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  1. Installed a 6060 right before these came out and I sure wish I had waited. Designed almost exclusively with S197 Mustangs in mind, this new model draws from a combination of proven OE (Shelby GT500) and racing (Grand Am Cup) technologies. Featuring an application specific ‘direct-shift’ extension housing, the Magnum solves the issue of numb, inaccurate shifts offered by the factory semi-remote shifter; replacing them instead with crisp, clean, confidence-inspiring throws. The S197’s exceptional driver ergonomics are maintained; along with the added ability to custom tailor shift action thanks to TREMEC’s innovative “adjustable-bias” short throw shifter, standard on every new assembly!
  2. +1 I would paint them and be done with it.
  3. Looks real good, might be a good time to replace the VCT seals if have not already done so. They can make a mess once they start leaking.
  4. Yes , but the gains on a stock bottom end vs the money spent on the LT's and the install just don't add up to me, maybe 18hp with a tune. Ported heads, over size valves, cams, built motor and 16+psi is a different story.
  5. Thanks, Reducing backpressure through an engine can negatively impact overall boost levels. For example, consider an engine operating at 10 psi of boost with a highly restrictive set of mufflers or cats. Replacement of the standard exhaust system with a free flowing exhaust will typically have the net effect of lowering boost values while actually increasing the total horsepower figure.
  6. You will lose about 1# of boost and make next to nothing more unless you tune for for the LT's. IMO not worth the $ unless your built and running big boost.
  7. Should have bought a GT and left the Shelby stock. Looks great and nice pictures.
  8. The ‘instant center’ of the vehicle is the point at which imaginary lines drawn to extend the vehicle’s upper link and lower control arms would meet. The relocation brackets cause this imaginary point to move toward the rear of the vehicle, reducing the tendency of the rear of the vehicle to ‘squat’ during hard acceleration. Power normally absorbed in suspension compression is instead applied to the suspension mounting points, driving the rear tires downward and significantly improving traction.
  9. I guess gutted was a poor choice of words, what I meant to say was cat failure. After market HF cats have a history of failures on FI motors which can clog the exhaust causing engine failure. http://www.s197.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48451
  10. Yeah they do sound pretty badass and another plus is that you don't have to worry about gutted cats costing you a motor.
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