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  1. I would like it witout the mileage or with the year 08 SGT. 07GT 500 etc
  2. Great pics thanks for shareing
  3. Get it started Tony anything I can do from Denver andanything we can do from the CSBC just let me know!!!
  4. Must see one in person before I can say ya or nay but in the meantime will continue to enjoy my 08
  5. Merry Xmas got my kit on Xmas eve and it is just what Jer said it would be great turn around time and nice stuff Thank you Jer Mick
  6. Jer ordered last of November early December. Thanks
  7. Jer not having read all the post...I want you to accept my apologie for speaking out of line on the shirt, seems it was stated earlier about the change and I didn't catch it. I want to say that I have not ordered a kit prior because of the many disgruntel statements made from other club members. I will look forward to seeing the kit when it arrives and I will get the shirt on my own. thanks Mick
  8. So we pay for the membership kit which included a shirt but you don't send it instead we have to pay more to have it shipped to us?????? Bait and switch.... That just seems wrong.
  9. Jer accountability and delivery will be the new beggining to customer loyalty!!
  10. Jer can I assume that since I did my membership just in the past wek I will get a 2014 kit and not a 13 kit? thanks
  11. ok so we have some folks traveling from Denver from the Shelby breakfast club we need input on what to register for and where, most of us will be staying at Mandalay bay or one of the host hotels. Can someone with information please share. thanks
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