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  1. I painted all my engine bay (including engine parts) with Rust-oleum brilliant metal finish spray paint. Looks new after 7 years. Never any problems with heat.
  2. Found this while cleaning out old parts bins at dealership. Looks like white cleaning rag or T-shirt inside. Is it worth anything? I have enough stuff laying around.
  3. Cable Organizer.Com....sells braided cover of all sizes. I have used it under my hood for years ,still looks new .
  4. Maybe you have an air pocket in the system. If the pump is running squeeze the lower tank hose to burb the system, Pump does not run the all time. Maybe you should install a manual pump override switch. All it does is ground a wire at the pump relay.
  5. Found the trick...squeeze the hose from the bottom of the tank to the pump about 10 times and it took right off.
  6. Any tricks on " burping" the intercooler system. No kinks in the lines and I have wired a switch to power the pump which is running .How long should it the take to primp the pump?
  7. Yes but most people would not spend the time to sand & polish their 5.8 emblems. One less thing for a critic to find fault with.
  8. Well worth the effort , looks great.......................now paint your rusty EGR valve
  9. Purchased Bxt-40-R from my local ford dealer the other day,did not look in catalog ,looked on the battery shelf.
  10. As someone who has gone to extraordinary lengths to make his engine stand out in a crowd of GT-5OOs I fully appreciate the great work involved in yours. With that said I will give my 2 cents worth. Too much of any thing is not always good. While I love the white you need some contrast in color and texture. The carbon fiber gives you that in one simple application.
  11. If your concerned about rock chips.... use clear Road Wrap to protect front area.....cheap , removable protection
  12. Great stance...please leave as is learn to drive diagonal to speed bumps and look cool doing it.
  13. Love the wheels.. simple , yet classy. Fit the cars color as well.
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