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  1. I went with the Koni Sport. Amazing difference over the stock shocks & struts. You can shop the deals and find them for around $600/set. I think I paid around $200 for the install.
  2. Has anyone added a backup camera to their rearview mirror or nav? I saw the Raxiom one on American Muscle for $450 that seemed reasonable. I have one in my Fusion and it does make life easier.
  3. I'm in sunny CA, well rainy at the moment, and have owned my car since new in 2007. There are no issues with the top seal on the windshield or doors. Ford designed it so the driver's side window only goes up all the way up when the door is closed. There is an issue with top wear on the pinch points when closing. Several threads on that with some getting their tops replaced. Mine has shown some wear, but not a whole lot. I do drive with the top down whenever possible, so it does get a lot of action.
  4. Here's a Tri-black convert on CL with 8k miles. No price, but might be worth a call. They are definitely out there. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ctd/4573267036.html
  5. Mark, thanks for the info. I'll give YAK graphics a call.
  6. I have emailed with Tousley Ford. They need a vin to order the parts. My vin won't work because convertibles didn't come with the hood/trunk stripe. I've been looking for a coupe on ebay with the right color stripe, but hard to tell you have an exact match.
  7. Following up on this post to see how your stripe match worked out. Did they get an exact match from 3M? I've been trying to buy the 2007 satin silver #857 coupe kit to install on my convertible, but haven't been able to locate the right kit. This sounds like a great option if it worked out of you.
  8. On the TSB, that had been done once on my car and I did not like the results. I went into the Ford dealer with the 2010 clutch parts list and said this is what I want to do. They did all the research and got it covered under the TSB. Do a search on 2010 clutch swap and you'll see the parts for this swap along with feedback from others who went this route. Grabber did a great write-up on what is needed and what you can expect. I would think all the dealers know about the Shelby clutch TSB, so it should not be too much of a challenge to get it covered. Being prepared with the info is always helpful.
  9. You might want to take it into your Ford dealer and see what they say. I took in my 07 with 8k miles last year and wanted to do the 2010 clutch swap. All done on Ford's dime and huge difference. Best mod I've done to my car. I've driven it more in the last year, than the last 3 years.
  10. Let us know if you find a quality shop. I'd like to add the stripes to my 07 convertible, but have not found a good shop to do the work. I've considered painting them on, but decided not to do that if I ever want to put my car back to stock. Good luck with your search.
  11. I picked up my Shelby today from Future Ford of Concord and all I can say is; WOW, this is unbelieveable! This clutch is effortless. I can't get over how much easier it makes the car drive. No more chatter, unintended launches, putting the car in neutral at every stop light. All the fun without all pain. This is a great upgrade! Grabber, thank you for all the detailed information. I spent some time going over the parts list with the service rep and it all happened just as planned. They were great to work with and put their top tech guy on it. All in all a very pleasurable experience. Thanks again for passing this one on. It's my favorite mod to-date.
  12. Thanks Grabber, I'll order the parts from Tasca Ford then look for a dealership to do the job. I did ask Walnut Creek Ford about their labor rate and they said they don't have one. All work is by the job which makes sense why they can charge whatever they want. There are 3 Ford dealerships in my area; Concord & Pittsburgh don't have a great reputation for service. Walnut Creek does do good work when it's warranty. This is the 1st time I've tried them past the warranty period. What a difference being out of warranty makes.
  13. Today I priced out doing the 2010 clutch swap on my 07 at my local Ford dealer, Walnut Creek Ford, and it came out at a whopping $2,271, Parts - $1,298, Labor $866 and Tax $107. I'm going to shop this around a bit and see if I can find another reputable dealer to do it for a little less, but I doubt it. That is the bummer of living in the SF bay area.
  14. Grabber, as always, great information. Thanks for the link.
  15. Question on the 2010 Clutch & Flywheel, Is this a direct Ford replacement that I can get done at my dealer? Ballpark, what's the cost to do this? I'm way out of warrenty with my 2007, but have not liked the original clutch since day 1. This sounds like a great alternative.
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