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  1. When are these available to rent at Sixt? I searched several dates in June at Las Vegas Airport car rental and nothing comes up. Would be fun to rent it and take it to Spring Mountain race track and bag the shit out of it 😁 QSS
  2. I find it super interesting that this letter indicates that Ford is going to produce the GT350 in 2020. I thought the 350 was going to stop production when the GT500 came out. This is great news. QSS
  3. I assume you mean skewed on the high side. Most Barrett Jackson charity cars sell for way more than a similar car would normally sell for due to the fact that it is for charity.. QSS
  4. Sold at North East Barrett Jackson in 2016 for $150,000. QSS
  5. You're correct. The 2016 GT-H is so much better then the 60 and 07 GT-H cars. I just want a stick without having to pay $150k for it. I know, dream on. QSS
  6. I"m a math guy and I appreciate your use of numerical analysis. I'll re-examine my thinking on this. You make allot of good points. QSS
  7. Steve and Tony, you both have real good points. I guess I may becoming older and grumpy as I age. Your Starbucks analogy actually makes allot of sense and helps me better understand the pricing structure of the GT-H cars. I will ponder this for a while and try and keep my whining to a dull roar. QSS
  8. Hey Steve, I definitely don't consider the 2019 GT-H a failure but I don't see it is as a resounding success. Here's where this all stems from for me: When the 2016 GT-H's first hit the market through Hertz, they were asking how much? $150,000! For a used rental car with Shelby Heritage..... ridiculous. Hertz was looking to "establish market pricing" or as I call it "fishing for a sucker". I had rented two of the 16 cars (in Chicago for the SAAC 50th anniversary held at Mid Ohio for the 66 GT350H and again in Vegas) and I wanted to buy one but I was totally insulted by this ridiculous "introductory" $150,000 pricing that Hertz "offered" to us. Talk about alienating your loyal enthusiast. Then, in a chance encounter, I met a Hertz executive at the SAI museum just off the I15. This was one of my 30 or 40 visits to SAI's museum facilities at the old North Las Vegas facility along with the new facility off the I15. When I met this Hertz executive and his wife, they were picking up his executive built 2016 GT-H 6spd stick/supercharged car. One of the 18 that were produced for 2016. It was awesome and we talked for over an hour about his new 2016 GT-H, his 2007 5spd super charged GT-H and his 2006 auto GT-H. We were obviously both Shelby nuts. You know what he showed me? He showed me his cost of his brand new 2016 GT-H 6sp super charged car. This was only 3 years ago. The car that was being sold on the secondary market for $150,000 cost him what?.......... $67,000!! Supply and demand, I get it. So after two years of trying to buy a 16 GT-H executive car and a 16 rental car at a "fair" market price now we have the 19 GT-H which has no linage with the Hertz rental cars for $90,000 +/-. Feels like another cash grab and a slap in the face to the loyal enthusiasts. I know......boo hoo...... first world problems. It is indeed a first world problem but it is still a problem😉. Remember, I own an executive 2007 GT-H 5spd car which I freakin drove 36 hours to bring it home to Alberta, Canada from Oklahoma City. I own a 68 GT500 which came from South Carolina. I still own both cars and I still make it to the Vegas SAI museum several times a year along with attending the yearly SAAC conventions. I......am.......certifiable..........Shelby........but........ I'm not sure anyone really cares but I am not sure Shelby cars are even reasonably or realistically priced. Is it because the economy is ripping? Probably. Don't worry, I'm not buying a Dodge Demon, I bleed Ford blue and that is why a FGT is my latest endeavor and not a Dodge or a Corvette or a Ferrari or a Porsche......... I bought a Ford and I am damn proud of it! I'm not trying to slam Shelby, I love Shelby, I'm just trying to........... vent........ I suppose. It's not about the money, it's about perceived value. QSS
