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  1. As always, an excellent show!!! I enjoy wandering around looking at all the awesome cars as well as watching spectators point at and talk about the different cars. Kudos to Aaron Shelby and the Legacy Bank crew for putting the show together each year. And the door prizes were outstanding, both in quantity and guality. Thanks to Jeff Sol and SCAT for that. I'll be there again next year!
  2. Yes, received an email from Ginger.Kimbrell@legacytexas.com comfirming car show registration last week.
  3. For the 07 thru 09, they are attached with double side tape. Pull gently, use WD40 to try to remove the tape.
  4. I cannot make the scheduled dates, but if you were to move it to the rain dates, then there is the possibility I would be able to make it. I'm just trying to get a feel for when I should watch for updates.
  5. When would you expect to make the go/no go call for the rain dates?
  6. I'm still a few years away from retirement, but I have friends that are close. The concerns that I hear from them are how to pay for medical coverage till they hit 65 and can get Medicare. Medical coverage from the company that I work for is very expensive. Has anyone out there found reasonably priced coverage?
  7. Has anyone used onlinetires.com to buy tires? How was the experience? They seem to be a bit less expensive than tire rack or discount tire direct. Thanks in advance!
  8. Has anyone had experience with Hankook Ventus V12 for the occassional track day? I'm not looking to spend a fortune or go thru a set of tires in a weekend, but would like a reasonable tire for a couple of track weekends a year. I'm not a hard core track guy and I usually run with the intermediate group.
  9. Going on 6 years on the original battery on my 09 GT500. No battery tender and it does go 4-6 weeks at a time during the winter between starts. Sounds like something unusual going on with your car.
  10. Awesome event!!! I'm not much of a car show person and this was by far the most enjoyable one I have attended. A special thanks to everyone who made it happen, from SCAT and Jeff Sol to the Legacy Bank team and Aaron Shelby!!! A sidenote, several folks asked about "The Tank" (radiator and intercooler tanks) I have in my car. It comes from M-H Racing, check them out here: http://m-hracing.com
  11. Gary Patterson will be at Bone Daddy's for a meet and greet beginning at 6:30pm Friday.
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