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    Enjoy automobiles in general whether at shows or in the many museums, but always fascinated with the history of Carroll Shelby and the Cobra cars. I fell in love with the first Cobra in 1962 when I was twelve years old when Shelby debuted the car.
  1. Tonight I was thinking of my brother, Dale as usual wanting to see what was "online" and to my surprise viewing many condolences on a variety of sites still available. I was also surprised to see that the event of that tragic day was on Team Cobra reading the few comments from other people, which by the way some were a bit upsetting relating to "speed," but I also thank those for their thoughts and prayers. As my sister-in-law stated... my brother, Dale has been driving my SPF599 Cobra for over 14 years without any kind of mishap. As a matter of fact, I believed he drove that Cobra replicar better than I ever did. After all the reports and stories from witnesses to the police, but more so on social media... I came up with my own logical explanation that made sense since I was directly behind him on the way to the Griffin SVT show in Waukesha. We were at a stop light in the right lane with drivers/passengers in cars beside us ogling our Cobras taking pictures with cameras and smart phones. The light changed to green when my brother, Dale accelerated off the line as he always did the same way as I have when driving the roadster 427. Whether you have your own thoughts or doubts I can assure you we always drove safely when there were other vehicles on the road with us. The Cobra is a fast-accelerating car, but he and I would speed up to the speed limit and back off as other regular car drivers caught up giving thumbs up or approvals as we'd continued on our own. Usually as most drivers are today... driving too fast than normal passing us by just to look at us and then speed off. I watched Dale take off as he and I usually did, but then I saw that the rear tires slightly smoked before the rear end veered a bit to the driver's left fortunately not interfering with traffic. Witnesses stated that they saw his head bent downward as the car speeded up most likely having a medical event. That's when the Cobra suddenly veered to the right jumping the curb as I watched in horror wondering what was happening as the car's rear wheels were ripping the ground. I parked ahead out of the traffic running to my brother's aid only to find him unconscious. It was extremely painful seeing Dale the way it was, but I know deep in my heart now that something happened to him. Dale had a few medical issues, which the medical examiner knew from his records, but couldn't pinpoint the cause. After hearing all the information from witnesses... I believe my brother, Dale was accelerating and shifting when the medical "attack" happened causing him to black out or lose consciousness, which made his body to "ease" if I can say so causing his leg/foot to press down on the gas pedal veering to the left as his hands on the wheel most likely pulled to the right making him jump the curb. I do recall after my state of shock that Dale's head and chin was down upon his chest. I also recall that as the car was accelerating down the embankment... I did not see his hands on the wheel as he normally drove at the 10-2 o'clock positions. As tragic as this all was on that sad day... I still wonder what really happened to him as I often lay at night trying to sleep running that scene over and over. I know it will haunt me until the day I die, but I just pray that Dale is in a better place without pain or worries and that he continues to live with us in our hearts and thoughts. I miss Dale dearly knowing his death was not the result of "speed" as the police concluded. I ask that all those knowing him or hearing of this accident please pray for him and his loving family. Thank you. Phillip Kolter
  2. A variety of photos showing the set-up of Superformance Coupe Chassis #0114 from 2006 to 2007 as well as a few car shows & home photos.
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