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  1. I'll give you 10 bucks for the pair.
  2. My weekend is real long, I got this week off.
  3. Thanks Keith. Not sure yet. Probably not. My driveway is getting a little too crowded.
  4. Got the C5 on the road yesterday and at it'd first cruise night today.😎
  5. Hey Sic. I drove thru there a couple of weeks ago for business but no plans to go back anytime soon. Not sure if anyone on here lives nearby. Good luck.
  6. I don't remember anyone here ever saying they were looking for an 88 Selby........but I could be wrong!
  7. Had to take the intake off but it wasn't bad at all. Found the vacuum line. I extended it a few inches to give me some slack to make it easier for the manifold to go on. Manifold went on easy and all is good now. Going to register the car sometime this week.
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