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  1. I think they just want one off topic thread.
  2. Sealcoating. Had my driveway completely redone a few years ago. Starting to get some cracks.
  3. That's not political. Should be fine.
  4. I need it to stay rain free here for the next couple of days. Having my driveway redone tomorrow.
  5. Still have the C5. I just took it out for a cruise to the beach. Keeping my eyes open for a C6, but in no hurry.
  6. KEITH!!! Welcome back bud!! Hope all is well up north.
  7. Just had our first snow of the year. In May!!
  8. Those engineers got a crappy job.
  9. I went to a cruise-in over the weekend. Nobody stopped us. Everybody was respectful of each other.
  10. Oil down to negative $35.00 dollars a barrel.
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