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  1. Good idea, I have the first of the S197 Terlinguas, it is exactly like it came from the mod shop. I love the car, take her out for the yearly Terlingua charity we run as a 5013C in Terlingua and occasionally just drive it as it is such fun. Also shown is Ol Yeller the 1965 Terlingua built for, driven by and enjoyed for many years by Bill Neale. I have the great pleasure of sharing Ol Yeller now with others. This pic is Ol Yeller at the Portico of Legacy last year. Fear the Bunny! David Pics attached.
  2. Thanks for posting. Sorry also to be slow responding, had been offline a couple days. 2008 was a great year and one that will not be seen again. Over 100 cars, Carroll, Bill Neale, Bob Bondurant and Tom Yeager, reporters, many folks from SA, lots of cars, people, Bullrun all came to Terlingua, TX! This is a basic description from me off the top of my head, it leaves out allot of the mystic of that first year, it was cool. For me, it was also special as SA delivered, in the great big SA semi and unloaded my 2007 Terlingua Mustang, right at the event! It was something I will never forget. It was and is the first production Terlingua, and I drove it proudly throughout the event slowly breaking in the engine. I still have that car, and she comes to Terlingua every year. Today, Terlingua Preservation Society is a Non-Profit registered 501(3) c. We offer a Terlingua event every year that includes performance events and drives, social opportunities, great drives through world class landscapes and remembers and honors Carroll and Bill Neale and the Terlingua Racing Team. After 11 years as a charity we have provided the Terlingua community over $251,000 in cash going to Terlingua Fire and EMS, Terlingua High School for scholarships and student activities, Activets Terlingua regional veterans charity, Terlingua Crisis Center, and the local American Legion Post 653 of Terlingua. In addition, the event supports many local businesses by bringing folks to the area. We are operated wholly by a volunteer board, we charge and event fee that pays for hotels, rooms, food, insurance, venues etc and we raise funds through a fun charity auction with 100% of auction funds raised going to our selected charities. I put allot of this down above to give folks an idea what we do. We have made lifelong friends at this unique event, we have had two weddings celebrated at the event or part of it, have seen multi generational families come and play, we have had members pass to our great sorry from natural life causes who we remember, and we continue to support the community of Terlingua and to remember Carroll and Bill and many of the drivers and people who made it possible for us to be there today. We see VIP's come, media coverage, and WELCOME any and all Shelby/Mustang enthusiasts. If you wish to attend or would like more information, please contact me or any board member. My email is: vorpl8@yahoo.com, I am David Charity weblink: terlinguapreservationsociety.com and all board members can be found here. Next Terlingua, #12 is October 15-18, 2020 with our optional pre-event October 14. David
  3. Glad to heat that, It was a great deal of fun!!! Plus we raised over $33,000 total this year for Terlingua causes including veterans, the high school and scholarships, Fire and EMS. So good to see so many friends, drive great cars, hang and talk cars and history and more. Next years event will be October 14-18. David
  4. Heeeey DeWayne, Glad you asked! Because the cars and trailers and Shelby's are starting roll, indeed some already are arriving for Terlingua 2019!! More will be arriving for the next day or so, most are here for the pre-event dinner and party! Weather looks really good overall. Warm Thursday for the first drives to the park, but then much cooler for Friday and Saturday sounds like could be high 70's or 80 degrees both days! Lots and lots of fun planned, see you soon! David
  5. Looking for the Shelby Terlingua leather jacket in a size small for my spouse. If anyone has one they would consider selling, please drop me an email vorpl8@yahoo.com Thanks, David
