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  1. Just hit 170K miles and things appear to be good engine wise. Still does not burn any oil at all. Sticking with the Castrol 5W-50 but the new Titanium stuff for high mileage cars since they stopped making the Syntec. See my email from Castrol above about the newer blend. They say it is better. I am putting on 12K miles a year now and I hope I make it to 200k miles before a new engine is required. Have no idea what that would cost? Changing the read diff fluid and both belts this week while I am off. Not sure if I should rebuild the rear diff at 170K miles? Should I order one of the newer rear diff covers with the heatsink fins? Best CA "high gas tax" Regards, MSB Mustang / Mark
  2. Lastly, Is there a better/more reliable/higher performance replacement throwout bearing to go with my 1000hp RXT McLeod clutch?
  3. McLeod is the correct spelling by the way. I just sent them an email about replacement or rebuild/core charge but even with only 6K miles the three years since the orig install will void any warranty on the throwout bearing I bet.
  4. I did just check the forum and I posted back in June of 2012 that the McCloud clutch install was done at 135K miles. So the throwout bearing only lasted 6K miles! Total cost for parts and labor to fix the clutch $850. Seems like it should not have failed that soon!?
  5. I had a new McCloud clutch installed several years ago for my 2007 GT500 (141k miles now) and yesterday the Throwout Bearing failed. Has anyone else had that happen to them? It has about 15k miles on it since the McCloud was installed. I was getting on the freeway and all of a sudden the clutch pedal went totally limp! Going to have to have my local shop do it for me as I just can't do clutch stuff on my back in the driveway. 1st time I have had to have it towed to the shop...although the tow truck driver, who has a 2001 5.0, said I could have driven/shifted it without using the clutch? MSB Mustang 54 / Mark
  6. I finally got an answer from Castrol as to exactly how the new Titanium Edge Syntec Castrol 5W-50 is different than the normal Edge Syntec 5W-50 that I have been using the past 90K miles...and still don't burn any oil at all at 140K miles total. Here is the email response... ------------------------------------------------------------------- contactus@bp.com July 15 2015 Thank you for contacting Castrol North America. Castrol EDGE with Fluid TITANIUM Technology 5W-50 has a boosted level of zinc, circa 1250 ppm. That said, Castrol EDGE with Fluid TITANIUM Technology is three times stronger against viscosity breakdown than the leading synthetic and leading conventional oils.** The unique titanium technology physically changes the way oil behaves under extreme pressures doubling its film strength*, preventing oil from breaking down and reducing friction to maximize engine performance. * Castrol EDGE with Fluid Titanium has twice the film strength of our previous formula based on the HFRR friction test. ** Tested in 5W-30 versus all major conventional brands, Mobil1 and Mobil1 Extended Performance in the ASTM D6278 test. ------------------------------------------------------------------- So I purchased Two more (well almost two i.e. 10 qts) changes worth today at O'Rilleys with K&N filters for $82 total for both. I still have three more Castrol Syntec 5W-50 oil changes in stock so I should be set for a couple of years at least, especially since I am not commuting anymore. Probably a lifetime supply now. I really like the Edge Syntec but of course I have not run any tests on the oil. However since I am at 140K miles and not burning any oil at all that means it is at least OK!? I will hold off on using the new "Castrol 5W-50 Titanium Edge" oil until the three "In Stock" Syntec changes have run out. What is the feeling on the forum about miles between changes?...And is it different when the car is being driven 25k miles a year or just 2K miles a year? I.e. at least on oil change per year regardless of miles? I was doing a change every 6K miles which was every three months or so but during the past two years of "forced retirement" I am only doing about 2K miles per year. (Hopefully the Silicon Valley economy for Analog/Audio engineers will improve sometime soon...but not likely.) Best Castrol 5W-50 2007 GT500 Regards, Mark / MSB Mustang
  7. Thanks for the reply Torch40, I did just get an email back from Castrol saying they do still make the 5W-50 Edge with Syntec oil and they are sending me a list of some places here in the SF bay area where I can purchase it. However they also said..."Castrol EDGE 5W-50 no longer meets Ford WSS-M2C-931-B". I emailed them back asking if the formulation of the Edge 5W-50 has changed and that is why it no longer meets the spec. It will be interesting to see what they say and I will post their answer as soon as I get it.
