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  1. If someone on here is changing their wheels, or decides to send their Super Snake back to Shelby for a wide body, I am interested in buying a set of the Satin Silver finish 2015/16 Super Snake wheels. If you have a set for sale, or know of a set for sale, please send me a PM. Thanks, Robert
  2. I had both driver and passenger sides replaced a couple of weeks ago on my 2008. The only parts replaced were the inflators behind the bags, what is seen while sitting in the driver and passenger seats were reused, no changes to the covers. I have pictures of each side being removed, the inflators replaced with the units laying on the work station and the re-install of each................and I am still getting recall notices!!! R
  3. ^^^^^That was my concern. I believe that the oem rails will remove without R&R of the blower, I have a set of oem stainless rails that have been polished and the solder flux removed while polishing, I may install them for right now. I got a length of correct cross-over fuel line from KB a while back to install on these polished rails and route around the back of the 2.8........................Maybe I will also do a test fit/install of the Shelby/Metco rails that I already own, just to verify the drivers side below the inlet....... R
  4. Has anyone installed a set of billet alum. aftermarket fuel rails on their KB Super Snake? Can they be installed without blower removal? The KB 2.8 specifically...... The drivers side under the inlet is where I have the concern. Since the inlet on the Kenne Bell blower does not unbolt just above the drivers side fuel rail (as some other blowers do), is there enough clearance under the inlet to remove the oem stainless rail and install the taller Billet alum. rail? R
  5. Battery

    I think many 2007's sat for extended lengths of time, at the Ford dealerships with ADM's attached to the window sticker and in new owners garages as 500HP trophies. As owners we know that 3-4 weeks is about it with the background system energized and the "Theft" light steadily flashing in the instrument cluster, after that the battery will have a problem starting the car. I do not have an inside track to the SVE (Special Vehicle Engineers) who are left at Ford Performance, but I would guess that something was realized during that first year of production that caused this change? Was it the Ford technicians who had to put a jump box on the battery to start the car and they found the terminals to be close to the body? Was it too tight in and around the body and the passenger side hood hinge for jumper cable/jump box attachment? Were there owner complaints also? One thing we know for sure, the BXT-40R is still readily available at a local Ford dealership right now, so it is not like the battery was changed to a BXT-96R because the BXT-40R was being phased out of the Motorcraft battery line-up. Me personally, even though my 2008 came with a BXT-96R, as I took photos of earlier in this thread, I would like to change to the BXT-40R next time the battery needs to be replaced. It is not that I want to add an additional 5 pounds to the nose of my already heave GT500, but I keep my car on a Battery Tender and am careful "if" the car needs to jumper off. My only concern is my Shelby battery box/cover, if the BXT-40R does not fit within that cool looking cover.................it is a No-Go for the 40 series Motorcraft in my car. R
  6. Battery

    It is shown in the GT500 Addendum, I would thing it would an assy. line install. R
  7. Battery

    ^^^^I'm not sure how this double quoted?.......but anyway........ For some reason I was under the impression that a plastic spacer was used in the tray when the smaller 96R battery was installed? I did not remember any sort of spacer in my 2008 tray, but I assumed I missed it when I replaced my original 96R...... If Ford also changed the tray, that sounds like more that "using up inventory" of extra battery stock during 2008-2010 when times were hard. If the tray is also different, there was a reason for this change, throwing in an "extra/over stock" battery is one thing, but also changing the tray? There is more to this story than I think most have researched beyond...............Yes, the battery was bigger in 2007, that is a minor detail with a broader story behind this production change. Knowing how close my 96R battery terminals are to the firewall/cowl pinch weld and hearing that the 40R is an even larger battery in this same area, how close are those terminals to the metal body? That would be something to compare. Your average owner "may" have to connect battery cables to their GT500, was contact with the firewall/cowl metal a possible issue? <<Just asking, like I said, there was a reason to spend the additional engineering $$$ to make this production change. Also note, eventually the terminals were turned toward the front, like in 2010 or 2011. <<At that point, the battery wiring harness would also have to be redesigned. R
  8. Battery

    Does anyone have the correct Ford part number for the battery blanket/shield that fits the BXT-40R? R
  9. Battery

    I was on the phone with the Ford parts guy. The other posters on here have shown documentation that the 40 is larger in size. My Ford parts friend seemed to think it was smaller, but he was apparently mistaken. R
  10. Battery

    I still would like to know why Ford made the change........there was a reason......... I think this is a great discussion, any of this type of information is important for the future collector. The 1993 and 1995 Cobra R's also had some battery differences, it seems that there were a couple of vendors for Ford Motorcraft batteries and some had labels and some had molded letters on the case, and then a couple of size differences also.............Those batteries I did picture document. R
  11. Battery

    Since my 2008 did not come with a 40R and others have stated their 2008's did not come with a 40R, nor do they see any information in their 2008 GT500 literature mentioning any battery other than the 96R, why was the 40R not used after the first (one year) of 2007? The 40R is still in production today, why did the 96R come into play in the first place leaving the 40R basically a one year/first year only battery in the GT500? <<<Reminds me on the 2007 only harmonic balancer and the 2007 only trans. cross member with exhaust hangers.....There was a reason why it changed......but why? Production changes are made for a reason, I have never heard of Ford (or any other manuf.) making a production change for no reason. If the 40R would have been discontinued, that would be a Great reason, but it is still here. R
  12. Battery

