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  1. New 2006 Hertz In the House

    That car looks sweet. Congrats. QSS
  2. I checked the Hertz Car Sales site this morning and I counted 27 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale along with 3 others currently for sale on ebay though Vantage Sports Cars in Florida. This makes a total of 30 currently for sale that I can find. It looks like all 27 that are sale at Hertz are all just sitting outside in the elements. Too bad these cars are priced so high otherwise there wouldn't be 30 freakin cars for sale. Just a Sunday morning observation on my part. QSS
  3. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Correct. Some people have moved on. QSS
  4. #82! That probably means there's at least 30 sets of these unused plate sets out there. They are really nice sets and I'm glad I've got a set. QSS
  5. I've got a set too. Very nice indeed. I've got #52. What number do you have Gene? QSS
  6. GTH on eBay - low price

    I agree and I have an 07 vert myself. QSS
  7. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Keep beating that drum. They are selling at a snails pace. I tracked the sales of these cars for the past year and Hertz was selling an average of 2 per month. You are a Hertz executive and you have to promote your brand. We understand. The fact of the matter is Hertz initially put these used rental cars on the market at $150 thousand freaking dollars to see if there were any suckers waiting in the wings. After several months Hertz corporate dropped them to the "bargain" price of $110 thousand dollars to see if there were any other fish in the pond that might bite. It was insulting to say the least. Hertz did sell a few in the $70 to $80k range so they figured they had found gold. What you, jnhrvy , and the other executives don't understand is that you had a loyal group of enthusiast who were more than willing to buy one of these cars if they were priced at a reasonable price. Instead you insulted some of your potential buys with your ridiculous $150 thousand initial asking price. So feel free to continue to tell us how fast they are selling...... they are not. Feel free and continue to tell us that we should get in now or were gonna pay more if we wait...... I seriously doubt it. If you think these cars are going up in price I believe you are dreaming. The only Ford car to go up in price in the past 20 years is the 05/06 Ford GT. I've got an 07 executive stick and I have no illusions about my car going up in price. I own it because it's fun to drive. and I love the Shelby brand and history. I'm not going to make a single cent off my "rare and valuable, 1 of 17 executive cars". There are now almost 70 thousand new Shelby's on the road since 2006. The 2016 GT-H is a cool car, I rented it twice and took one to SAAC in Mid Ohio to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 66 GT350H. I was among 20 other 1966 GT350H cars so I am well aware how special these cars are. Do you really think this car is going anywhere soon at $44,900 with 34,000 mile on it? I think not. https://www.hertzcarsales.com/vehicle-details/2016-Ford-Mustang-Norwalk-15085720 Hertz is gonna sit on these cars for years. QSS You've nailed it right on the head carnut12!!! QSS
  8. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Hertz site has 47 cars listed and there are more on ebay and autotrader.com so there's lots and lots of choices out there. If prices were around $40 last year I would have bought one but now I've kinda lost interest. Oh well, it's still fun to watch this unfold. QSS
  9. 2016 Shelby GT H

    That's a nice shirt. I've got two of them and one of them hangs proudly on my "man cave" wall. There's only a few of them out there. QSS
  10. Terlingua

    By "someone who is still building Terlingua mustangs" do you mean "Russians" are now building these Terlingua's? QSS
  11. Terlingua

    They are not offer by Shelby America anymore as a build package so it looks like they are done. I just checked the site yesterday. http://www.shelbyamerican.com/ QSS
  12. Yeah.... shit!! Why is this taking so long? I got my passenger replacement notice like two years ago. QSS
  13. Books Signed

    How about a gold GT-H ring that was given to only 5 or 6 executives back in 2007 when the GT-H's were being built? QSS
  14. List of GT-H Goodies

    My wife says the same thing. She said I was crazy when i drove to Montana last year to pick up a load of Hertz stuff that was shipped from Indiana. I had to make a 16 hour round trip to get all that stuff. I need help QSS
  15. List of GT-H Goodies

