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  1. Didn't Dan Gurney die a couple of years ago?
  2. Power was on when I came home from work, thankfully. My generator is 4400 watts capacity. I would probably need at least a 10kw unit to run my central air, fridge and everything else. Will look to upgrade in the near future. Maybe go with a hard wired natural gas unit.
  3. Yeah, thankfully we never lost power at work.
  4. Sandy we were out for 13 days but that was in late October so didn't need AC. I have a generator but it won't run my central AC unit. Thankfully I kept my small 5000 btu window unit which will work off my generator. Makes it somewhat livable.
  5. Now they're saying power won't be restored until Saturday night.
  6. The vette stayed outside, but it fared well. The GTO stays inside. Still no power.
  7. Power is out here. Lots of trees and limbs down.
  8. I'm more concerned as to why they haven't fixed the problems on this site.
  9. Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby wasn't working for me.
  10. I thought it was only one team, The Marlins?
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