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  1. Gonna work on it this weekend. Hoping I can find the hose without taking the intake manifold off but I'm not too optimistic about that.
  2. Shouldn't be too bad. At least I can do everything from the top of the engine as opposed to changing the balancer where I had to do everything laying on my back on my driveway.
  3. I can't even see the hose. If I did I would attempt to grab it with any means possible, hence why the intake manifold needs to come off. It doesn't seem like to bad a job. From what I'm reading, the manifold comes off as a unit with the fuel rails and the injectors as one unit.
  4. Finished the balancer last night. Started it up this morning. Runs good, no leaks. One other problem I noticed when I bought the car, there was what sounded like a bad vacuum leak .When I started the car today and was sitting in the car, I tried the heater controls and noticed the air control wasn't changing no matter what setting I had it set for, so I knew where my vacuum leak was coming from. Sure enough I looked behind the intake manifold and saw a nipple with no hose on it. Unfortunately there's no room to get my hand back there to reattach it so I have to take the intake manifold off.
  5. Thanks Keith, Yeah, that's what I figured happened. Let's try to keep it civil in here guys.
  6. What happened to the Corvette thread?
  7. Seems to rain everyday this spring especially the weekends. Haven't had my cars out in weeks.
  8. Looks like a young Burt Reynolds at the back table.
  9. Common problem with the original GM balancer. They are manufactured with a rubber sleeve between the two halves. The rubber eventually dry rots and the two halves separate sending the inner half back up against the timing cover, which I am also replacing due to the large gouge in it.
  10. Started working on replacing the harmonic balancer on the 99 Vette. The hardest part is getting everything out of the way so I can get to it.
  11. I am. Down here training for a week.
  12. I'm in Virginia now. So no.......
  13. 60 degrees today. Time to take the goat out of the barn.
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