  6. The Terlingua Preservation Society (TPS) celebrated its 10th year last October and we had our biggest turnout and a great time. Terlingua is a remote, beautiful area with great roads for driving, incredible scenery and a history with Carroll Shelby and Bill Neale and others second to none. TPS is a 501(3)c charity operated and offered each year by a volunteer board. www.terlinguapreservationsociety.com To date, we have given the Terlingua community $207,000 in high school scholarships, Fire and EMS support, Activets veterans charity, Terlingua Crisis Center, High school activity fund and the American Legion. Plus the yearly benefit of our event and the funds brought to the community. All events the public can attend and enjoy with no charge including ride alongs and more. This is possible by a volunteer board and amazing people who come to the event, most every year, though new participants are always welcome. The venues in Terlingua are space limited and therefore so is the event. Alumni get first openings each year. This starts January 1. March one we start accepting new participants first come, first served. Email David Elkowitz at vorpl8@yahoo.com for entry details, and to sign up to attend, space permitting. TPS offers unique, and I mean UNIQUE atmosphere, speed events, social fun second to none, and a chance to do so as part of a community charity. Funds donated each year are raised at a silent and live auction, ALL funds raised, 100%, go to charity as we have no expenses on charity raised funds as a volunteer board. Event fees cover food, lodging, support, venues, tax prep, etc. October 10-13, 2019 is the next TPS event, October 9th is a the optional pre-event and this looks to have several and some new and exciting components! More to be revealed... Please see our website above to find board members, info or email myself, I live in Terlingua and can provide any and all info. David vorpl8@yahoo.com Board President, TPS Terlinguas - Fear the Bunny!
  7. The 10th year of the Terlingua Preservation Society Terlingua event is just over a month away! Cars will start coming from all over the country for the pre-event and main event meetup starting October 11th for Terlingua 2018! We have more VIP's, more special activities and surprises and goodies then any year prior, this is gonna be way cool fun! Plus we will break the $200,000 level in overall charity giving as a 5013C with this year's auctions!! The Terlingua Preservation Society Board of Directors. For more information, please email David at vorpl8@yahoo.com Fear the Bunny!
  8. Terlingua Event 2017 was the biggest event Terlingua Preservation Society held to date! We hosted 100 people and about 60 cars. That, VIP's, and a great time for all. Most importantly, on top of speed events, fun, friends, and mnore we raised and donated over $32,000 this year alone to local charities! To see event videographer John Albani's video and relive/see the fun go to this link: https://we.tl/UVhqtgHOXY Registration for new participants starts January 3, 2018. T18 will be the 10th year and feature more VIp's incredible event goodie items and collectibles and all the fun and Terlingua uniqueness that keeps our alumni coming back year after year. It is the friendship and unique history and place that means what happens in Terlingua will not be believed by anyone anyway! www.terlinguaprservationsociety.com for more info. To get more information and or request a spot for October 10-14, 2018 please email David Elkowitz at vorpl8@yahoo.com Pre-event activities, dyno and more start October 8th flowing into the formal event October 10th. The Terlingua event is a 5013C charity operated by a volunteer board of directors to see friends, enjoy our cars and support the local community. David
  9. Welcome to Team Shelby and enjoy the awesome new ride. You can register as the new owner with Shelby Registry at the link in my signature line. Have fun and be safe, David
  10. BikeBoy, When you are ready send me an email at vorpl8@yahoo.com to get on the list. We take alumni first and are space limited by venues, but always have room for a few newbees each year and then you are alumni! Seriously, we are a charity and do not turn any Mustang/Shelby folks away. All are welcome. Just a matter of space. This year was our biggest over 50 cars and 98 folks. You hear it allot, but Terlingua the area and event are unique in history, comradery and pure fun, plus performance events with cars to boot! Best at the end of the day we donate a good deal to charity locally. David
  11. Jim, Thanks, the board truly does make this event happen! Thanks you all. David
  12. T17 was a great event, with a record number of participants and a record amount raised for charity. We distributed over $32,000 to local charities in addition to all the fun, bad rabbits, speed events and incredibly Terlingua scenery. Thanks all for making it happen. T18 will be huge! Pics when they are processed and ready from our event photographer extraordinaire John Albani David
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