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  1. After falling woefully behind, Mopar has finally come to the game. The Hellcat is porky, some 200lbs more than the SRT 392, but nonetheless impressive. Can't wait to see the numbers.
  2. Did you call Ford customer service and open a claim? The flywheel and pressure plate ARE covered under your factory warranty. The only thing not covered is the clutch lining. At the very least they should have called the regional rep to check it out. With that mileage no way you should pay for a clutch
  3. As previously stated, tick and knock are two different things. These engines all have a pretty loud injector tick at idle. If it returns take a video and post.
  4. I have had people say "nice Cobra" on occasion. My family members always tell me they saw a Shelby but very rarely are they gt500's. Mostly Mustangs with stripes lol.
  5. Good for you. It's great to see a dealer step up and do the right thing
  6. I'm running 295's and yes with this amount of torque you can smoke any tire but they are much more predictable than the gy's. Best investment yet.
  7. I have DIB and absolutely love it. Yes it shows the dust but most dark colors do. Honestly I like the gt500 all available colors. Thank God Ford decided not to offer GHIG. Ugh..
  8. No tune necessary with just those mods. A tune is only required if you change the MAF, i.e. a JLT 123mm. A throttle body is a point of contention. You don't really need a tune, but you'll probably want to get one to get the most out of it.
  9. Getting your clutch repaired under warranty is a little dicey as technically it is a wear item. That being said I think you have a real good shot at it first because of your low mileage and you don't have a "worn clutch" but a catastrophic failure. it all depends on the dealer. Of course if you're modded all bets are off. Good luck keep us posted.
  10. That's what I was referring to. The man owns the dyno, did sequential runs and posted results. I know we are a suspicious bunch, but what more proof do you need?
  11. I was shocked too but it looked legitimate to me. He did back to back to back runs stock, reso delete and TB and each time he made HP increases. Looking at that stock resonator restriction it looks feasible.
  12. A guy over on SVTP gained 25hp on back to back dyno runs with just the reso delete and AirRaid filter.
  13. Mine is sitting in my garage. Too much of a PITA. Hits every parking stop and road dip. Hey Phill you should add to your sig. It's too short.
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