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  1. Peek-a-boo! lol Here I am. Hahaha. I've been super busy lately and haven't had much time to visit the forums. I'm moving my shop next week into a new 7,500 sq/ft facility! You guys wouldn't believe what I've done in my small 1,000 sq/ft place I have now, but I outgrew that place over a year ago. It's going to be nice to have too much room and finally be able to hire some much needed help. Being a one man crew has been a challenge to say the least. 1sgt, my email is blkgt500nca@gmail.com . Let me know if you have any questions. You can call on my cell too, (707) 834-5497. Email or text is usually best. If you want one of the Shelby labeled stands, follow the link that 66GT350PS posted. There's a picture of some CNC, LED lit stands there.
  2. Yes, the strut bars will fit any year car with a stock or TVS supercharger. (you may need some spacers from JLT)
  3. Email returned. Sorry for the delayed replies. I was out of town all last week and I've been playing catch up the past few days.
  4. Pics in a day or so. The coating is thin at .25-.5 mils. Most of the ceramic coatings I do on exhaust components are a 500-700* cure for an hour in my oven. This particular clear ceramic coating is a air cure product. The part is able to be handled 24 hrs after application, and is fully cured in 6 days. Parts can be installed after the first 24hrs. The gloss on this stuff is unreal. You don't have to worry about spraying the wrong wheel cleaner on your aluminum wheels and it turning them black anymore. Like I said, you'll never polish them again. -Brian
  5. All of those hydro pics that I posted were over a black base coat too. We can use your factory base color for a more subtle look.
  6. Hydro dipping is just as strong as the primer, paint, and clear coat used. I like to use PPG products. It is possible to get a rock chip on the part, but it can easily be fixed with some black touch up paint. The PPG products are plenty UV resistant, the sun won't be any more of a problem than on your typical paint job. I havent done it yet, but I just got some 3M clear bra material too. I want to try and wrap one. Then it should really be durable. The paint on the back bumper can easily be masked off to just dip the rear diffuser.
  7. I can take some factory splitters and paint/hydro dip them for a fraction of the cost of a real CF splitter. Let me know if any of you guys need help or have any questions.
  8. Polish them up and send them to me and I'll ceramic coat them. It's hard as nails, super chemical resistant and even more indestructible than powder coating. Ill have pics of some ceramic coated polished parts in a few days.
  9. Thank you! Those are the cobra's off of an '07-09 GT500. I think the '11-13 are the same size. I know the '03 and lower cobras are smaller.
  10. Went out today with a bunch of others. Sorry for the delay. Here's lots of pics. Stock hood vents for for Ed, painted/hydro dipped. Did some Candy black emblems for Clint. Congrats to Clint (blueovalkid) on the newest little member to your family too!!! Stocker Red emblems Some more coil covers. couple more. The ones on the right are all polished letters and wrinkle powders. The ones on the left are white letters w/ gloss red and black powder. Polished ones Two colors Did a couple of strut bars too. I've got tons of these stock strut bars if anyone else wants one. While I'm showin off, I wanted to show you guys my paint guns. Just got these first two a few weeks ago. New primer gun Haven't decided what I'm going to dedicate this gun to yet, but I just had to get it. Every so often SATA comes out with a limited edition gun and this was last years. I really wanted a digital version of it, but I was lucky to find this one. It's call a "Heart & Soul" edition. Here's my fleet. I just got a new SATA minijet last week too for my ceramic coating jobs, but I don't have a picture of it. Thanks for looking! -Brian
  11. Kona blue and white set. I've got several polished sets coming up this week.
  12. PM sent! Sorry, I haven't been online much. You guys are keeping me pretty busy in my shop. Two color powder coated set is $200 SIngle color powder coat with polished letters/fins is $240. Hydro dipped set is $240 Hydro dipped set w/ polished letters/fins $280. These prices include a new set of covers and delivery to your door anywhere in the US. Your stock covers are good for a $90 core charge if you mail them back to me after the swap. Thank you sir! I've got several polished sets I'm going to have done sometime next week to show off.
  13. Lol, well there you go. I asked Tousley on SVTP and this is what he wrote, "Ford's a bit pricy with these. $113.63 for one half, $277.96 for the other. " I guess it wasn't over $400, but right there. Let me know if you score one!
  14. Couple more sets. Sterling grey with red and Ford wrinkle blue with polished lips!
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