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  1. I just put the FRPP number in the Google search and came up with this one? Is this what you are looking for? https://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=430 and more expensive, but here.... https://www.fordracingbyspeedshopdirect.com/Ford_Racing_Brake_Cooling_Kit_p/m-2004-a.htm and then one on eBay priced in between the two linked above..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mustang-Ford-Racing-Brake-Cooling-Kit/192969706327?epid=1639948923&hash=item2cede40b57:g:POEAAOSwhpRdGOxo ^^^Appears to be a nice original FRPP box? R
  2. I found my original pictures after I had measured the 9" and 10" bare Alcoa's w/o tires and then decided to "test fit" my original rear 10" Super Snake Alcoa's on the front, with the original 275/35 Pirelli P-Zero's that Shelby had installed when my car went through Las Vegas. It looked perfect on the initial "test" install....... Turned lock to lock without contact....... .......and rolled freely with no contact against my Shelby installed Eibach Pro Street-S coil over struts....... ^^^Those pictures were from approx. early 2010. I have had 10" Alcoa's on the front of my 2008 Super Snake since that time, and what a Great upgrade to the handling when I press my car into a turn!! The increase overall diameter along with the slightly wider width provided a much more sure footed feel on the front of my heavy nosed 2008 Super Snake. R
  3. ^^^Thanks for that link, I was thinking that all 2007-2012's were the same, but did not dig into it further. I knew that 2013/14's were different. So between these two, the 2013/14 transmission would be considered the "close ratio". It would be interesting to compare the 2013/14 transmission and the 2007-2012 transmission side-by-side in a swap in the same car with the same horsepower and the 3.31 gear as was standard in the 2007-2009 and 2013/14. Did 2010 also have a 3.31? I don't remember......It looks like there were changes in 2011 also, but not 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th......only o.d,'s and reverse........... What a large drop in rpms from 2.97 1st to 1.78 2nd in comparison to 2.66 1st to 1.82 2nd......... 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2.97 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.80 0.63 2.90 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2.97 1.78 1.30 1.00 0.74 0.50 3.98 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2.66 1.82 1.30 1.00 0.77 0.50 3.98 R
  4. There was a discussion a couple of years ago about the GT500 6 speed transmissions and the gear ratio changes and shifter ratio changes between 2007-2014, but I can't find it right off hand over on SVTPerf.com. Of the two Tremecs shown in your link, the BA-77 is the close ratio. The closer the first gear is to forth (1 to 1), the closer the gear spread between shifts which means less rpm drop between shifts. The further away first gear is from 1 to 1 ratio, the greater the rpm drop between shifts.........wide ratio. A close ratio transmission will best keep the rpms in the "sweet spot" for power and the wide ration will wind up the engine quicker right off the line, but then drop the rpms futher between shifts. Of course gear ratio in the rear end and "use" of the car also has to be factored into the equation. In the old days a 2.32 first gear Top Loader was considered a close ratio transmission, the 2.78 was wide. With the Muncie's it was a 2.20 first for close ratio and I don't remember the wide, possibly 2.54, or maybe that was a Borg Warner T-10? <<<That was too long ago...... With the addition of Overdrive in these newer transmissions (5th and 6th), the first gear ratio's have gone out a little further. If you have ever been around dirt bikes, you will notice they wind the engine up and then there is very little rpm drop between shifts, that is close ratio, it keeps the engine in the desired power band with minimal drop in HP and Torque between shifts. R
  5. Yes they fit Great, I have had them on my Super Snake for about 8 or maybe 9 years with no spacers or tire contact with 275/35's. If the search is still available for older posts here on Team Shelby, in the 2007-2012 Super Snake forum I was the first person to experiment with 10's on the front when everyone was "swearing" there was no way they would fit! At that time many years ago I had purchased a second set of Super Snake Alcoa's for my 2008 so I was able to do measurements w/o tires in the way. Once I found that the measurement from the disc brake mounting surface to the outer face/edge of the Alcoa was the same on both 9" and 10", I knew it would work fine to use 10" on the front from an appearance standpoint, and once I installed a 275/35 on that 10" Alcoa and then mounted it on the front of my Super Snake and turned the wheels from lock to lock with no tire contact issues..........THEN I knew the nay-sayers did not know what they were talking about. ^^^From that point I had the spare pair of 9's widened for the rear. R