  8. Well...I have been using 5W-50 Castrol EDGE with Syntec for classic cars for the past 90K miles (140K miles total now) and I still don't burn a drop of oil at my 6K oil changes. However I am about to run out of my last two "on the shelf changes) of 5W-50 Castrol EDGE though in 18K miles or so. After reading this form it appears Amsoil 10W-40 is the way to go. Anyone have any thoughts (or oil tests) on the Castrol 5W50 Edge? I did not see any tests on it in this very comprehensive thread on oil for our 2007 GT500s. Also does anyone know if the NEW Castrol 5W50 Edge Titanium is close to the same as my older 5W50 Edge with Syntec (and extra Zinc) for Classic Cars? Since I am retired now this car is going to have to last so I want to use the "Best Fluids Possible" to keep it going but since it is not being drive 100 miles every day anymore it should do better. However the new problem is that now it is parked all day within 200 yards of the ocean in it's "car tent" instead of spending 2/3 of the time 5 days a week in Santa Clara where it is much lest "Salty"!!! Thanks, MSB Mustang 54 / Mark
  9. 2007 SVT#12 just hit 140K miles! Still does not burn a drop of oil but the Castrol Edge Syntec for Classic Cars (higher zinc) is no longer produced! Not sure what I will use at 152K miles when my 2 backup supplies run out! Best High Mileage 2007 GT500 Regards MSB Mustang54 / Mark
  10. Hi Everyone, Steve that is great info on there being 14 in the PP run. Thanks for finding that out as I always wondered how many there were. It would also be nice to know how many of those 14 are still running as I heard that some of the PP GT500's were destroyed in testing but that might not be true? Something else I have been curious about... Mine is SVT#12 in that PP run (this is assuming that SVT#12 is the same as PP#12) and had 50k miles on it when I purchased it. It now has 100k+ miles on it! I would really like to know what the SVT# is for Ron Pratts GT500 offical production car #1 whose vin # ends in 001? Is it SVT#15? msbmustang54 / Mark
  11. Hi Tom, Thanks for the heads up about TS-PCR. A crusie up to Tahoe whould be great fun. Mark / msbmustang54
  12. Bsmoke, Yes they rebuilt the tranny (3 totally new gears) and put in the new clutch and flywheel. A senior Ford mech came out from the factory and supervisied the install. 25k miles on the change and everything seems to be great! I should note though that 80% of those miles are on the freeway. Mark / msbmustang54
  13. Yes I did...at 75000 miles! When I bought the car in Ohio the deale,r who bought it from the Ford testing grounds, said I did not get a warranty as it was a used vehicle. I argued that since the car was never owned by the public they should give me the standard factoy warranty. In the end Ford agreed to give me a 35K mile full factory warranty... for $2k which covered me to 85k miles. Best $2k I ever spent as the clutchTSB only cost me $100 and they told me it normally would have been $6500! When I brought the car into the dealer they checked my warranty status (no mileage mentioned) and they said I was covered for the TSB. Then the mech went inside the car to check the mileage. He shouted something I could not understand and then yelled out "This car has 75K miles!". Most of the ones they saw had less than 5K miles! I have now put 25k on the car since the TSB and it still shifts great!. Gave a co-worker the 1-2-3rd gear all out demo at lunch time today. Took my mileage from 21mpg to 20.2mpg on the last third of my tank of gas, for an 8 second demo! My new friend was impressed. He recently sold an older 5.0 Mustang. I attached a pic of the mileage from my dash...with the MPG after the demo. Mark / MSB Mustang
  14. Hit 99000 miles today. Looks like my SVT#12 2007 will be the first to 100k miles!
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