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  1. Thanks Steve. I really appreciate the time you took to respond. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Jim
  2. Can anyone tell me the value of this book? Real Carroll Shelby autograph. I bought one in 2009 and am selling. See below and Pics. Thanks in advance. Jim Home / Etceterini / Shelby Foundation Offering Signed “Go Like Hell” Books Shelby Foundation Offering Signed “Go Like Hell” Books November 17, 2009 The Carroll Shelby Foundation is offering 66 signed copies of “Go Like Hell – Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans.” The critically acclaimed book tells the remarkable story of how Carroll Shelby helped Henry Ford II, Lee Iacocca and the Ford company defeat mighty Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Each copy being offered by the Foundation has been signed by Carroll Shelby and the book’s author, A.J. Baime. The books cost $225 each, with all proceeds benefiting the Carroll Shelby Foundation, which provides financial support for children to help overcome life-threatening health issues and promotes continuing education. The signed books are available at CarrollShelbyFoundation.org or by calling (310) 327-5072. “This is a special book about an important time in American racing history,” said Shelby. “A.J. did an amazing job of telling the story of how we took on the prancing horse and shocked the world in France. Each of these autographed copies is a true collector’s item and will be sold to benefit the Foundation.” The Foundation is offering 66 signed copies of the book to commemorate Ford’s victory at the 1966 24 Hour of Le Mans. Mark Bechtel of “Sports Illustrated” writes, “One of sports’ greatest grudge matches finally gets the treatment it deserves in A.J. Baime’s dramatic and always entertaining book that’s sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys a good underdog story.” “My goal with ‘Go Like Hell’ was to remind sports fans of how intense the great Ford and Ferrari rivalry was,” explained Baime. “During my research, I quickly learned that it was the relentless nature of the individuals involved that made the Le Mans win possible. Carroll has continued that approach with his Foundation for nearly 20 years now, which is why I’m proud to partner with him to offer this limited number of signed books.” [source: Shelby Foundation]
  3. Been off this site for a while; good to be back!!! After searching here and many other venues...anyone know how many were built? I finally bought a 1700 mile all options except NAV. I had to sell my 2008 427 NASCAR 725 HP Super Snake about three years ago, and I can say the 2014 would out run that Snake. The torque is unmatched compared to 2008. Thanks for any leads.
  4. $200.00 OBO. Still in the original box. Never used. $400.00 new. Thanks, Jim
  5. $89,900.00 The car has two packages: 725 horse power Super Snake package and Special Edition 427 NASCAR Super Snake package - 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 base car fully loaded - Base 725 horse power Super Snake package - Special Edition 427 NASCAR Super Snake package - #215 Super Snake package number - #215 built of only 202 built (427 were scheduled to be built; economy impacted production numbers) - Special edition - 2609 miles - 427 Super Snake badges - Super Snake badges - Kenne Bell supercharger - 6-speed Ford Racing short throw shifter - Borla Performance exhaust - Ford Racing suspension - Engine derss up kit - Shelby Alcoa 20" forged wheels with Supersnake center caps - Bear 6 piston front brakes with vented rotors - Classic Shelby hood with functional scoops - New center cluster gauges with Shelby signature - 427 logo signed by Carroll Shelby - Navigation system - Shaker 500 stereo system with CD changer - Always garaged
  6. Mr. Shelby was an ultra rare breed in the automotive world. I have never heard a bad word from anyone about him. He was a true gentleman and a very generous person who when he received a heart from a young donor; this began his quest to build his charity foundation. At least he was able to see his fruits of labor with the charity foundation and the Shelby cars that are a rare breed and a treasure to behold. He was instrumental in lobbying with Ford to produce the 2013 650 HP Shelby GT500 to production. I think SAI will remain a viable entity for a while, but without the "man" alive to guide this ultra unique enterprise, I think it will fade away sooner than later. I for one bought my 427 NASCAR Super Snake, for the primary reason Mr. Shelby envisioned and endorsed the car. Without him alive,I don't think any car built at SAI will be of the same prominence. I could be wrong, only time will tell. Mr. Shelby is in a better world now, and will be missed by all. His name will live forever at the top along with a few other great Muscle Car icons. Semper Fidelis Mr. Shelby, and may you rest in peace, and my prayers are with your family and your charity foundation that it may live forever. Jim Sanny LtCol, USMC (Ret)
