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  1. Whoa dude! That car's mine. Not only did I buy 5 tickets but I let the kids pick my tickets. I don't see how anyone else but me can win that car. I will however, take you for a ride when I take delivery 😉 QSS
  2. That's ok. Sworn to secrecy, I get it , that's all good. You've got a couple nice pieces of GT-H memorabilia. Congrats. QSS
  3. Way to go MKW!! Who's ring and jacket did you get? Were they Amy's or where they from somebody else? QSS
  4. Here's a couple on ebay for ya. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT-H/123825721583?hash=item1cd49690ef:g:CFcAAOSwv8xdH5aR&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Ford-Mustang-GT-Premium-Shelby-GT-H/163769762857?hash=item2621704429:g:XUAAAOSw0ENdJuD4&vxp=mtr QSS
  5. Wow, that's amazing that they are both for sale. I talked to Walt a few years ago about buying 06h002 but he was in Florida and it was a bit of a long way from me. I believe I remember Walt's car going through one of the Barrett Jackson Auctions a few years ago. I don't remember what it went for. 06h001 sold in 2015 at Scottsdale Barrett Jackson for $209,0000 https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/2006-SHELBY-MUSTANG-HERTZ-SERIAL-001-178674 Very cool cars. If I get a hold of one it sure wouldn't stay at 68 miles. Sure as shit I would have thousands of mile on it within couple of years. I'm getting close to 10,000 miles on my 07 5spd stick. Such a fun car to drive. Both of them are located in Nevada? I'm going to Nevada next week! I hope I can kick butt at a couple of the World Series of Poker Tournaments. Either one of these cars would be very nice. QSS
  6. Christian Bale IS British. 😄 Trailer looks awesome. I can't wait to see this. QSS
  7. Retails for $90-$95k. I bet Swede is right, their cost is probably around $60k. QSS
  8. When are these available to rent at Sixt? I searched several dates in June at Las Vegas Airport car rental and nothing comes up. Would be fun to rent it and take it to Spring Mountain race track and bag the shit out of it 😁 QSS
  9. I find it super interesting that this letter indicates that Ford is going to produce the GT350 in 2020. I thought the 350 was going to stop production when the GT500 came out. This is great news. QSS
  10. I assume you mean skewed on the high side. Most Barrett Jackson charity cars sell for way more than a similar car would normally sell for due to the fact that it is for charity.. QSS
  11. Sold at North East Barrett Jackson in 2016 for $150,000. QSS
  12. You're correct. The 2016 GT-H is so much better then the 60 and 07 GT-H cars. I just want a stick without having to pay $150k for it. I know, dream on. QSS
  13. I"m a math guy and I appreciate your use of numerical analysis. I'll re-examine my thinking on this. You make allot of good points. QSS
  14. Steve and Tony, you both have real good points. I guess I may becoming older and grumpy as I age. Your Starbucks analogy actually makes allot of sense and helps me better understand the pricing structure of the GT-H cars. I will ponder this for a while and try and keep my whining to a dull roar. QSS
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