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    Damn clutch!

    I have a 2008 GT500 which I purchased new. I am on my 5th clutch and it is slipping. First clutch replaced at 12 k mi, 2nd at 27k mi, 3rd at 66k mi and the 4th at 71k mi. The Ford dealer replaced 2 OEM clutches and 1 Shelby Performance Parst twin disc Clutch (made by Ace clutches). When that $1700 clutch went, I took it to a very reputable mustang shop (google Devil's Reject 2000 HP Shelby). They replaced the clutch with the same Shelby PP clutch and I thought my clutch troubles were gone! BOY was I wrong! Now at 76k mi, the clutch is slipping. OH SH_ _! Mustang shop owner tells me it is the transmission synchronizers that are bad. Not sure what a transmission rebuild will cost, but I am sure I don't want to pay for it! The car is my daily driver, I have never taken it to the track or drag strip, and I don' t ride the clutch. I have driven over 500k miles on standard trans cars and had never replaced a clutch before this car. I am young at heart, but almost 60 chronologically. I need to depend on this car and I don't abuse it. When the car is running good, I love it!! But it has become unreliable. I have had 3 breakdowns on the road this year, 1 clutch related and 2 alternator related. 3 tows by AAA. Has anybody had this many clutch problems? I am thinking lemon law, but I think the timeframe has expired. Any thoughts appreciated. Dejected in Delaware.
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