  9. That was probably me who was talking "in a negative way" about the prices on the the 19 GT-H's. Back in 2007 a Shelby GT had a MSRP of $36, 970. Twelve years later a Shelby GT car is right around $90K, correct?. In 2007 Shelby sold 5,763 +/- GT cars and so far "SAI has built at least 13 units in the first quarter". So they are on track to sell what......52 cars for the whole year? 52 cars in 2019 vs 100 times that in 2007. Why is that? Could it be that the price of a Shelby GT is now 250% higher than it was 12 short years ago? Has average wages gone up 250% in the last 12 years? Has average house prices gone up 250% in the last 12 years? Is everybody's net worth 250% greater then it was in 2007? I don't think so. It all just seams out of whack. 13 units in the first quarter on the way to 52 units for the year vs 5,763 units in 2007 is considered a success? These prices are driving people away and they are looking at/buying other cars. I'm a great example of "pricing your customers out of the market". I'm a long time Shelby enthusiast but I see greater value and return on my fun investment by going in another direction. Hell, you can get a Dodge Demon for close to the price of a 19 Shelby GT. QSS
  10. Thanks 😁 I decided FGT after the 2016 GT-H executive stick cars were being offered at $150k. I really wanted one of the 2016 executive cars but not at that price. I'm a Shelby fan and I still own my 07 GT-H 5spd stick car which I bought from the original Hertz executive owner and drove form Oklahoma City to my home in Alberta, Canada. What a road trip that was. I still have a huge collection of GT-H items from the old North Las Vegas museum so I am a Shelby enthusiast but I just couldn't justify $150k for one of the 16 GT-H's executive cars and $100k for a 2019 GT-H car makes even less sense to me for a variety of reasons so I went FGT. The FGT just made sense to me but I am still a Shelby fan. QSS
  11. $101,323 for a modified Mustang seams a little steep for me. I do like the looks but that price is steep. The economy must be strong. QSS
  12. Here's a 2019 GT-H listed on ebay. $101,323 opening bid 😲. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Ford-Mustang-SHELBY-GT-HERITAGE-EDTION/192893224344?hash=item2ce9550598:g:gEEAAOSwfypcuPkW&vxp=mtr QSS
  13. We'll see you over at the SAAC forums. QSS
  14. I agree with you 100%. Who gives a shit if the paddles are quicker. QSS
  15. Hey There Ford Fan1, during the Sonoma Parade Laps,  weren't you the guy that had a Canadian ask to jump into your car so that he could ride along? 


  16. Oh crap. I thought these were two different cars. I didn't realize till just now that they are the same car..... duh! Nothing gets by me QSS
  17. What do you think the real value of this car is? QSS
  18. I couldn't find a price. How much is it? QSS
  19. A - freakin - men to that brother. That is exactly how I feel as well. A stick is just waaaaay more fun. Does it really matter if you can shave 2 tenths of a second off your 0 to 60 time with the paddles? It does on the track but if you're on the street, who gives a rats ass? QSS
  20. Cmon Steve, we both know that during the 2006 GT-H run there were 4 manual transmissions and during the 2007 GT-H run there were 17 manual transmissions and during the 2016 GT-H run there were 18 MT cars. I searched for a year before I found one of those manual transmission GT-H cars back in 2007 and it still sits in my garage. I guess I am a "old time purist" because I believe that Ford's halo Mustang should absolutely have a MT. I paid a premium when I bought my GT-H MT car and MT's always command a premium. Fords, Ferrari's or what ever the make. I don't think that automatic cars are not "Shelby's", I just don't understand why Ford has decided to cast aside 55 years of history and not offer a MT in a Shelby offering, especially to the purchasing demographic such as me. I assume that they will still offer a MT in the Mustang in 2020? Just my thoughts on the subject. QSS
  21. A Ferrari F430 or a 360 with a stick sells for 30% more than the same car with a F1 transmission. There's a big premium on F430 Ferrari's (The last Ferrari's that had a MT) with sticks. There's a reason why the MT Ferrari's command a big premium. Ford should remain loyal to their demographics and at least offer a stick to the long time purists who grew up with a MT and now have the disposable income to "want what they want". I'm one of those buyers and a new GT500 with no stick means I'm not gonna buy it. I'll be look at getting one of the latest incarnation of GT350's or maybe another older Ford product with at stick like a Ford GT or maybe a 60's Shelby with a stick. How can a Shelby have no stick? QSS
  22. Exactly correct. I was trying to figure out where $8 million came from. I hope I didn't come across as an ass, was just trying to have a little fun. Math is hard but I'm pretty good at it, what I have trouble with is my A, B, D's QSS
  23. So the ad states "suggested retail $85,718". I wonder how much they're "actually" selling it for. I don't like the gold rims, those gotta go. QSS
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