  6. The original 8.8 had a cover and sealant is used to seal that original steel cover. The 9" Ford has a drop out center section/chunk/pumpkin which uses a gasket, however I would guess that a proper sealer could be used? To reseal that chunk/pumpkin the axles will have to be pulled out of the axle tubes far enough to allow the center section to be removed. I personally would buy a quality gasket (Felpro, etc.) and install it on the 9" housing studs, put the center section back into the housing and torque the center section to the correct spec. and then put the axles back in. <<If I remember correctly, the axles are held in the housing with four fasteners out on the end of each axle tube. It will be up to you if you want to also use some sealer with the center section gasket. R
  7. Here is some 6S/6R information from Baer......I will never need the 6R set up for my use, but the "Standard in a Nickel Finish" is interesting and those Nickel calipers that I have "may" have been Shelby specific and were not available in a 6S other than through Shelby, I don't remember, it has been a while since I bought them........ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The R-Spec rotor is a proprietary casting done to Baer’s specifications from a foundry in Europe. This project has been in development for almost 2 years, as the goal was to build a purpose built, race rotor that was lighter than our current offerings (3 lb savings per rotor) yet offer a substantial improvement in rotor life. This foundry is known for casting some of the highest quality cast iron race rotors. The R-Spec rotors will be available as an upgrade to any of our Extreme+ systems, and feature a unique hat (this is a floating rotor). The upgrade will be available for any of our Extreme+ systems, as well as the Baer Tracker Floater rear-end conversion. The R-Spec rotors will come in a slot only finish. The R-Spec 6R caliper is a race version of the popular 6S caliper. This is built out of 2618 Forged aluminum that is US sourced, and is proudly Made in the USA. Caliper Features L6R has all the standard key features of the 6S, with these added benefits: Standard in a Nickel finish Additional machining for added weight savings (just over a 1lb per caliper) Machined top for quick access to pads (quick pad changes) Notched stainless pistons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R
  8. If you notice the Razors have spokes that are formed to accommodate the Baer Extremes to start with, the 15" upgrade incudes new/longer studs and spacers to put the caliper out further to accommodate the 1" larger diameter 15" rotor which in reality should only move the caliper out 1/2" closer to the inside of the wheel. If there is enough room outward in the rear of the spokes as there is with the Alcoa's, it will be as easy to install the 15" rotors as would be the 14's. The 15" Extreme rotor upgrade from Baer was $1000 or so all by itself, so if it could be worked in with the original purchase, it "may" save you some original investment dollars. You will also need to decide Drilled/Slotted? or just Slotted. I recently priced a set of 15" front and 14" rear Slotted replacement rotors for my car, just to have both options, and they were about $1000 for the four rotors Not including the hats, I would change my hats and hardware at my house. For my use, I will never have any issues with the Baer Extreme 6S Drilled/Slotted. "Back in the day" Shelby only offered Drilled/Slotted on the Super Snake builds, so as I upgraded to the Extreme rears I chose Drilled/Slotted to match what was already on the front............Then when I found out that a 15" Extreme front upgrade was available, I matched what was already on the rear............. One other nice thing about the big Baer 6 piston calipers front and rear...........the pads interchange front and back........Nice!! I have Extreme 6S on my car, there is also a 6R, I am not sure what the difference(s) are, the calipers look the same physically, but one has 6S and the other 6R. <<<The rotors also interchange between the 6S and 6R, so that may be something to inquire about. R
