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  1. That was fun to be a part of! Thank You, Lord, for all You do!
  2. Contact Revan Racing, Van Collier, @ (561)445-7702. He will give you honest direction & advice based upon experience & seat time. Enjoy your new ride!
  3. Just got these mounted up................
  4. Love the pic of your KR! Where was this taken? Thanks!
  5. L & M Cams. Hands down. Mr. Michael Rauscher is THE most respected designer/builder for Ford Mod Motors & Cam Design.
  6. Have used 18" Forgelines & 17" Bogarts on my GO SS with front/rear Big Brakes (Shelby Extreme). Ditto 500SS- inner balancing weights need to be inward toward the car.
  7. Nice pic! Beautiful SS! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Revan Racing, Van Collier, offers Great Packages backed up by hands on experience coupled with THE best service in industry!
  9. Lund Racing is THE #1 Tuner hands down. Lund is @ the Top. Much below Lund, a 2nd tier begins..................
  10. Sounds like you have a Nice Build going on! For the best cams, Contact Van Collier @ (561)445-7702 about Michael Rauscher, owner L&M Engines. L&M Engines have THE best cam designs for Ford Mod Motors. Even the Cam mfgs. lean on Michael for advice. How bout a cool loping sound + many more ponies!! Check this Video of my brothers '08 Shelby with L&M Custom Cams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VQRdPV1RVE Thanks! JW
  11. Van Collier, Revan Racing, provided Reccaro cores to Gary Disney. Gary did a great job building them for my '07 GO SS 'vert! Driver seat has all power functions inc. lumbar. They kept Van planted at 220.8 @ Texas Mile! LOL! These were Gary's mules for the 07's & the 1st ones that Shelby approved for use in SS! Thanks again, Gary!
  12. Great color! Welcome to TS! Be Safe!
  13. Fireglaze! Used to use Zaino. First tried FireGlaze on my wife's Black Cherry CTS. A few days later, it got white paint drops all down driver side. Wiped most off & used spray finish detailer to easily remove rest. Pretty much sold me on it! Have used it on several vehicles over the past 3 -4 YEARS. Am completely satisfied with it!! FireGlaze FTW!! LOL!
  14. Welcome to TS!! Save yourself a lot of time, trouble, $'s & place a call to Van Collier @ Revan Racing @ (561)445-7702. Tell him what your goals are. He is the BEST!! He knows these cars inside out! He is also a professional driver & can walk the walk!! LOL! Enjoy your ride!! God Bless!!
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