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  1. Looking to trade my 1969 Camaro for a Super Snake https://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/cto/d/1969-camaro-z28-crossram/6373501262.html
  2. Looking to trade my camaro for a supersnake. https://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/cto/d/1969-camaro-z28-crossram/6373501262.html
  3. It's the real deal. It came off my GT500 I sold. He bought the car, stripped all the parts, the traded it in for 2014 and is/was selling the parts.
  4. Send me an IM. I was just about to part out and trade my car in. Details 2007, Black and Black (Was 1/151 stripe deletes, now has flat black stripes), OEM Original KR hood, 09 Factory HIDS, 20's Alcoa's TVS, FFRP lower ssprings. Innovaters west 15% lower, TVS with VMP elbow and tune, SVT-1 rear exhaust.
  5. He's just mad cause my car looks better and is faster than his. but thanks for defending me, its not KR. It actually a Knight Rider look alike!
  6. I open to offers. In short, I would prefer one of you guys have it. I was fortunate enough to run across it before the car was parted out. Wish I could have gotten some more goodies, but the hood was and still is the hardest piece to obtain.
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shelby-Mustang-GT-500-KR-OEM-Black-Hood-Real-Carbon-with-Hood-Locks-MSRP-20k-/131017087117?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item1e813a188d&vxp=mtr
  8. Good price, don't be tempted to go higher, walk away. There's a ton of KR's for sale, and I expect more will sell to get their hands on the 2013 Beast On the way.
  9. Shelby Store had a few for sale for $99, but I think they sold out. Ebay is usually 150-200 for a decent one, $279 is new from Ford.
  10. 2010-2012 pieces uses a cut up version of the 2007-2009 emblem holder. the sides are cut off from the snake and are double sided taped to the grill. The same guy that makes the wings will have a new receiver out shortly.
  11. Somebody could drive over the Shelby Lot and take a pic of black and white verts when they are all lined up for conversion. Would have to be once the 2012 model year is available for purchase (AKA Sept).
  12. All you have to do is remove your throttle body and you can see the build up in your intake from the OIL that is going back in there via the crankcase breather. The catch can stops the oil by filtering what is going back into the engine. Not a performance mod etc, but keeps things nice and clean.
  13. Welcome! Make sure you get that thing cool with Van's HE in this South Florida heat!
  14. Looking to flush out my 2007 radiator system and want to use the red fluid I see in the 2010s and up but i need to know the name of it. Also any advice on this I am swapping out both tanks with new and larger style factory VMP tanks.
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