  9. If you are asking if the transmission needs to be dropped, like the complete assembly removed or lowered, I would say no, there are many owners who have changed their shifters in the 2007-2014 GT500 and none that I know of require the transmission to be dropped. There may be a case where lowering the rear may help with removal and install, but I don't think it has to be done for all shifter R&R. The biggest pain in the butt is getting the pins out of the left and right sides where the front of the shifter attaches to the trans., there is very little room to work in this area of the transmission tunnel, but it can be done. I recently watched a video on the internet of a MGW2 shifter install, it goes through the process and is what you will have to do to get your shifter out for repair......if you choose not to upgrade your shifter while you are there. If it is the front rubber bushings that are the issue, there are vendors who make alum. replacements for the rubber. R
  10. While looking through my brake upgrade pictures, I came across a rear comparison. Shown below is the oem 2008 GT500 (probably the same as Mustang GT?) rotor at the top, then the Baer Eradispeed rear rotor upgrade (lower left) that Shelby installed on my Super Snake when it was upgraded in late 2008 early 2009 (this was before the Shelby/Baer rear brake upgrade was available) and then the Baer Extreme 6S upgrade rotor (lower right). Notice the difference in pad contact surface on the 6S rear upgrade......... There are many who questioned the need for 6 piston calipers on the rear when the majority of braking is on the front? Looks is a large factor, and Baer has designed those big/nice looking 6 piston rear calipers to work properly with the fronts. Below is a closer look at the front caliper pistons (lower caliper) and the rear caliper (standing on its side). The pistons are sized accordingly for the braking needs front and rear and it is not just a big piston front caliper adapted for the rear............ Once Shelby made available the matching Shelby/Baer 6S rear brake kit, that was my first priority upgrade........ ..........and then after talking to a rep. at Baer, that 15" front upgrade was a "have to" item and all of it has worked very well together over the last few 6+ years. R ,
  11. If you are buying a full set (front and rear) new, keep in mind that the front 15" Baer Extreme 6S fronts and 14" rears work well, especially on these heavy nosed GT500's. I upgraded the original 14" front Baer 6S Extremes that Shelby installed on my 2008 Super Snake and the 15" front filled the area behind the Alcoa's better and does not look small like my 14" did. <<<This would be for 20" wheels. I also know of a 2013 GT500 owner who installed 15" Extreme's on all four corners, but I remember some mention of being "grabby". Since the majority of the braking is done with the fronts, the 15" front - 14" rear works well. First picture is the original 14" front that Shelby installed in Las Vegas........ Below is the 15" rotor upgrade....... ^^^^It is not a huge difference, but those 14" rotors do look small inside of a 20" wheel. 15" is the largest that Baer offers that will still fit without caliper contact. ******DISCLAIMER***** NOT all 20" wheels will clear Baer Extreme 6 piston calipers. Below is a set of 20" Super Snake wheels that were brought into production after the Alcoa's were discontinued, 2013+ 2007-2014 Super Snake builds. The front wheels fit the Baer 6 piston calipers fine with 14" or 15", but the rears wheels are designed for the smaller Wilwood calipers and the rear wheel spokes hit the larger Baer 6 piston calipers..........Just an FYI......... Not sure how much Baer shopping you have done, but at one point, and maybe still today, Baer offered a Nickel plated option for the 6S Extremes, it is a pretty cool look. <<It was an upcharge from the standard PC color calipers. ALSO.......I don't know if they are offered both ways, but if they are, you will want the Zinc coated rotors, they stay nice looking and don't rust. <<Like I said, if they are offered Zinc coated or not Zinc coated. It would suck to spend a lot of money, do a rotor or brake upgrade and then the rotors start to rust....... R
  12. The last set of New 20" Alcoa's with "SUPER SNAKE" also engraved on the lips sold on eBay for $7500, that was about 3 years ago. I have seen many sets of "SHELBY FORGED" (no Super Snake) and "50 YEARS" sell in the $4K to $5K range, in nice condition and when there is damage, the price drops pretty quick. R
  13. If you are asking about widest wheel size, and not widest tire on stock/oem wheels, I believe the 2013 owner below has 12" Alcoa's on the rear....... ^^^^^^^^^^and 10" Alcoa's on the front, I'm pretty sure. If I remember correctly this owner had asked me some questions about the 10"/12" Alcoa set up on my 2008 before he went into that project. R
  14. Hi Jer! I haven't seen any posts from you in quite a while. R
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