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  1. I agree with you 100%. Who gives a shit if the paddles are quicker. QSS
  2. Hey There Ford Fan1, during the Sonoma Parade Laps,  weren't you the guy that had a Canadian ask to jump into your car so that he could ride along? 


  3. Oh crap. I thought these were two different cars. I didn't realize till just now that they are the same car..... duh! Nothing gets by me QSS
  4. What do you think the real value of this car is? QSS
  5. I couldn't find a price. How much is it? QSS
  6. A - freakin - men to that brother. That is exactly how I feel as well. A stick is just waaaaay more fun. Does it really matter if you can shave 2 tenths of a second off your 0 to 60 time with the paddles? It does on the track but if you're on the street, who gives a rats ass? QSS
  7. Cmon Steve, we both know that during the 2006 GT-H run there were 4 manual transmissions and during the 2007 GT-H run there were 17 manual transmissions and during the 2016 GT-H run there were 18 MT cars. I searched for a year before I found one of those manual transmission GT-H cars back in 2007 and it still sits in my garage. I guess I am a "old time purist" because I believe that Ford's halo Mustang should absolutely have a MT. I paid a premium when I bought my GT-H MT car and MT's always command a premium. Fords, Ferrari's or what ever the make. I don't think that automatic cars are not "Shelby's", I just don't understand why Ford has decided to cast aside 55 years of history and not offer a MT in a Shelby offering, especially to the purchasing demographic such as me. I assume that they will still offer a MT in the Mustang in 2020? Just my thoughts on the subject. QSS
  8. A Ferrari F430 or a 360 with a stick sells for 30% more than the same car with a F1 transmission. There's a big premium on F430 Ferrari's (The last Ferrari's that had a MT) with sticks. There's a reason why the MT Ferrari's command a big premium. Ford should remain loyal to their demographics and at least offer a stick to the long time purists who grew up with a MT and now have the disposable income to "want what they want". I'm one of those buyers and a new GT500 with no stick means I'm not gonna buy it. I'll be look at getting one of the latest incarnation of GT350's or maybe another older Ford product with at stick like a Ford GT or maybe a 60's Shelby with a stick. How can a Shelby have no stick? QSS
  9. Exactly correct. I was trying to figure out where $8 million came from. I hope I didn't come across as an ass, was just trying to have a little fun. Math is hard but I'm pretty good at it, what I have trouble with is my A, B, D's QSS
  10. So the ad states "suggested retail $85,718". I wonder how much they're "actually" selling it for. I don't like the gold rims, those gotta go. QSS
  11. Which one would have you taken? The 350 or the R? QSS
  12. I was offer a 2018 GT350 at $13,000 under MSRP and a 2018 350R at invoice which is approximately $8,300 under MSRP. QSS
  13. I saw that one on ebay too. Pretty cool. I thought about buying it myself. QSS
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