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  1. Hi guys, I'm back from the dead. So I painted the stripes after all. Here are some pics.
  2. Good news..Shelby passed smog at Ford dealership.
  3. Yup...but $22 it's expensive. Currently at a Ford dealer doing the smog again. It should pass. I'll let you guys know.
  4. That sticker is on my car. They are telling me that it's a sticker that goes on the air intake.
  5. o.k. so i have a 07 SGT in CA that wont pass smog because the Ford Racing cold air intake don't have a CARB EO#. Everything else passed but since the smog place can't VISUALLY see the sticker they wont pass it. They put TAMPERED under the CATEGORY Other emissions related components systems. I'm like its not "TAMPERED" with and that's how the Shelby GT's come stock. Does anyone know where i can get this sticker or have a picture of one? I called Shelby and they say they won't have any stickers in about a week or so. But i need this before 10-22-15 or else im going to pay a late fee with the DMV. Has anyone else have had this problem? HELP.
  6. thank you for this info. The guys told me that they are going to clear coat the car so i wont feel the silver stripes that much. With the clear coat the stripes should feel smooth. Here are some pics:
  7. Ok so I'm tired of changing the stripes on my poor shelby so this time they are getting painted on. It's embarrassing driving the car. This is the 3rd time they have been changed. First 2 by the dealer and 3rd time by a cheap ass vinyl car installer. I need to know how wide the original silver stripes are. Are they 10" wide? I will post pics of how bad they look once I get on computer. Thanks
  8. its not a quick release just a bracket i bought online. Just gotta screw 2 screw in and the plate goes on and off..
  9. I have a set of 4 that are brand new with only 11 miles with tpms sensors and 4 oringinal and new bfg tires all in perfect condition will sell all for for a reasonable offer pm me if you are interested.


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