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  1. Can you please let me know how you have do this with the Euro maps.
  2. We have the Autobahn and the Nürburgring where we can test new Super Snakes or Shelby 1000's without getting a ticket!!!. Oh and we have Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum, Gina Wild, Vivian Schmitt and Daniela Katzenberger and they would love to drive faster then 80mph together with Shelby co-workers and bosses on the street with a Shelby. By the way what is the highest legal speed limit in Canada so far? :shades:
  3. Gotcha!! :shades: Working already on the next package. This time it will be beer and hard liquor. :beerchug:
  4. If this is true what you think about having vendors at Team Shelby then Shelby Performance Parts and Shelby American have to stop advertising here in Team Shelby too! Team Shelby is maybe a website for Shelby owners to get together but it is also a platform for Shelby to show and advertising the owne products. And don't say now this is not true because it is. When i had join Team Shelby i was happy to find a place where i can talk about the Car and read about new parts. But i also was happy that i have found a place where i can ask all the companys that build products for my GT500 if i need help or i will become strait informations from them if something is wrong with a part and how the company will fix it for me. If every company have to start now his own website then i have to be online 24hrs every day to find out if something happen. Also Shelby is selling parts with the name Shelby on it (like the baer brakes) but don't build it. They make money with selling the brakes at the shop but If i will call or write them now on Team Shelby then i will become the informations that i have to call the company for informations that have build this product. If the company would be a vendor on Team Shelby i would become my answers strait from the beginning. Now without vendors it would be better for me to buy the parts strait from the company that have build it because then i know that i will become my answers if i have some and they will also change a wrong part in a shorter time because i don't have to send it first back to Shelby or have to talk with Shelby so that Shelby can send it to the builder or i can send it to the builder after Shelby had give me the ok for it. For me it will save this wai time and money. But if this happen then they can close the shop and stop advertising on Team Shelby because this way they can save money if already everybody is buying the parts strait from the company that had build them. About the crap in the Oil Seperator Thread i only can say if Shelby never had copy a product from the beginning then the crap in the Oil Seperator Thread had never happen. Even without vendors on Team Shelby this crap would and will happen again if Shelby or someone else will copy a product from someone else again because there will be everytime someone that will start talking about it if he think that it was wrong what happen and it don't have to be the vendor that will start it.
  5. Samsung also don't have copy 100% of the iphone but Samsung have lost in some Countrys Courts because they have copy the look from the design of the Iphone even if the Galaxy is longer and you can see that it is not a iphone. Shelby have done it like Samsung. This is a fact. Yes JLT don't have trademarked their design because if a small company like JLT would get a patent on every pice they build then they will get bankrupt. Is it Jays fault that he can't get a patent on all the products because his company is not so big like Shelby? NO, i don't think so! Shelby can put a patent on every pice because they make many many times more money then JLT or every other small company ever will make. This why so many big companys copy really good products from small companys. They know that nobody from them can or will sue them. But if somebody will copy only 50% of a design from a big company like Shelby, they will sue the sh... out of them. This why i can understand that Jay is pis.... about what here is happen. Most of the Shelby Super Snake, GT350, Shelby 1000 or GT500/KR owners own a company or making big money at a company with selling or building products. This why i don't understand why so many of them here are saying "JLT should of trademarked their design", "Why JLT don't have get a patent" or "be happy that a big company have copy your product, so it must be a good one, just make a new and better one"! If somebody copy one of your products and even if it is just the look so that you maybe will lose money or the company that you work for have to fire you because they loses money and can't pay for you anymore, you would be pi... too. Just think about it before saying here that Jay have to stop and never had start talking about this here and it is his fault because he should of trademarked their design. He is trying only to protect his company and familie like Shelby and everybody else in the world would do too. If you think it is not so and you can really say that you never would be mad if somebody would do this to you then please let me know what company you own or maybe work for so that i can copy your products without getting in trouble because you don't care. I would love to make more money so that one day i can buy myself a Super Snake or maybe even a Shelby 1000 from Shelby American. Oh and yes i like Jay and his product's this why i had buy so many parts from him. Yes i also like Shelby and his product's, this why i had buy so many parts from them too. Had to write this just in case if somebody will say now that i'm a 100% JLT supporter and don't like Shelby and this would be the reason why i agree with him and not with Shelby. So this are my last 2cents about this never ending story here. I will now stop to write here in this topic because i will not get into a fight with a 100% Shelby Fan about what is a copy and what not. I had work some times long at a court with cases like this so i know what can happen with small companys that don't have the money to protect themself from bigger companys.
  6. I totally agree with what Grabber have write here down about Jay. The entire thread disappoints me too. I have try to read all the post that sooo many Team Shelby Members have write down in the past and i must say that i also have write something here in the beginning too that i totally dislike what Shelby American have done and that i will never buy a product that somebody have copy. At the beginning of this it was only that Jay had want to tell everybody here that Shelby had copy something from him but now it is getting soooo bad here because now only the hardcore Shelby and JLT fans posting stuff. The Shelby fans will tell everybody here that Shelby don't have/had or will ever copy something, the Shelby oil separator is or must be the best because the Shelby brand is on the separator and also Jay have to stop with this and have to live with it that Shelby have or have not copy him. The JLT fans will say that Shelby have copy the oil separator and had copy already in the past products from other vendors, if somebody make a coby from a Shelby product then Shelby will stop them for doing it but now they do it with a smaller company too because they now that Jay will not have the money to get a patent on all his products or fight agains Shelby and also that Jay's oil separator is better because it is the original and he already is working on a many times better oil separator. This is now like Apple and Samsung!! Apple (JLT) is saying that Samsung (Shelby) have copy the look from the iphone (JLT oil seperator) and Samsung have to stop it. Samsung is saying this is not true because it is a little bit smaller (hex at the bottom) at the corners and the Galaxy S is many times better from what is inside (no big filter). I still waiting now that Apple is making one day a better iphone with a screen size like the Galaxy S4 so that i can buy Apple again. I'm glad that Jay is not Apple because he already have found a way to make his oil separator bette so that i can buy one for my car. I say yes, Shelby have copy Jay's oil seperator (shame on you Shelby) but i hope that Shelby will find a way to fix this with Jay so that they can get and work together again in peace and also for the future that Shelby never will do this again to Jay or to a other company!!! We need again some peace here on Team Shelby!!! By the way, in Germany we say "Was Du nicht willst das man Dir tut, das füg auch keinem anderen zu" In English it means something like "What you don't want that sombody will do to you, don't do this to somebody else too!" Oh and before i forget it: Grabber your GT500 looks awesome!!!!! Love it!!!
