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  1. I checked the Hertz Car Sales site this morning and I counted 27 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale along with 3 others currently for sale on ebay though Vantage Sports Cars in Florida. This makes a total of 30 currently for sale that I can find. It looks like all 27 that are sale at Hertz are all just sitting outside in the elements. Too bad these cars are priced so high otherwise there wouldn't be 30 freakin cars for sale. Just a Sunday morning observation on my part. QSS
  2. I saw that one on ebay too. Pretty cool. I thought about buying it myself. QSS
  3. What SC setup is now available

    Yeah Troy, that was a great road trip. Hope we can do it again. QSS
  4. What SC setup is now available

    ITHERTZ66 's car is awesome! I drove along side it for a full day on our way to SAAC 41 at Mid Ohio for the 40th anniversary of the 66 GT350. Good times ! QSS
  5. 2020 GT500 news

    No option for a stick? Are you kidding? I'm out. I'll look at 15 through 19 GT350's before I get a paddle shifter. Rotary shifter.... BAH! QSS
  6. 2006 GTH 006

    I don't remember what the fourth CSM number was. QSS
  7. 2006 GTH 006

    That's what I remember too. 4 different plaques and two of them had the matching key chains. I bought the H0005 plaque and keychain. QSS
  8. How did you decide on GT500

    Hey Steven, I prefer the Shelby GT over the GT500. The potential clutch issues in the 07 and 08 GT500's is another thing to think about. I think Ford got that fixed in 2009. Sure you'll get to 60 MPH a couple seconds faster in the GT500 but that got boring for me really fast. I don't track my car at all but it sure is fun on twisty roads. QSS
  9. 2006 GTH 006

    I think the current owner of this plaque may have bought it off ebay a couple of months ago and he is trying to flip it for a profit. About two or three months ago several of these plaques came up on ebay by one seller. I bought a different plaques along with it's matching key chain but I am sure I saw this plaque for sale at the same time. I think it may have sold for around $80 or $90 bucks so I believe this may be a case of someone trying to turn a profit. I swear it was on ebay but I could be wrong...... I am getting oldish Obviously that doesn't explain the dash in the background. QSS
  10. How did you decide on GT500

    The GT500 was definitely more powerful then my GT-H but it was also way heavier in the front end. You could definitely notice a big difference in the corners and I like how nimble the GT-H is. The GT-H really hits it's sweet spot when you get the RPM's up, and the exhaust note is just awesome. One of the best exhaust note's I've heard in that generation of mustangs. The GT500 pretty much hit's it's sweet spot everywhere due to the supercharger under the hood. I really like the supercharger "whine" that the GT500 put out when you pounded on the throttle. As for comfort level, they are exactly the same. From what I recall about the GT500 is that the interior was the exact same interior as my GT-H so there's really no difference in comfort level and neither car had heated or cooled seats. I think either car is a good choice, you probably just have to drive them both and decide what does it for you. There are tons of these cars around and price is pretty reasonable so you should have a decent amount of choices. QSS
  11. How did you decide on GT500

    Back in 2009ish I owned a 2007 GT-H and a 2008 GT500. I sold the GT500 and I still have the GT-H. The 2008 GT500 is an awesome car but I just liked the GT-H more and that's why I kept it. Horse power had nothing to do with the reason why I kept the GT-H, it was more about the black/gold color of the car, the legacy of the Hertz cars and the fact that my car was a rare stick. The Shelby GT cars were all built in Vegas so that adds a bit of "cool" factor as well. QSS
  12. Looking for the 07 GT-H production banner

    Yup, I'm on a mission for sure. I've got everything GT-H related that hung in the old North Las Vegas museum. The 07 banner is the only thing I'm missing and I'm willing to pay strong money for it. I know it's out there and the owner probably does not visit these forms but you never know. One day he might see this. There's a few other GT-H items I'm missing from my collection (obsession) so if anyone has anything GT-H related that is rare and cool, let me know. I'm a buyer. QSS
  13. Hi all, I've been talking to SAI for years about all the museum items that were at the old North Las Vegas museum and one particular item is missing in action. I'm wondering if anyone knows where the 2007 GT-H production banner is? This is the banner that was hanging in the rafters in the production area of the old North Las Vegas museum. I've got the 2006 GT-H production banner and I'd like to try and unite it with the 2007 production banner. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please contact me. I've attached a picture of the 07 banner. Thanks QSS
  14. Looking for the 07 GT-H production banner

    Happy New year bump. Anyone? $1,000 for the 07 GT-H banner that hung in the old North Las Vegas museum. QSS
  15. Looking for the 07 GT-H production banner

    Saturday morning bump. QSS
  16. Looking for the 07 GT-H production banner

    Just thought i would bump this topic up. I really want to find the original 07 GT-H production banner that hung in the old Las Vegas production facility. If you have it and are willing to part with it I'm willing to part with a crisp, cool $1, 000 US dollar bill. Actually, I think it would have to be 10 hundies as I'm pretty sure they don't make $1,000 dollar bills any more. I'm pretty freakin serious about this so put the word out. I'd like to add this banner to my collection. QSS
  17. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    $150k............... too bad. I don't think 1,336 miles, a 6 spd and a supercharger justifies a $100k premium. I suppose I shall consider other car options again. I'll throw my application in for a NFGT on November 8th, ya never know, I might get lucky. QSS
  18. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    I'm sure they will eventually sell. They just gotta keep dropping the price and they'll get em sold. For me, I just don't care anymore. Hertz lost my interest 9 months ago. The only car that really interests me at this point is jnhrvy's supercharged executive car. QSS
  19. GT500KR Convertible (2008-2009) Do they really exist ?

    From what I recall there were 517 KR convertibles built in 1968. QSS
  20. GT-H Hood

    I was only thinking about the water, I didn't even think about the heat. Great point! QSS
  21. GT-H Hood

    I think ya gotta drill a hole to get that water out. This is my recommendation: QSS
  22. Barrett Jackson Las Vegas

    I was there during the auction as well. #432 only had 11,000 miles and was in decent shape. The only issue I noticed is that had a broken front chin spoiler. #371 had over 70,000 miles and I am sure I saw this car on ebay a while back for a BIN for $21,500. I was beat up, tons of rock chis on the front hood and bumper and the rear strips below the trunk had tons of scrapes and scratches. I couldn't figure out why a 11,000 mile car goes for $22,000 and a 70,000 mile car goes for $25,000. QSS
  23. Still alive

    Hey Scott, congratulations on your retirement from the "grind" and your great 35 year run at the fire department. Nice cars you have, you'll have extra tie to enjoy them so give'er. I've been around Team Shelby since early 2008 and still hang out regularly. Owned a 08 GT 5000 for awhile and still own my 07 GT-H. My GT-H enthusiasm and collection is still going strong. QSS
  24. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    Funny QSS
  25. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    I share your assessment on how this all developed. I think Hertz really blew it. QSS