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  1. Send me an email please. I can send you photos much easier. Thanks
  2. I am selling my collection of Shelby die cast cars. If you need a certain car ask I may have it. I'll try to post pictures later. I have around 30 different cars. email: Dudajody@yahoo.com Location: Chippewa Falls, WI
  3. I doubt Shelby will read this conversation. Shelby has KR hoods to sell. They sold all the vents. Shelby did not put any thought into reserving the same amount of vents, to put with the same amount of hoods, they have available to sell. In the end I don't think it is wise to buy specialty cars from them. Since Shelby does have the spare parts, restoring the car, say after hitting a deer will be near impossible. Why would anyone want this trouble? It would be nice if Shelby would let someone know who has the molds or tooling for the vents so someone like myself could make them again at a reasonable price without gouging people. Do I need the vents now? NO, but I would like to have a few pair incase I damage one due to hitting a deer here in Wisconsin or as I have read of others breaking them while washing their car. I see how that could easily happen , they seem very fragile.
  4. How many people would like a set of hood vents for the carbon fiber GT500KR hood?
  5. anyone know who the manufacturer was and contact info so I can buy the molds?
  6. Does anyone have KR hood vents for sale? Thanks
  7. Question # 1. No, get one at most Ford dealerships. FRPP dealers. Call Tousley Ford 651-484-8888 they have by far the lowest prices on stock Ford parts I have found. #2. Ford dealership #3. Check with the Shelby Store. #4. Shelby KR and Shelby GT floor mats are the same, they have a metal emblem on them. No other options available when new. Shelby Store offers additional options for floor mats #5.Yes, you can get the from a FRPP dealer, they came with the car new in the trunk. #6. Your car most likely will have the old style clutch assembly. My car is 911 and I had the TSB done. There is a cut off date, has nothing to do with the Shelby build number. Do a search on TSB. It was researched by a Moderator "Grabber" #7. Sill plates came stock with SVT same as all GT500's. Shelby store offers "GT500" and "GT500KR" labeled sill plate upgrades
  8. thejmasterslim, If you could get me one of each I would be extremely happy. I would even take two Boss Hoss's and Children's Miracle Network cars. Thanks
  9. I wish it was like that where I work, you folks are very lucky.
  10. Anyone want to buy a 5-pack of Shelby Hot Wheels? I still have a couple left.
  11. Hey Guys, My wife picked up 4 packs of the Shelby Hot Wheels 5-pack today. If you want one let me know. Cost $5 plus shipping.
  12. Menards has the 1/18 and 1/64 out already, you can view them on their web site.
  13. I have SHLBY KR, because Wisconsin only allows 7 spaces and GT350
  14. I have a 2008 KR and I have the 20" Alcoa's in front and rear. I have 275 in front and 295's on rear. They are Nitto Invo's. They do not stick out past wheel well or fenders. They do not rub during hard cornering or sharp turns. If I were do do it all over again I would use the same size tires I have. Again, I have the stock KR suspension with an added BMR adjustable pan hard bar only.
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