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  1. Mine has been in storage since October 1 so I've got nothing to do but wait until spring ?
  2. I'm curious to know how this plays out. It's funny how Ford has had both ends of the plug spectrum going on. Some 5.4s can't keep plugs in and most you can't get the darn things out!!!
  3. Ask yourself this, do you need to sell it? Do you need the money? If the answer is no to both then keep it. I'm sure many of us have sold cars that have more value to us than real monetary value. What is it hurting sitting in the garage? I almost enjoy looking at and tinkering on cars more than driving them...
  4. Yes they are fast. Wait till you ride in a pullied one... I got drag radials ?
  5. Are convertible recaros different than coupe? I know the whereabouts of a set for recaros but do not know if for coupe or vert
  6. I have been running the nitto 555r drag radials on 3 cars for quite a few years. Use them for everything. Been caught in rain that's a little scary if you aren't careful. I tried bfg's but hated them. The nitto's wear well too
  7. Here's what I learned from many years of snowmobile racing and just playing with cars. Guys would build a hot 600cc sled to run with the 7/800s and may win occasionally, but they were broken more than that ran. Do you really think a high boost v6 is going to live as long as a low boost v8 at the same power level? Not likely! Same goes in the trucks. I like the 5.0 f150s and have had 2. My friends all got Eco boosts and complain about them being in the shop/ poor mileage/ leaks. Most have switched. I think the 07-14 gt500s will maintain an edge in performance, ease of modification and resale for years to come if they offer an eco boost 500. That's just me though
  8. Stock throttle body? Seems to happen more with the frpp twin 65
  9. I can just see my 14 holding value for a loooonnng time if everything goes Eco crap...
  10. I'm glad I got my 14. I despise the ecoboost trucks and I feel the 15 super snake is a slap in the face. Next addition will maybe be a hellcat...
  11. The one in my 14 was toast this season. Took it to Ford and they just gave me a new one no questions asked. Don't think you will have any trouble getting a new one. One bolt to remove. Takes 2 mins to get it out. I sent you a pm a while back too but never got a reply.
  12. Mine really is a 1 of 1 ? The 68 parts on this will look awesome. Great buid
  13. If it were mine I would put ALL the 67 shelby parts on the body too
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