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  1. I just sold a set from my 2008 Shelby GT that I kept in the plastic and never used, just sold them on ebay a couple of days ago for $115. Sold those, and the Shelby arm rest cover. Still have the Shelby "snake" headrest covers up.
  2. Where did you buy it from? Mine was sold in Tulsa toward the end of last year. If it was my 2008 I could give you info on its history.
  3. You are right about the wheel clearance, you can’t run Brembis on the factory wheels unless you were to use wheel spacers. The first time I took my 08 SGT to the track back in 09 I just destroyed the brakes. I was talking to a Ford engineer who was at the track that day about a brake upgrade because I thought the fade was terrible and made the car dangerous after running it hard on the track. He told me at that time that I don’t need to get different brakes, but to use dot 4 brake fluid, stainless lines, better pads, and use brake cooling ducts. Made all the difference in the world. I didn’t go with stainless lines, should have, but the rest kept me from over cooking the brakes at the track for the next several years and the pads gave it a much more aggressive feel on the street also. Performance Friction Mettalic made the brake pads for the 08 Bullitt and they are much better performing on the street and will work decently on the track. Taking off the rear brake dust shields will help with rear brake cooling. Try it and see if you need bigger brakes after that. If your not running at that track I wouldn’t use the front cooling ducts, and stickier tires always play a big part in brake performance. Good luck:)
  4. Lol, didnt tell the wide about that one!
  5. 9 inches wide,1 inch spacing, non tapered but obviously contoured to fit curves of the car and still appear straight from front to back.
  6. Drove my 08 daily and had 102k miles on it. Driving it daily made me appreciate it even more. Do it, have a good feeling you wont regret a single mile.
  7. I bet someone will rebuild it, probably should have taken the ID plate and didn’t realize the satellite radio module was separate, had a lifetime Sirius radio subscription which was non transferable. I did end up pulling some of my suspension mods, control, brackets etc in the rain and putting the original pieces back on. They really came through decently on the buy out, I think I would have felt a bit guilty if I had liberated it of to many parts. Hope someone rebuilds it so that it’s not a real mess. I know it went to the auction in Tulsa but I couldn’t track it down after they took it. Thought about buying it back but they wanted 8k for buy back, then salvage title, repair cost, then that it had the structural support damage underneath that would weaken the chassis to some degree after it was pulled out. Just decided it was best to move on. It’s funny, I was talking to a friend of mine who’s on these forums to, about buying it back and repairing it a couple of days before I let the insurance company have it. I got to the office that Monday that I let them have it and had a message from him that said don’t do it, (don’t fix it) lol. He just knew I was going to go through a moment of weakness!
  8. Amen to everything said! I just know that if we had been hit in the 65 GTO it would not have held up to the side impact like the Shelby did. Thank God for the newer vehicles with all of the safety features. I won’t complain about the added weight again! Of course actually having seat belts was pretty huge. It sure could have easily been worse for all of us. We were in rush hour traffic on the highway and the initial impact was on the left rear spinning us to the right toward the grass instead of back into the highway traffic. When he hit us the second time it deflected his vehicle away from the traffic and into the grass in the inter loop. I remember after the first hit thinking, I can save it, they can still fix it, lol, after we got hit on the side and I knew Linda was ok, I just thought there is no coming back from that.
  9. Bought her new in 2008, have been on the forums kind of hit and miss since then. My wife and I were driving in to work and were in the process of exiting the highway when an suv comes flying out of the traffic and hit us at full speed, through us into a spin. I looked out of passenger side window where my wife was sitting and saw him coming at us from the side. After he hit us the second time I thought theres probably no coming back from this. The guy that hit us had a medical event and passed out at the wheel, he didnt regain consciousness until after the wreck. The crash took out the left quarter, trunk lid(bent, and warped), rear bumper, bent chassis, (floor pan and supports), right quarter, door, damage to front fender, damaged 2 wheels. Totaled. Thought I would buy it back but decided not to when I got underneath and saw the chassis damage. Hard hit that was worse than it looked. Amazed at the cars ability to take a hit like this and keep us intact. The structural supports in the door probably kept it from coming in on my wife. Absolutely loved this car and had 0 intentions of parting with it, now but its off to look for something to replace it that I can take to the track( Boss maybe:).
  10. I contacted Frpp, gave them the info and they sent a corrected tune. I should have gone with a Bama or Brenspeed for what it cost but I didn't want to void the engine warranty. The car was new and still very low mileage.
  11. Went with 4:10's around 2009. Used Royal Purple 75-140 but can't remember if I used the friction modifier or not.
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