    I was think that Ford could have something like these batteries built to "their specs" as they do on other items, but maybe not? When I called my Ford parts friend, who sells Motorcraft batteries for Ford vehicles on a regular basis (both over the counter and shop replacements), and mentioned the BXT-40R, his first comment was "why would you want to put that little battery in your car"? <<He has just recently sold me a BXT-96R as a correct replacement for my 2008. I mentioned our discussion on here and so with that kind of comment from a Ford parts guy who is into this stuff 8 hours a day, I was kind of interested in what he is talking about, so a side-by-side comparo of these two current Ford batteries would be nice. R
  13. Battery

    I could take pictures of the bottom side of my original battery....... What I would really like to do is go to my local Ford dealership and have my Ford parts friend pull both of these batteries out for a side-by-side comparison and take those pictures. They may also have a shipping scale there for weight compare? R
  14. Battery

    ^^^^^Good info, thanks Mark. R
  15. Battery

    I got 13 years out of an original assy. line Motorcraft battery in a 1995 Cobra R and 8 years out of an original in a 2000 Cobra R. I must admit, those batteries were on Battery Tenders when the cars were in the garage, so that may have helped the battery longevity. When they did die, there was no previous indication, I got in the car, turned the key, and there was not even a click on either one of them, they were just dead. Luckily both happened in the garage instead of out at a car show. R
  16. Battery

    That is nice to know about the blanket also fitting the Interstate battery. R
  17. Battery

    As I previously mentioned, I was able to slip my original battery blanket/heat shield onto the replacement Motorcraft battery so the dimensions are the same and one other point of interest..........That Shelby battery box that is shown in one of my posts above.......that cover sits directly on top of the battery and attaches with a bolt and "T" bracket with the oem wedge block to secure this battery in place. If the replacement battery were taller, the "T" bracket would not attach and if it were a shorter replacement, there would be space between the cover and the battery top. One other thing as it relates to this subject..........The battery blanket that is original to my car, with original Ford part number has been changed by Ford at some point in production. The replacement has a different part number and there were a couple of differences. Since my original blanket was in perfect condition, I put it away and installed a new replacement blanket instead. Both blankets were the same size and fit, but there were some differences at the bottom in the mounting area, and the part number. Here is my original 2008 GT500 heat blanket and the replacement Ford part number bag below.............My Ford parts friend said that the engineering number on my original blanket crossed to another part number and that part number had gone obsolete and been superseded to the part number shown on the Ford bag. The Shelby battery box/cover that I previously posted a picture of slides snuggly (but not too snug) over the battery blanket after it is installed on the BXT-96R battery. R
  18. Battery

    UPDATE - I had a few minutes to move stuff around and get to that battery. I measured at the narrower bottom area, the battery is wider just above the mounting area. Another indicator that my 2008 battery is original....... R
  19. Battery

    I stayed with Motorcraft, with a 100 month battery warranty (prorated after 36 months), I could not find anyone with that length of warranty for the money.........For a little over $100 and the oem fit with the original battery heat shield/blanket, I did see any other brand of battery that would equal. The Motorcraft battery looks at home as being "correct" and in reality, I can't imagine that replacement Motorcraft lasting 100 months, so Ford will chip in some $$ when it comes time to be prorated and I will have another 100 month Motorcraft battery in that corner of the engine compartment until it no longer functions. R
  20. Battery

    Yes, I see the BXT-40-R only listed on page 34. ^^^Thanks.....,,,Lots and I mean LOTS of money spent on that car since the time I received it back from Shelby in early 2009. It is a fun time.........when it gets taken out. Getting some real tires on my car front and rear, as well as the stance the way I wanted it was my first costly project......... R
  21. Battery

    I will check that tomorrow, it is behind a box with a hood in it. I am going to measure the original, because I believe it is the same size as the replacement since the original battery blanket fits the replacement exactly as it did on the original. R
  22. Battery

    ^^^Good link, also interesting that the 2007 manual mentions two battery options specifically. Nice information! Since the 40 series is mentioned in the owners manual for a 2007, I would buy that battery from my Ford dealership if that was original to my 2007, and call it a day. R
  23. Battery

    I'm on with my local Ford parts dept. right now, he has 2 BXT-40R's in stock. He is looking through the original Ford applications beginning in 1995 thru current, Contour, Mystic, Cougar, Escape........all the way to now Transit. He says that there are no Mustang applications listed in the Ford documentation for the 40 series and that the current BXT-96R has the exact same 590 rating as the 40. I had not paid much attention, but apparently the BXT-96R has been upgraded over the years from it's original 500 as shown in my pictures to a current 590. I have a Shelby cover on my battery currently, so I can not verify the label information. R
  24. Battery

    As I mentioned above, it would be interesting to know if the 40 is still available from Ford and then the next question is the battery blanket/shield for that larger case, is it still available? R
  25. Battery

    But do they still offer a BXT-40R for sale? If so, that would be the way to go, if not, then the current replacement for that application will be the only option from Motorcraft. My thought was......just because the 40 is not listed for the GT500 application now doesn't mean that it is not still available for another application...... R