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  1. My middle kid, Julia, was born exactly 6 hours after my maternal grandmother past, and on two different days to. My mother was very close to Julia, and I think this is one reason why.
  2. Nice! My 'puter is messing up. First I see three posts from Dan and now it's two.
  3. Thanks Mike. Keith: The swelling in my mouth has gone down quite a bit, but not back to normal. It's still sore to the touch, but I can deal with that. Continuing with the anti-biotics until all gone-gone like a good boy. Fortunately, It's not effecting my chewing of food. All-in-all I'm on the road to recovery. I'm glad I didn't screw around about getting in to see the dentist.
  4. Trust me, no one but a masochist would have been turned on by that.
  5. Good morning ya'll. So today is day three of my body being violated. I got back to the dentist at 1:00 to see about the root canal. The swelling and pain are not completely gone, but it feels a lot better. So yesterday I first went for my CT scan. That only took a few minutes, but was a few miles away from my urologist's office. When I got to the urologist's office I had to wait for a long time before being seen. So the nurse checks my urine for infection, and after she's done she takes me back into the room for the scope of my bladder. She hands me a sheet and tells me to remove my pants and underwear and sit on the table for the procedure with the sheet covering me. When she comes back and finds me as instructed she tells me to remove the sheet and throw it on the ground to my right. What the heck? Why give you a sheet just to tell you to remove it?? Good thing that I'm not bashful! This woman is a little older than I am, and she comes at me with the betadine and scrubbing sponge. I quickly realize that she's trying to rub the hair off of my skin with the sponge, and I inform her that she could be a lot more gentle in her approach to which she tells me that she's about out of betadine making it worse. I firmly tell her that I do not mind waiting for her to get more betadine. When she returns with more betadine the experience doesn't improve much, so I just deal with it. She then unceremoniously injects lidocaine into my "piss tube" for you laymen, and tells me she'll get the doctor. Now this "table" that I'm on isn't at all comfortable for someone with low back problems, so waiting for the doctor with my glory hanging out was not pleasant either. He finally come in and inserts the scope for me to discover that the lidocaine doesn't quite cut it all the way to the bladder. The doctor shows me what he's seeing with the monitor, and other than the prostate being so large that it's pressing up into my bladder and entraping a kidney stone from exiting the ureter, (a small tube that connects the kidney to the bladder), and into the bladder my bladder looks fine. The scope gets removed - thank God! - and I get to get dressed. By the time I'm dressed it's time to review the CT scan with the doctor. Mind you, he is showing me more than normal because he knows that I am a chiropractor. So in reviewing the CT scan he starts with a rather large adenoma, (a benign tumor on the adrenal gland on top of my right kidney), that I knew was there. It is now 1" x 2" in size, and it clearly bugs him. He says that I have a bunch of kidney stones in both kidneys, and no sign of cancer. :whew: He then gets down to the prostate which is confirmed as huge with several phleboliths, (calcium deposits), surrounding it. I asked him to move back up to the sacro-iliac joint where I noticed that I have a thickening of the bone's cortex, (the dense outer portion of the bone), along with a large osteophyte, (bone spur), hanging off of it. This means that I have osteoarthritis in my left low back/hip. It's no wonder my left hip has been hurting. I suspected this, so it is now confirmed. So, the urologist is concerned about the size of the adenoma and wants to research it before deciding on cutting it out or not. The stones in the kidney are the likely cause of pain, but we'll address that when we decide on the adenoma. The prostate will be treated with a couple of drugs. The drugs may shrink it enough to allow that stone that's trapped in the ureter to pass into the bladder, but that'll take months. None of this explains why my blood chemistry shows that I have kidney failure at one time but is normal months later, but considering my age and the nephrologist thinking that I had kiney cancer, I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the tests. :happy feet:
  6. Thanks ya'll. My appointment is at 3:00 for the CT scan with the scope afterwards. If I have any news I'll post it tonight.
  7. Very nice, Chris. Our cars sitting close together would make a great picture.
  8. Good morning ya'll. My mouth feels quite a bit better this morning. It just throbs now and then until I press on my cheek trying to get the crap out. I can tell that the anti-biotic is working, and I got caught up on the sleep that I lost yesterday. I took today and tomorrow off so that I could rest up. Besides, I didn't want to talk to customers with a swollen mouth. This afternoon I go to have my CT scan and the scope done with the urologist. I expect a definitive answer on the mass in my kidney and whatever it is that he's seeing in the bladder.
  9. Good evening ya'll. Ever want to test your manhood? Try going to the dentist with a severe infection that's so bad that it's spreading up into your sinus and eye socket and ask him/her to cut a couple places in your gum, insert a couple of drain tubes, and then press to force the puss out - all without the benefit of the anesthetic working because the infection is too bad for it to work. Native Americans couldn't think-up something that bad. I'm surprised that I didn't break-off the arms of her chair while that was done to me this afternoon. I have to keep the drains in for a couple of days and go back on Friday to see if she can do the root canal. I think it's time to have some wine.
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