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  1. I'll try to reach out when I'm coming down, maybe we could meet up. I have several friends both in Austin and San Antonio you might be able to plug into. Have you thought about signing up for the COTA event in February?
  2. Sweet! That's my dream house, barndaminiums are really cool. Not far from where I live now they built a community of them, 2-5 acre lots with beautiful barndaminiums on each. Lower level all workshop and garage and 2000 - 4200 sf living space on the second and third floors.
  3. Well Welcome to the Great state of Texas!! I actually live in the Dallas area but travel down there every other week for work. Lived in North Austin for years and loved the car culture down there. Coming from the West Coast I will tell you now get ready for allergies to kick in living in the Hill Country.
  4. I installed Bilsteins all around last year. Not sure if there the same ones your talking about, my front have the shock portion inverted, supposedly more response than the standard set up. I live in North Dallas and I used a shop called Vorshlag. They do Great work! Absolutely love the ride, I have them combined with the Shelby/BMR Watts Link.
  5. Urika! Why didn't I think of that? I usually use the air hose at the car wash on my daily driver before they wipe it down. I hand wash the Shelby and always have to dry around the mirrors and rear bumper three or four times. This solves the problem, still can't believe I didn't think of this. Thanks
  6. I stuck one on the trunk lid years ago, hasn't fallen off yet, the sticky 3M backing has done its job.
  7. Thanks, by the way very nice install, Thanks for sharing the photo instructions also.
  8. Where did you get the hinged license plate bracket?
  9. Thanks, this is what I have been thinking about doing for years to mine, you gave me the perfect blue print. I've seen a few behind the upper grill but I have always liked this look, reminds me of the 66 GT 350s with race lighting
  10. Went to the one in Plano Tx yesterday and they said the same thing, not on their available list. Checked two Wally Worlds also and no luck. Bummed!
  11. For $12990.00 make an offer and turn it into a track monster.
  12. Wasn't Carroll Shelby from Texas, North Texas spring, summer or fall is always a nice centralized location, smack dab in the center. Texas Motor Speedway has more than enough parking, track and hotels to host this kind of event. Not quit as one sided as having it in Vegas for right coasters.
  13. I replaced my FRPP shocks with a set of inverted Bilstein struts on the front and shocks on the rear and love the ride and handling. Not the cheapest game in town but not to bad. The shop I use actually made a package for Mustang drivers with FRPP springs shocks and struts in one package that made it cheaper and easier to replace everything. Yes I know we already had the springs but not to have to disassemble the front struts was worth the $150.00 dollar package difference. Flattened the cornering a bit and definitely helped the compression.
  14. I installed these and love them, better handling, nice clean install. Just so you know I don't work for Vorshlag I just love their products and the work they've done for me. I cut and pasted this description from their newsletter. New Products Developed and Built By Vorshlag Thank you for your continued support with Vorshlag products. Earlier this year we were able to catch up with our backlog of machined Vorshlag parts using our in-house CNC machines. This has also allowed time to development some new products. Here are two new camber plate designs. Camber/Caster Plates S550 Mustang We made our S550 Mustang camber plate initially for use with coilover springs in 2015, but in March of 2016 we made a prototype use with OEM style springs. This design is made for cars using the factory spring, lowering springs, or the popular GT350R springs - as shown below on our prototype tester's CAM-C classed 2015 Mustang. Purchase Options for OEM S550 Camber Plate FEATURES Compatible with all OEM diameter factory and aftermarket (lowering) springs for S550. Works on the 2015-up Mustang Ecoboost, V6, GT and Shelby GT350 and GT350R. Installs with basic hand tools, no chassis modifications required. Caster & Camber are independently adjustable. Camber is easily adjustable at the track with simple (metric) hand tools. Caster is adjustable with two fixed positions: factory (middle) and +1 degree (rear). The spherical bearing used in the Vorshlag camber plate is the largest used in any S550 Mustang camber plate on the market. The result has much better durability and wear characteristics than the undersized bearings used in our competitors' plates. Aluminum alloy main plate and steel alloy bearing holder construction - Tough as a tank! All components plated for maximum corrosion resistance and long life. Vorshlag upper spring perches are included and built to fit the strut style you select. Our S550 camber plate plate can easily be upgraded to coilover spring use if you ever upgrade your struts and springs. We make upper perches to fit 2.25", 60mm, or 2.5" ID coilover springs. Learn More on our blog Purchase Options for Coilover S550 Camber Plate Vorshlag Motorsports 972-422-7170 | sales@vorshlag.com | www.vorshlag.com Vorshlag Motorsports 1703 Capital Avenue Plano TX 75074
