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    My 07 GT # 07SGT4187, Nascar, Drag Racing, all types of hot cars.
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  2. WOW !!! that is awseome . I sure would like a ride.
  3. “Merry Christmas to All” And a special prayer to those who serve that won’t be home for Christmas.
  4. My dad was a Marine stationed on Ford Island during the attack, My family will never forget! I was stationed on Ford Island in 1968, onboard USS Kamehameha SSBN 642 and passed the Arizona Memorial every day.
  5. I had a set on my supercharged Mazda Miata, they were very good . Have not tried them on my Shelby.
  6. Very Good Idea ! Would love one for my Grand Kids.
  7. It is very nice to see an updated ship in this day of budget cuts and down sizing.
  8. NASCAR is all about money. I went to every race I could when in the NAVY from 1968 to 1992 . After I retired I took my family to at least six races a year. That was six weekend passes, to various races all over the country, I even had season tickets to Daytona on the start finish line. If I wasn't at the track i followed every thing on T.V. when they went to the "Car of Tomorrow," I stopped going to the track. in the last year I have not watched a single race on TV or followed any team or driver. It is about money and they will not be getting any more of mine!
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