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  1. Hi! The Show-Me Mustang Club serves the entire St. Louis region & is the exclusive regional charter group for the Mustang Club of America in St. Louis. We were founded in 1986 & have approx. 100 household memberships. We have quite a few Shelbys in the club including some Super Snakes. Our club participates every year in ShelbyFest in Hermann, MO & caravans there as a group. We host an annual All Ford Show which will be September 15th this year. We have monthly meetings, do charity events, cruises, meet for dinners/ice cream/etc. When Gateway was open a group hit a lot of the Tuesday nite Test N Tunes. We have a dyno day coming up in May. We have a great website, monthly newsletter, free classifieds for members. Check out www.showmemustang.com Mitch
  2. Great idea. The JLT is a nice piece. Brand it Shelby and even better!
  3. Is it possible to get just the grille emblem set with out the side fender wings? Mitch
  4. so the svtpp springs are similar to the KRs? They will lower the front about the same as the KRs? Would you have part # by any chance? What was the approx. cost? That's great news. Thanks.
  5. My local Ford dealer checked and advised it was a Shelby item. Changed in Las Vegas I guess?
  6. Probably a shot in the dark but looking to buy a set of KR springs, or even just fronts if they are out there. A friend has a KR and I like the subtle lowering. Looks just right to me. Thanks, Mitch
  7. BLACKGT500 Those powder coated covers look great. How much would a pair run?
  8. My '08 GT500 also dynoed well with the Ford Racing CAI and exhaust. 499 HP 475TQ. When you purchase the Ford Racing CAI kit it comes with a PROCAL tuner and Ford tune. I'm very happy with the setup.
  9. I recieved my JBA 3" exhaust. looks great, super nice tips etc. BUT...No X, or H. full 3" midpipes that dont neck down or anything at the cats. looks like it will take some fab to mate up with the stock X. Or a new 3 " X pipe.
  10. I ordered the 3" exhaust and I thought the description did say it included an X pipe. Guess I will see when it arrives. Maybe it will be a good surprise...
  11. Had to, I was looking at the mufflers and they sold out. At that price I figured they were worth the gamble before they sold out too.
  12. I just picked up the 3" exhaust kit. Great price. Anyone know anything about it or have it?
  13. Just re-read your post, are you sure you are getting the 3rd and not the 4th clutch revision? the newest is the 2010 style clutch assy.
  14. First off you will love the new style clutch, huge difference on my '08 500. On the re-programming, I had the Ford cold air kit and I put everything back to stock before it went in. The dealer did the TSB inc. the reflash. I went to reinstall my Ford cold air and tune and it would not work because it did not recognize the computer with the TSB reflash. I called Ford Racing and the first thing they said was I bet you just got the clutch TSB done. They said I should of told the dealer not to do the reprogram but did send me for free a new card to go in my Ford racing Pro-Cal hand held tuner so it would read the new TSB re-flash tune. Everything worked fine but I had to wait to get the new chip/card. You might check to make sure you can put your Evolution tune back on if it will recognize the new TSB flash. Again, it is totally worth it for the new style clutch in my opinion. Mitch
  15. Maybe a round knob with a flat top that had the snake and GT500 logo engraved like on the (fake) gas cap. Thinking billet alum brushed finish. Maybe have the engraved portion in red. I'm like you, I read this forum everyday but not a big poster. Mitch
  16. Had latest TSB done also. The pedal is very light and at first I didnt know if I liked it or not since I was used to the original but after driving awhile the car is so much better/easier to drive its worth the trade off. I've always had stick Mustangs and I did learn to get around the low speed chatter of the old clutch 90% of the time but that 10% that it did chatter like pulling into a cruise made me hate that clutch. So far so good with the new one.
  17. Just had the latest clutch TSB done. WOW what a difference. Super light clutch pedal feel and releases a lot closer to the floor than the original in my '08 500. Super smooth release and no shudder/chatter. So far very happy.
  18. I have the Roush rear springs on mine, looks a lot better than the stock look and took care of a bunch of the wheel hop. 2k miles with no problems.
  19. Thanks for the help guys. Basically wanting it to use if I go to an out of town car show that the car would have to sit outside over night. Wanting to get as compact a one as possible for packing. would like it to be a little weather proof in case of rain. Thanks again, Mitch
  20. Was looking to buy a factory Ford car cover for my '08 GT500 and wondered if it is just for indoor use or would be ok to use outside like overnight at a car show? is it worth the price? I like that it folds up real compact for packing in the car. The one I have now is real bulky and takes up a lot of trunk space. Thanks, Mitch
  21. Wax my red with white all the time, looks good and no issues.
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