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  1. I've been told on other forums if the belt was slipping there would be visible belt debris under the hood (of which i have none.) That being said, the belt seems tight to me but I can move it a bit by hand just deflecting in one of the longer spans. I have no point of comparison there to see if it is truly tight "enough", but the lack of belt debris makes me think a slipping belt is unlikely. to add some more fuel to the fire, I purchased an xcal3 to do datalogging (which happened to come with a john lund tune.) application of the tune introduced the issue to 2nd gear as well.
  2. does a BPV function any different in a GT500 vs a turbo car? I have previously had two turbo 4 cylinders, in those they remain closed until opened by the solenoid. They remain closed if there is any kind of failure in the line leading to it leading to overboost situations (ask me how I know!) Does it function the same way here? In which case I would think that if I have some sort of actuation issue I would possibly see overboost? I've been reading more and it I've heard quite a bit of things are done with the throttle body in these cars since the PCM has so much control in a drive by wire setup. Could that relate somehow?
  3. I always thought it was funny that the blower was like 10x louder than the exhaust in the 08. My 2011 is the opposite, when I'm not LOSING BOOST!
  4. idles fine, blower wine does seem to correspond to gauge reading but I'll be honest, the blower wine is not as pronounced on this car as it was on my buddy's 2008.
  5. I've been asking around about the following issue and have taken the car to a dealership. In any gear higher than 3rd, even with TC off, I see a significant drop in boost as RPM increases. In 3rd gear the car will be down to 3-5psi (inaccurately measured by stock boost gauge) by redline and in 4th I will be down to zero boost. So far the dealership was not helpful, after a ride along with a master tech he claimed this is simply a function of the calibration of the car. I actually got around to filming this today. It is about 70 degrees outside with 43% humidity. video below: thanks!
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