  15. Sighted an awesome sounding GT 350 R last Saturday at Custer and 380, McKinney and Prosper, TX
  16. Depends on where your at, if your near Dallas, Vorshlag Motorsports has a great set up. Front hook has a custom bracket that drops the hook just below the bumper. The hook screws in through the lower grill opposed to a hole in the front bumper. The rear is hidden behind your license plate. You either remove your plate on race day if you street the car or drill a small hole in the center of your plate. Both are very nice very clean without major external mods to the bumpers. They also have a set of tow/tie down loops that bolt to the rear link arms that are very nice units. Contact Terry at Vorshlag for details, 972-422-7170
  17. Thanks guys appreciate the feedback, good thread on the FRPP swap.
  18. Has anyone tried the Mishimoto radiator swap in their car? I know SHELBY sells the CR but when your not really racing comparing the $849 for the CR vs $400 for the Mishimoto seems like a nice savings. Comparing them fit and finish are comparable, both 3 row, all aluminum. Has anyone tried it?
  19. Your car, your money, what ever makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I think that wheel will look great on your ride. What color GT did you get? It's about the look and function, the Hyper Black may or may not look good with the color, that's what I would be worried about not anyone else's opinion whether you should or shouldn't.
  20. I have 18 and looking for a new one, nothing too expensive I just like different watches. I have never dove into the Rolex or Breitling game though, my best is a Tag Huer which is good enough for me. If I buy a $10,000 watch I won't have money for SHELBY mods and other fun things. My wife just accepts my addiction, look at it this way, does your wife only have one pair of shoes, mine doesn't. I wonder what ever happened to the discussion of us getting a SHELBY watch in that $500 to $1200.00 range, I haven't heard anything else about that for probably 18 months now!
  21. Why would a differential gear change require a new tune? I thought the tune was actually calibrating engine management, air and fuel flow. A differential change is just changing the torque produced at the wheels. Tire size changes need a recalibration due to rolling circumference correct? Just making sure I understand, I went to 3:73's and was told no tune needed although a tune might help performance and gas mileage. Inquiring minds want to know?
  22. I'm getting an error also, something is wrong with the Dropbox it says! Bummer
  23. Thanks, I spoke with Curtis Norman from Houston (Great Guy) gave me some pointers. I'm going to get it in the air and walk through what your telling me and a few recommendations from Curtis. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to handle this, he even offered to get on the phone with me and talk me through the adjustments. Appreciate the feedback, that's what I love about Team Shelby, someone's got the answer to the problem!
  24. Help in North Dallas, reputable, knowledgeable Mechanic needed. Has anyone in the Dallas area had the Fay's Watts link installed? I had mine installed by a shop in McKinney and it is not adjusted right. Unbelievable after $2100.00 to install along with several other items the whole axle was kicked to the driver side, when I complained the owner/manager said bring it back we'll get it taken care of. After the car sitting there for two weeks for a set of front brake pads and the adjustment it still wasn't fixed. I spoke to Fay's and they're trying to help me out but this is very frustrating. Fay's doesn't have an install shop in North Texas, closest place is Houston. Why take the job if you can't do the work, now I'm stuck trying to get this corrected. I'm a little Leary of even driving the car for fear of harming anything because on suspension compression there is definitely contact, terrible bang. I spoke with the mechanics who wrenched on the car and he said he needed a four post lift, aren't there other ways to load the suspension and make the adjustments?
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