  7. Did you get the 800HP option? If so, what do you think of the power and performance?
  8. Had a very slow leak in one of the Snake tires so Roger swapped out the rim and tire; apparently the rim had a flaw. Anyone know if this would be the right FORD TPMS Sensor tool to retrain or reset the tire pressure system? Below is the link to a FOMOCO tool that is advertised for 2008-2011 Fords.. The seller said he had sold several to Mustang GT owners, but he wasn't sure if this tool would be applicable to a Shelby GT500. Thanks for any advice. http://www.ebay.com/...RS:1123&vxp=mtr
  9. Hugh, I respect your freedom of speech, and I don't take your comments with any ill will toward you because they are essentially based on your emotions. This is how you unconsciously overlooked the two points in my thread regarding the Chairman and the two Judges. And from what I glean from your support of the Chairman, you must be a good friend of his. I have met the Chairman about six years ago when he came to my home to look at some very rare cars I owned. Attached is my speaker profile while on Active duty in the Marine Corps. Awards, I am not into this for any awards as I have boxes full of those in the closet from my military service. Here are a few of my credentials. - 58 years old. - Master's Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. - 30 years of honorable active duty in the USMC as a tactical pilot with the highest qualification as an Air Mission Commander and MAWTS-1 graduate. 5 years of Reserve duty. - Executive Agent to the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. - Commanded several USMC units. - Extensive clandestine tactical operations as a USMC pilot and ground reconnaissance officer with USMC Reconnaissance units, Army Rangers, DELTA, Army Special Forces, SEALs, ANGLICO, USAF Special Operations, British Royal Marines, and countless other foreign military services. - PARA OPs qualified. - Extensive Counter Drug Operations both in CONUS and OCONUS with the DEA, CIA, FBI, USBP, USCG, US Marshals and all levels of metropolitan, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. - Extensive background in Counter Terrorism operations, Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection operations. - Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmental Information clearance (current). - Vietnam era Veteran, Desert Shield / Desert Storm Veteran, and Veteran of the Iraq war. - Currently work as an Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection executive for the U.S. Navy. I have used my skills in my lifetime to make this world a safer place and to protect our freedoms of liberty. I hardly think with the few qualifications above, I am the type who "pissed off a lot of folks...." (as you mentioned) to rise through the ranks from a Private in Boot Camp in 1974 to a LtCol in the worlds most premier military organization. If youre not a team member for one team, one fight, then you wont last a day in the USMC. Regarding my experience with Muscle cars. Here are a few I have owned: 1969 RA IV GTO Judge, 48K original miles. 1970 RA III GTO Judge Convertible, 62K original miles. 1970 Super Bird, 7K original miles. 1970 LS6 454, 52K original miles. 1971 GTO Judge, 46K original miles. And many more. I never entered any of these cars or my Super Snake into any show until the Waldorf event; never had the interest. I have Judged at National GTO events (the Chairman and all judges are exempt from showing their cars as this keeps the general public from viewing the judging as biased toward the Judges). I have been an active NADAGuide Advisory Board Member for eight years. I have restored several Muscle cars both body off and ground up to concourse factory specifications. I am well known throughout the GTO community as a professional. I have had several cars show cased at major events throughout the country, but not for any award competition. No Hugh, its not the money I spent on this car. Although the older cars I owned were in some cases sold for twice as much as the cost I have in the Super Snake. You misunderstand why I am into these cars; its because of preservation, education, and ensuring the public can enjoy their legendary engineering. Why dont I Chair a show? In the USMC, I was the Deputy Chief of Staff responsible for the Current and Future operations of a tactical Marine Aircraft Wing comprising of 12,000 Marines and 244 aircraft, so I have the credentials, but my military standards would never be tolerated; I admit I would run the event like a military organization, and folks who have zero military experience, would not understand or tolerate that kind of organizing, and my position in the government takes most of my time up. Currently, I am responsible for the planning, operations, and coordinating of over 3,000 military and civilian law enforcement personnel for Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection. On top of that, my 30 years of USMC physical activity has taken a toll on my body and my energy. I know what I am talking about with my comments on the Chairman and the two judges, and from what I read on this forum, you are out of synchronization with the standard operating procedures for ethics in the industry norm. I was expecting much more professionalism at an MCA sanctioned event of this magnitude like the other shows I have attended. I stand firm on my comments and I am writing a letter to the executives of the MCA. In this thread, I only touched the surface with my experiences at the Waldorf event. LTCOL James T. Sanny, Sr. Speaker Profile2.doc LTCOL James T. Sanny, Sr. Speaker Profile2.doc
