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  1. I bought the clutch and flywheel as a package. I do not believe the stock flywheel will work, (maybe with an adaptor ring, not sure though) even if it did there is no way I would replace just the clutch as it is likely the flywheel is toast. RXT has been in my car for over two years now and it is still a dream to drive. On a side note, none of the vendors pushing the Spec stepped up to take this thing off my hands,...........honestly didn't think anyone would. Still sitting in the box in my shop. Any takers? $750
  2. Sorry to say I don't share these thoughts. Things like this happen because people have been conditioned to think this is an acceptable way to treat others. Well, this is not the the kind people I want to give my hard earned money to. I'm just one person so I don't think me giving my business to someone else is going to make much of a difference, but it will make me feel much better knowing that deep down inside I made the effort to stick to what I feel is right. That said and not that anyone will care.......so long Team Shelby, I am done with this whole deal. Chip
  3. Jer, Good on ya for taking the high road and you are correct that they don't really owe us an explanation, however, I now know that you didn't leave them, they left you. I don't care what the industry norm is now for handling these situations. I only know that I don't agree with it and if I can help it, I will do business with those that do not operate in this manner. Actions speak louder than words. Hopefully enough people will finally get tired of this behavior and spend their money accordingly. It's their company to do with what they want, just like it's my money to do with what I want. We'll see who this hurts most. I have a hard time believing that a guy with your skill set will be unemployed for any length of time. Good luck to you and your family. Chip
  4. As part of my effort to give my money to companies that care about their employees I will no longer be purchasing anything from SA. I'm out
  5. If he left for any reason other than his own free choice, I will never purchase from SA again. Chip
  6. Not surprised. They hooked you in. $400 to take it apart and see if it was covered? Now they have your car disassembled knowing you will probably cave and pay them to do the work. Pisses me off every time I hear this BS. Never, ever will I purchase another new Ford. Never. Chip
  7. Was any body else freaked out at the behavior of the CD player and other weird noises that happen when you reconnect the battery on these cars, lol.
  8. I replaced mine on my 2008 this spring. I keep it on a battery tender through the winter since I don't drive it. The car still started but was cranking a tad slow so I just decided to replace it. I usually replace batteries about the 6 year mark and most times before they die. They never seem to go at a good time and I don't need the aggravation. Chip
  9. Stop giving/take back some of that foreign aid money and use it to start fixing the problems within our own borders.
  10. Wondering what took so long to come up with this, given the failure rate of the stock clutches. In the end it's just another possible solution to the problem Ford should have addressed long ago. One that folks will have to shell out big money for. Hopefully you guys did your homework and came up with some competition for the RXT as I believe many here would rather replace with a Shelby branded unit.
  11. Ahhh, the failed intermediate shaft bearings on Porsche Boxter's. My sister had that issue with her 04. Porsche did eventually replace the engine in that car, but it took some doing. Absolutely, the best handling car I have driven so far. Actually thinking of offing the Shelby for a late model Boxter or Cayman.
  12. Sadly, I too, have purchased my last Ford. They know there are issues with these clutches and they still keep sticking folks with large repair bills. That's bad business in my book and I will take my money someplace else. Flame away, but I've yet to be disappointed by the folks at the Honda dealership when I take my wife's Accord in for service. Granted, that may be because in 6 1/2 years we've only had two minor issues, but both were out of warranty and they took care of it both times no questions asked and free of charge. If I'd paid for the repairs it would have been 4 or 5 hundred bucks. Can anybody guess who gets my new car business next time around?
  13. $650 for Fays2 watts link vs 100-$150 for a decent panhard bar, I see your point, but, behind my TVS it is hands down the best modification I have made to my car. Unbelievable difference in how the car feels.
  14. Thanks, I like the blue much better, nice looking car. Chip
  15. Did those blue center caps come with the wheels? I only see them in red in the Shelby store. Chip
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