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  1. I have the 2.5 VMP kit. Great kit from Justin. Works well with BAMA race tune, FRPPCAI, KR exhaust on my 08'. Nothing serious. I thought i would be happy, but now an addict, I NEED a VMP SC w/elbow CJ TB, L&M cam and side exhaust.
  2. Anyone aware of side exhaust options other than Cervanni, Terlingua and FRP Boss? I do like the BBR as it has 1 outlet vs Cervanni's having 2. The 1 larger outlet of the BBR in my view, stands out as a more old school look side pipe.I just havent heard any sound clips for the BBR. Ideally, I would like to have a custom fabricated cobra chrome side pipes on my 500, but see nothing but hurdles.(Heat, Inspection etc). Maybe a BBR with a custom made stainless steel molding (faux chrome side pipe) would fit the bill. Anyone?
  3. Thanks, I was wondering that. It was slightly over flush. So while I pulled back off last night, periodically I checked to see if it would turn. No luck until half way. How in the world...unless some object was binding inside (nothing) I will try installing again today and maybe turn my tongue the other direction. The shaft turns with it off (no damage I am aware). I did hear something about later 2008 production stock blowers were Australian made, having larger snout ribs. Not sure how true that is. Anyway, I'll give it another try. THanks Aim High!
  4. Went to install the 2.5 on my stock S/C (2008 GT500) and the pulley would not turn. I followed everything exactly and went smoothly. However, when I turned the install nut to the end (stop) and removed, the pulley would not budge! It almost seems like the inner surface was touching the S/C snout. Could I have pushed the pulley on too far? How can this be? Its press fit. Just my luck! And I have a show this Sunday. Anyone have a solution or clarification of the problem? Thanks in advance
  5. I think I have a solution. Will be polishing inside hub, leaving outer rough. POR15, AP120 metal prep and POR15 Glisten PC clear coat. Should do the trick.
  6. Thanks Brian/Scotty, I contacted Weldcraft (James was out) and spoke to Shawn. He said the razor outer face faux hex nut caps must be removed as they will melt (??). Weighing possible catastrophe and avoiding another shipment, I think I would rather primer and paint the inner machined band. Especially as the area is mostly out of sight, brake dust, debris anyway. Anyone have any good experiences and/or suggestions on color/brand/process? Any input is welcome. Many Thx
  7. Thanks Scotty, I will give James a shout. Love my 11 in razors/Perrelli's (thanks to great gt67 feedback). As powder coating is a very simple process, I was hoping to do a local drop-off/pick-up w/o parting once again from my razors. Funny how we get attached to our wheels huh . Love to start my own custom process with chrome, black chrome and irridescence. I see the koenigs have a afterburner prisma (color changing) that I would love to duplicate. check it out. This is getting way too addictive..... Many thanks, Greg
  8. I widened my chrome razors and now trying to come up with a solution for the "blended" weld area (approx 4 in wide). I see there are some great chrome powder coating products out there and was wondering if anyone knows if the American Racing chrome can withstand 400 degrees for 20 minutes without causing any damage? I know I will not use someone who doesn't already know, but would like to know for confirmation sakes. Thx
  9. hello, I noticed your photo blue/wht vert (very nice) , if you don't mind, were your rear wheels widened in the photo, also what tire sizes are you running? Many thanks, Greg

  10. Grabber, I recently purchased the Shelby Parts KR H pipe, (no instructions of course) and purchased the clamps separately from verocity. Just now getting ready to install. It appears from your install photos the front measurement/cut is for a butt joint with no overlap? From research of these massive band clamps, it appears they were designed for butt joints. However my instinct and years of exhaust work battles against me using a butt joint on exhaust, unless welded. Just want to be certain before I hack up my front pipe, only then to find I need a pipe stretcher to create an overlap Many thanks
  11. Hello, just checking to see if you had any probs with the wheel mods you did with the 305/30's on the 11"? Just received my razor 24mm offsets and hesitant to send off for the 2" mod. Appreciate your time. Thanks

  12. Roger that, looks good. I was beating myself up on possibly going with the 305's, but with FRP, slightly worried. I could only imagine what the razors would look like in a deep dish. Definately interested to see a side profile pic of the 305's when you are done. GLTA
  13. Okay, here is the H-pipe and the .5 in slit not welded. Any thoughts?
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