  10. Some of you may have heard about a few comments I and another Shelby forum member made regarding the MCA Ford Nationals in Waldorf (where I live) on the Shelby KR forum. All around it was impressive, but a few things bothered me as well as others who attended and it is our right to say so. I criticized the fact that two Judges who spent less than two minutes on my car and the other Shelby member’s GT500 KR car as well, didn’t know what a KR or Super Snake was. How can you judge a car if you don’t know what it is? And to spend less than two minutes on a car is an insult. Additionally, it is unheard of in all the events that I have attended, and many national events that my friends around the country have attended, for a Chairman or a Judge to receive any award for their car. Their cars are exempt from Judging. For the Judges not to know what a Shelby GT500 KR or Super Snake is, is just dumbfounding. For practicing freedom of speech on the Shelby forum, someone who may belong to that forum from Waldorf, or heard from a member of this club, or belong to this club, vandalized my fiancé’s car and my car. The blue paint sprayed on my car happens to match the color of my Super Snake. The vandals know where I live, so I have narrowed that down to a few suspects. They glued the key holes, windshield wipers and applied glue to the hood of my car ruining the paint. If anyone knows anything and wants to come forward, there is a $5000.00 reward that will be given that leads to the arrest and conviction if these childish adults. If you are reading this and you are the vandal, I hope you feel better now. But my opinions of the few staff members of the show remain the same. Jim Sanny LtCol, USMC (Ret)
  11. Two lady Judges; probably in the mid-40s. The Chairman owns a few rare early model 1960s GT cars. Don't know what the lady Judges own.
  12. You'll get a kick out of this, and wonder what the Chairman of the MCA Grand Nationals in Waldorf, Maryland was smoking when he selected his Judges. I live in Waldorf, and to experience what I did and a fellow forum member, I was embarrassed to say I live in Waldorf and highly disappointed. Over 500 cars were registered for the show. I was showing my 2008 Vista Blue 427 NASCAR Super Snake at the show when a forum member who owns a Silver KR (he drove all the way from Mechanicsville, PA) approached me and asked me if my car had been Judged. I said, not yet. He then told me that when the two Judges arrived they spent 90 seconds on his car; thats right, 90 seconds. And to make the insult even more severe, ` the two Judges asked him what a Shelby GT500 KR was? My jaw dropped. I almost packed my stuff and left. If the Judges didn't know what a KR is, then they surly didn't know what a Super Snake is. But I stayed. The same two Judges came to my car and spent two minutes on my car; I timed them. I asked them if they knew what a Super Snake was; they both nodded and said, "No." Now the KR owner spent all day Friday prepping his car up on jack stands in the 90 degree heat to detail the under carriage because of his drive from PA. So here we have two of the most prestegious cars in the world, and the Judges didn't care and the Chairman allowed this to happen. The Chairman, a local guy, said they had been preparing for the event for two years. So for two years the Judges for the modern Shebly KR and Super Snake sat on their butts and did nothing to learn about these rare cars. They surly knew our cars were entered for showing. I had entered my car alomost over a year ago. I hope the KR owner on this forum took home a plaque to help make the unpleasant experience more pallitable. The local guy who was the Chairman, took home a Gold plaque! He was announcing the winners, and he announced his name over the loud speaker; talk about an odd situation; Nothing like being humble. I'm sure the judges knew all about his car! It is pitiful when such a prestigious organization such as the MCA is represented by Judges who don't know about Carroll Shelby's more affluent modern muscle cars; it's not like the modern KR and Super Snake haven't been around for four years. And shame on the MCA for not taking a very serious look at how the modern Shelby muscle cars should be categorized and Judged, and ensuring the Chairman did his job by ensuring his staff was well prepared for the unique KR and Super Snake cars. I don't believe these cars should be judged with the base Shelby GT500. I'll be writing a letter to the senior offcials regarding how exceptionally poor the Judge selection was for our cars. Gee, what's a KR and Super Snake? Never heard of em!!
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