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  1. Hi Harald! It's be a long time man. Hope all is well. I'll be back around more often than I have been in recent years.
  2. LOL hey buddy, it has been a long time.. I was digging around for some stereo upgrade ideas and ran across an old TS thread. Thought I might poke around a bit while I was here.
  3. Tower brace has to go, yes. The stock hood can stay.
  4. I grew up in Minot. Williston was a ghost town when I was a kid. The oil boom has sure changed things back there. Sure don't miss the winters!
  5. Solo S3 is nice because it's wireless. I've used Escort detectors for years and they've paid for themselves too many times to count.
  6. If you're racing the car, you certainly don't want this harness setup without roll protection. If the car rolls without a bar or cage and you're strapped in with these harnesses, you're a lot more likely to break your neck or worse.
  7. You can't use the stock x-pipe with Kooks headers. Only the Kooks x-pipe will adapt to Kooks headers. I've tried.
  8. Definitely a stealth machine with a clean and tidy install on that blower. Great work fellas
  9. They look similar to the Ring Brothers hinges that have been around for several years. Price on these is a little better though. http://www.ringbrothers.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&Product_ID=340
  10. Right on Dana, I'm looking forward to seeing how your roll bar turns out! Is Colin still working with Cortex or did he sail to a new venture? Last I heard was his GR40 was up for sale. Sounds like you need to have a birthday party for your little girl at the track bud!
  11. I for one don't typically associate with you rain lovin' folk, but for some reason you guys are lumped into our region!
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