thing I did recently is change to the TR7IX NGK plugs, but I may go back to the TR6IX NGK's. The TR6 heat range is what KB recommends for their 2.8 blower in my configuration and the TR7's are one full heat range colder according to VMP's "GT500 Spark Plugs 101" information sheet. My car runs ok, but it does not seem to rev as crisply as it did with the correct TR6 heat range that has been tested and recommended for my car by KB. I also noticed that it seems that I have picked up a little more popping upon deceleration when free revving my car to about 3-4K in neutral. I did not need to change to the TR7's for any specific reason other than just trying them because they were the hype on another forum that I frequent. I have the full 3" Shelby/JBA optional Super Snake 700 exhaust system that was available through Shelby Perf. Parts in the earlier days so my car is louder than most because of that large system. A couple of weeks ago I had my local/trusted exhaust friend change out the JBA X-pipe which gave a higher pitched revving sound for a MAC Prochamber which now gives the car a lower tone out the back...... BEFORE........ AFTER........ MAC claims the Prochamber is worth 30-40HP? IDK?........ I know that changing the oem 2.5" exhaust system with the Shelby installed Super Snake Borla catback to the full 3" Shelby/JBA with Ford Racing shorty headers made a heck of a difference in the way my car performs. R
  12. Ding, Ding, Ding.........a Winner!!! I FINALLY figured out where I had seen the Alcoa branded center caps that I have pictured above!!!! It was the Alcoa Wheel Care and Maintenance Guide/Booklet..... ^^^^That is the only place I have ever seen these Alcoa branded caps. ^^^^This is a nice original piece of unique information that should be in every GT500KR and GT500 Super Snake glove box. R
  13. You will probably be installing the GIMME 5 5" CAI (Cold Air Intake) as part of this upgrade, I did that also. <<It is nice and shiny in comparison to the original Black rubber Ford GT unit. One other mention..............that GIMME 5 now comes with a Blue air filter.........I have requested a special order for a Red KB filter for mine through Rick, my car is Torch Red and I really wanted to keep the Red filter look, Blue to me would stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise Red, Black and Silver/Polished engine compartment............But that is just me....... Original KB CAI install from Shelby Las Vegas in early 2009...... Kenne Bell upgrade/updates installed a couple of months ago....... .............and below, just a small detail item....Every time I would look at my CAI I would see those big Stainless hose clamps!!!! I FINALLY found a company who sells Black hose clamps for the turbo charger world, so I spec'ed out the diameters required for this KB GIMME 5 install and stealthed the CAI clamps so they do not "also" stick out like a sore thumb against the Black rubber boots.......Years (decades) ago I worked on appliances, and those large stainless hose clamps always reminded me of....."Washing Machine!!" It is all about the detail.......even the little things..... R
  14. This is the original 2.8 KB Dual 75mm from my 2008 725.......... .............and this is the "infamous" screw......... "If" that screw is tampered with, and it causes the car to run incorrectly, I was told by a tech at KB that the T.B. would need to be sent back to the vendor who makes them for KB and it could be up to $200 to go through the T.B. and readjust it to its original specs. Also, and this is a disclaimer.......................The KB Dual 75mm shown above, the original from late 2008 - early 2009? It may not be able to be updated to the most recent Version 9 specs. I just happened to have a Dual 75mm from a 2011 Super Snake was sold to my by the original owner when he changed to a Mono Blade, that original 2011 Dual 75mm was a Version 6 as stamped in the rear of the housing by the throttle blades. That V6 Dual 75mm (now updated to a Version 9) is what is currently on my 2008 725. My original Dual 75mm shown above........it has no Version identifier and that is an indicator that it "possibly" would not be able to be updated..........Just an FYI. R
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