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  1. Just throwing this out there (and I'm guessing others might have in the past as well): how about either 4-point or 5-point 3" harnesses that will work with the harness bar (Corbeau OEM'd) and harness pads already offered from Shelby? Camlock ones would be my first choice. Given that Shelby already has the relationship with Corbeau, would this be a possibility? If you could pull it off by summer, that would be even better Cheers, Jason
  2. Thanks all for the great information! Sounds like the SGT ones are the way to go.
  3. Hello All- I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but is there any difference between M-5230-5GT and M-5230-SGT muffler kits other than about a $150-$200 difference in price? They both seem to have the same inlet and exit (tip size) and mounting points. Am I missing something here or are these items identical? I greatly appreciate any info you might have. Thanks! Jason
  4. Thank you very much. I removed the shifter and disassembled it, put everything back together, and put it back in place (guessing on the torque spec for the bolts), and everything seems to work perfectly now. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks, 6-Speed. While trying to isolate whether this is a transmission issue versus a shifter one, I replaced the Shelby shifter and ball with the factory one and no longer had the issue during a short drive today. I'm going to drive it back and forth to work for a day or two after warming the car up a bit (has been in the low teens for the last couple of days) and see if the factory shifter does the same thing. Strangely enough, from what I saw today, there is much less effort putting the car into second and no noise when using the factory shifter. Looking at the factory one side by side with the Shelby one, they're almost exactly the same shape and length, so I would expect the same from the Shelby one..unless I'm missing something
  6. Hello- I have recently installed a Shelby shift lever and ball and now it appears that my Ford Racing short-throw shifter isn't adjusted properly afterwards (that is my suspicion, at least). It almost seems as if the shift into second gear is travelling too far at times, resulting in a whining sound that you can hear while shifting the car into second. The car still shifts smoothly and the clutch itself appears to be working properly (post-TSB), which makes me suspect the shifter. Any idea if the FR short-throw shifter has adjustable shift stops, and if so, it is difficult to make an adjustment (e.g., can it be done with from inside the car by removing the dust boot)? Or, should I be suspecting something with the transmission itself? This is my first post, and wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for all the great information over the past couple of years! Many thanks, Jason
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