  7. Great write up Tim, you are awesome!!!!!! Jer, by the way you are awesome too!!! You both doing a really great job at Shelby American and also here at Team Shelby too!! I agree with him!! But i also think that Shelby needs a German branch too since the Mustang is coming next year to Europe, the Ford Focus ST is one of the best selling cars in Germany and also the only Shelby Club in Germany is having already 212 Members that really own a Shelby (2 Super Snakes, 1 GT350, 1 SGT and 208 GT500's) + many many more on the streets that still don't have join the club. I'll think i will just go ahead and get my resume also ready. Just in case. By the way Tim and Jer did i mention already that we have better Beer and Chocolate for Shelby co-workers and bosses then the Canadian's?!?! :shades:
  8. Ok this sound like it will get really interessting here. My first thinking was that Shelby don't like to have vendors telling somebody here on Team Shelby again, like JLT have done, if they have copy again one of the products from a Team Shelby vendor. Anyway, i hope that this will never happen (i mean that they copy something) again! I really love the things that Shelby had bring out so far on the market (ok the oil separator copy i dislike) and if i have money again to buy something from Shelby Performance Parts i will do it, but my second thinking now is that it looks like Shelby thinks now that they don't need anymore the support from vendors to help bringing out the Shelby name on the street and that they are now big enough to survive by themselves with the Speed Shop and all the Cars you can upgrade now with a Shelby packages. After the Ford Focus ST and now the Ford Raptor (by the way i love the Shelby Raptor and can't wait to see a Focus ST Shelby driving on the German Nürburgring) i already can see in the future a Ford Fiesta ST Shelby version or maybe a Shelby Camaro coming up the road. I really wish Shelby American good luck for the future and hope that Shelby American don't overestimate themselves with the Shelby brand because i still want to buy myself (if i finally have the money together) a Super Snake upgrade for my GT500 with museum delivery. OK STOP!!! A Shelby Camaro?? Really?? NO, i think (and hope) that this never will happen!!
  9. Yes please keep me updated! Can't wait to see you all again and also to drive on a American Road again. After i had to move back to Germany in 2010, i have start to miss all the events, weekly meetings and road trips that i had do with other Team Shelby Members or Mustang Owners in the US. The weekend at the Nürburgring with you guys together was the best weekend i had since some years.
  10. If you have a big Company you can pay the money to get a patent on all your products and if somebody make copy of them then they have a lawyer to stop them from making it. So many big American Companys are mad and pissed off about all the copys from China and want that the Government is doing something to protect them because they are losing money. To see now a big American Company that would do anything to protect the own products is just doing the same makes me feel really sad. The only reason why they can do it is that this really good product was build by a small Company that don't have the money to protect all the stuff that they build. ???!!Why Shelby American don't have just ask JLT Performance to build this part for them????!!! I mean they have buy already some JLT oil separators in the past and have put them in Shelbys like the Shelby 1000. For me it looks like they only have buy them so that they can let somebody make a copy from it. WOW it must be awesome for Shelby American to let Silver Horse Racing (a friend from JLT Performance) coby a product from a Team Shelby Supporting Vendor!!!! It shows again that if it comes to money then you can see who is really your friend and who you really can trust!!! Can't wait to see how many Supporting Vendors Shelby still will have in the Future if they don't stop doing things like this. Maybe the next would be Kenne Bell when Shelby is making a copy of the KB Super Charger??!! !!!Shame on you Shelby American, shame on you!!! With this action you have put dirt on Carroll Shelby's good Name!!!
  11. At the moment i have the Baer EradiSpeed+2 14" rear rotor upgrade on my car and so far i really like the look and the performance from them. Would love it if Wilwood also will bring a 14" rear rotor upgrade version out. This would be a nice new product for SPP. By the way the Wilwood Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Front and Rear Brake Kit looks awesome. Would be a nice upgrade for a Super Snake!! http://www.wilwood.com/BrakeKits/BrakeKitListFront.aspx?mincatdesc=W6A WCCB Carbon-Ceramic Big Brake Front Brake Kit
  12. My order is now out. Can't wait to have it in my Car but i know that i have to be patient.
  13. Put me on the list for the SRA 2014 and the SRE16!!!! I can't wait to see you guys all again. :happy feet: Driving on the Nürburgring is not more the same for me after the awesome time i had with the SRE 2012 Members. So many people had ask me already when they can see again so many Shelbys driving on the Nordschleife in the same time.
  14. Oh i'm waiting already for some years to buy a good Shelby harness system that i can use for street and track driving. Would buy some 4 point for the street and some 5 point harnesses for the track if i have the option. Can't wait that the racing season at the Nürburgring is starting again.
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