    That's funny. I was reading through that list and kept saying to myself "got it, got it, got it...". I didn't realize it was my list from a few years back. I've been meaning to update that list as I've added a bunch of items from the 06/07 GT-H collectibles as well as a bunch of stuff from the 2016 GT-H collectibles. I've also taken up collecting Terlingua stuff too. I'm still missing a few items but I'll keep adding to the addiction when I see something come up. I think I might have a problem QSS
  16. List of GT-H Goodies

    Most of the items you listed did not require you own a car so no CSM was needed. The center caps, engine fluid caps, G-H book and window visor stripe could be bought at the museum. I've got all of those items and bought them all at the old museum. I'm not familiar with the CS gas cap. The GT-H mats are fairly rare and the Head rests were something you could order. There's a ton of 06 and 07 GT-H stuff that you could get. I've been meaning to put together a list at some point as there's a ton of stuff out there. QSS
  17. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    Pretty big difference between a McLaren 720S and a 2016 GT-H with 26,000 miles on it. You can go to Autotrader.com right now and buy that GT-H for less money with fewer miles. You can't do that with the McLaren. QSS
  18. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    $50,000 plus $5,000 commissions and the car had what, 26,000 miles on it? So the buyer spent $55,000 for a 26k mile car. He could have bought one for $5k less with half the miles. That's why auctions love the uninformed. QSS
  19. Traction Control GT-H

    Sounds like your clip is not there. When it was there in my car, the TC light did not turn off or on. Once I removed my clip then the light functioned normally. QSS
  20. It looks offical - Ford's teaser video on the 2019 GT500

    I agree. I suppose any Ford guy would know full well that the NFGT is king of the castle by a huge stretch. QSS
  21. It looks offical - Ford's teaser video on the 2019 GT500

    Gotcha. Marketing 101 by Ford I suppose. I'd like to hear that conversation. A guy with a new GT500 bragging to the guy with the new FGT that his new GT500 is the "most powerful Ford ever". QSS
  22. It looks offical - Ford's teaser video on the 2019 GT500

    "Loaded with the most venom ever, the all-new Mustang Shelby® GT500® with its 700-plus horsepower supercharged V8 will be the most powerful street-legal production Ford ever." I thought the new FGT was the most powerful ever? QSS
  23. 2016 Shelby GT H

    Scared to drive it? Then why buy it? I bought one of the 17 2007 GT-H executive sticks back in 2009. It only had a few hundred miles on it when I bought it out of Oklahoma City and it was flawless. I flew to Oklahoma City from Calgary, Alberta and picked up the car. I then proceeded to drive a sh!t ton of miles to Las Vegas in a 16 hour canon ball run. I racked up 1,113 miles in that 16 hour shot. When I got it to Vegas I stored the car for two years until I was able to bring it up to Alberta, Canada and then in another 22 hour canon ball run I racked up another 1,365 miles. Two road trips, 38 hours of drive time, 2,478 total miles and this is how it looked when I arrived home in Canmore, Alberta. Those two trips were epic and I still own the car to this day. These cars are so damn much fun to drive. Why would you be scared to drive it? QSS
  24. I know Don is a good guy but what I'd like to find is one of the 16 executive sticks that doesn't cost more than a Dodge Demon or a Ferrari F430. Back in 09 I bought my (one of seventeen) 2007 sticks for 39% of the "going rate" of the (one of sixteen) 2016 sticks. I paid less than half the price of what is being asked now! I guess the economy is absolutely ripping in order to be doubling the prices of cars in 10 years when the annual inflation rate is what...... 2%? QSS
  25. That's right. 62 of them and we are supposed to believe the one at Mecum a few days ago was more valuable and did not sell at $55,000? I don't think so. Obviously was being bid up by a shill. I am sure there are a few 06 and 07's in that 62 total but there are a metric sh!t ton of 16's.available I just wish the sellers of these cars would "get real" and adjust their prices as I would like to buy one but as long as they keep dreaming then so will I and my dollars will stay in my pocket. QSS