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  1. Those CF Mirror are available from APR performance in walnut Cali I'm looking to getting a set
  2. I'll be up and running sometime after the first of the year
  3. Here is a pic of a friend of mine I gave home some of the paint wrap and he did with a preval sprayer from home depot
  4. Paint-wrap.com It's put out ALSA paint. The stuff comes in all your standard colors and around 11 metallic colors and in my opinion ! Is far superior to PD. Super user friendly. Water base smells like citrus . It has a two year warranty standard colors. Around the same price as PD. But it will go on sale for $49 a gallon when it does I'll order about 10 gallons at a time I gave some to a customer and he went to Home Depot and picked up a preval sprayer and sprayed it last night and it looked as good as the stuff I spray with a $500 spray gun. You can thin it with tap water dries in 15 minutes and it seems to cover better than PD.
  5. Sure no problem but right now I'm moving from SoCal to MO. And won't be able to do it for a few months . Till I het the new shop set up back there Jim
  6. . This is a spray able wrap you can spray on and peels off like a regular vynle. Wrap
  7. When I went and picked up some paint for my 08 vista blue. Roush 428 there were Four differnt shades of VB. Some were really noticeable . That's the reason I would reccomend a local,painter/shop
  8. I can vouch for Brian he does do some mighty fine work I would highly reccommend him
  9. I use house of Kolor clear on all my parts. It will last proply last longer than the ford paint clear coat
  10. any paint shop should be able to fix you yup . I have painted maybe 15 so far
  11. They want a arm and leg for the older mustangs looked into the dyna corn body . Depends how handy you are but can be done for under 50 k. With a cyote motor .
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